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Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Aug 14 11:41:52 PDT 2003

    This makes sense.  Our max filename limit is 255 and our max path
    is 1024.

    255 is reasonable for a filename limit but 1024 is too small for a path
    limit.  I remember hitting that limit at BEST, just due to having deep
    directory structures.  I think 4096 is a reasonable value for the
    absolute path limit, which means it is a reasonable limit for mount as

    I am not worried about the VFS cache.  It is broken down by path element
    and we aren't changing the 255 element limit.  namei is more of an issue
    but I intend to rewrite the VFS_LOOKUP code which will fold all the string
    ops into the vfs cache, so it isn't a worry.

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

:	I think their max filename length limit is 255, and their
:	maximum pathname limit is 4096.  From what I can recall from my
:	JFS port, it uses PATH_/NAME_MAX directly without any
:	garnishing.  Although I think 4096 is kind of big, but it sort
:	of makes sense because of the different types of distributed
:	file systems that Linux currently supports.  I do not have the
:	Linux code around, but these should be in <linux/limits.h>.
:	I don't know what the affects of having such big sizes would
:	have on the VFS cache, if we are to use some sort of a zone API
:	for it. (just a small tangent...
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