HAMMER installed base

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Sat Aug 1 19:34:15 PDT 2009

    I got this sudden flurry on Friday, well, from two people from the
    linux community anyway, and I'm not sure if you two know each other
    (Jake and Bradley), so I'm throwing together a quick email to
    tie it all together and also to throw it into the (very lightly posted)
    hammer list.  If you are interested subscribe yourself to the list.
    Basically just you two + Me, Simon, and Daniel would be on it.


    I'll try to respond to the specific emails in more detail as well.

    My general position on porting HAMMER is that I would love to see
    other projects port it, and in particular I would like to try to
    separate out the OS-independant bits as much as possible.  I know it
    probably is not possible to make hammer_io.c, hammer_vfsops.c, and
    hammer_vnops.c OS-independant and in that case complete replacements
    would be desireable.  But all the rest of the source modules ought to
    be OS-independant, or close to it.

    There has been a lot of interest in HAMMER but so far very few people
    with the coding experience needed to actually do a port.


    I know that Daniel has been working on a port, but he is probably not
    focusing much on trying to separate out OS-independant and OS-dependant


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