HAMMER installed base

Daniel Lorch daniel.lorch at epfl.ch
Tue Jun 9 01:54:01 PDT 2009


Has anyone got a rough estimate on the number of users for DragonFly BSD
(and HAMMER, for that matter)? And by `user', I am thinking of the
number of distinct installations (virtual or not). I would like to make
a compelling argument on my motivation to port HAMMER to Linux.

There has been some effort to quantify the user base of open source
projects [1], but I don't whether it is directly applicable to DragonFly
BSD (and would probably require quite some work).

Even for Linux I have found it hard to find exact numbers.
Counter.li.org [2] estimates 29 million users (desktop and servers), IDC
thinks there were about 2.8 million Linux servers in 2008 (also
considering `free' distributions).

Finally, BBSpot [4] finds that the number of Linux distributions has
surpassed the number of users :)

[2] http://counter.li.org/estimates.php
[4] http://www.bbspot.com/News/2000/4/linux_distros.html


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