Buffer overflow?

Alexander Leidinger reject at Leidinger.net
Fri Aug 1 04:09:01 PDT 2003

On Fri, 01 Aug 2003 07:39:19 +0100
Hiten Pandya <hmp at xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > IIRC Hiten is busy working on getting the OpenBSD non-exec stack code
> > working on DragonFly.
> > 
> 	I have sussed out the signal trampoline code and how it was
> 	changed for IRIX binary emulation in other (NeT|Open) BSDs.
> 	I am gonna be off to holiday from next week or so; once I get
> 	back, I will resume my efforts on the non-exec stack for DFly.

Are you also going to port it to FreeBSD?


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