packages with environments

ibotty me at
Tue Aug 12 05:41:34 PDT 2003

a question concerning crossed my mind.
on it says, 
that if one package depends on ncurses 1.5 it would ONLY see libncurses.*.

this leads me to following question. say you have a filemanager (mc or
like). a user cannot see the /usr/lib/, but only
the (not real) /usr/lib/

if i have not misunderstood the concept, i see a real problem there.
even ls, cp and your shell may have a (different) environment. you cannot be
sure, that you remove the auto-completed (by your shell) file, because it
maybe possible, that rm sees a different file.

i like the concept in general, so i am positive, that matt has already
thought about it.


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