High Performance File Systems

Chip Norkus wd at arpa.com
Mon Aug 4 18:50:25 PDT 2003

On Monday 04 August 2003 08:42 pm, Forrest Aldrich wrote:
> One thing BSD is lacking is the support of other higher-end file
> sytems... like XFS, JFS, Veritas, ReiserFS.

What about HPFS? *grin*

As far as the journaling filesystems, UFS + Softupdates yield (from my 
experience anyways) performance at least as good as Linux filesystems.  I 
think part of the problem with these other filesystems (excluding maybe 
Veritas) is that they are GPL tainted[1], and so they'd either have to be 
explicitly user-installed or new fs systems which are BSD licensed would 
have to be written which were compatible with them.

> Will DragonFly BSD be working to port or otherwise incorporate a
> high-performance file system?  This would be imperative in a
> high-availability clustering solution.    I doubt, however, that
> Veritas will port VxFS to FreeBSD; I think the Linux port alone was to
> ride out the market wave.  I could be wrong.

You are probably correct as far as veritas goes.  What are the merits of 
their filesystem?  Is it as cumbersome as their other software? ;)

[1]: Meaning no particular disrespect to the GPL, only that importing GPL 
code forces the GPL on other parts of the system because of the GPL's 
viral nature.

> Thanks,
> Forrest

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