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Sander Vesik sander at haldjas.folklore.ee
Thu Aug 7 10:36:35 PDT 2003

Garance A Drosihn <drosih at xxxxxxx> wrote:
> At 11:51 AM -0700 7/25/03, Matthew Dillon wrote:
>>     I am generally against doing dynamic.  I feel that
>>     certain entities that one might desire to be dynamic,
>>     such as authentication, really should be *completely*
>>     moved out of the binary and into a port service.  Such
>>     entities might include (incomplete list):
>>       * authentication
>>       * name resolution
>>       * locale
> If these issues can be solved without going dynamic, then
> there probably isn't much need for switching to dynamic.

You "merely" need to be able to do dlopen() from a static binary.


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