CVS restructuring stage 2 complete

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Aug 8 00:36:49 PDT 2003

:rm -rf /usr/include
:cd src/include
:[9:00] [root at purgatory] (6) {0} # make install
:It bails out because /usr/include doesn't exist.
:Attached patch creates the appropriate directories if they do not exist.
:One small caveat, mkdir is hardwired and not a make variable.
:Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven <asmodai(at)> / asmodai

    I don't think I would consider this a bug per-say.  /usr/include is 
    nominally created when /usr is laid out by mtree so the include
    subsystem is correct to assume that it already exists.   I think this
    could be considered a safety or sanity-check feature (remember, you
    can always specify a different target base directory and if you make
    a mistake there it's probably better for the system to refuse to install).

    If there was a bug it was in my instructions :-)


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