Buffer overflow?

walt wa1ter at myrealbox.com
Sat Aug 2 12:46:40 PDT 2003

Robert Watson wrote:

<arcana snipped>  ;-)

I'm delighted to see you here!  I think this project is definitely
on a roll.
As previously stated, I know little about system security, but what
I do know is this:  it's too damn complicated!
I think what we need is a Dillon Jr., or Watson Jr., or Mitnik Jr.
to do for computer security what Einstein did for physics, to
point out the basic assuptions we make that need to be tossed out.
Meanwhile, I'd settle for a Gates Jr. to tell his old man what an
asshole he is for distributing an email program that executes code
in the background without even asking the computer owner if it's
okay to send thousands of forged emails... <sigh>

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