More syscall messaging commits, and some testing code as well.

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Fri Aug 15 01:11:34 PDT 2003

In article <200308131740.h7DHeBT8071956 at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     I don't think it's all that difficult to make kill -9 work even if a
>     program is stuck in a hard mounted NFS operation.   I would agree
>     with such a change if it were submitted, as long as (like with 'intr'
>     mounts) the signal does not abort the operation until NFS has gone
>     through a few retries.  Maybe we could call it the 'medium well done'
>     option.  Not too hard, not too soft :-).

Yeah, well, it'd be nice to have it. Even MacOSX hates a fileshare going away.
You sometimes have to reboot the machine to get rid of NFS wedges. :/

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