Linux emulation

Robert Garrett rg70 at
Wed Aug 6 15:15:43 PDT 2003

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai wrote:

> -On [20030806 21:33], Matthew Dillon (dillon at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>>    I think my last email to Rob was "This doesn't look right at all"
>>    or something like that :-).  I think that patch needs to be reverted
>>    too.
> The code is identical between FreeBSD and DFBSD, but putting a man from
> my 4.8-S box on my DF box fixes the problem, whilst putting a man from
> my DF box on my 4.8-S box also showed the problem.
> And it's dynamically compiled.  I've diff'd nm -D output, cpp output of
> the code.  There are no differences whatsoever.
> truss, ktrace, or strace were no help, maybe because of the setuid,
> don't know, but it never traced to interesting points and just stopped.
> I have totally lost it (guess I can blame the current heatwave as well).
> Ideas/comments welcome.
what the hell, thats really strange


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