Lassi Kortela lassi at
Wed May 1 05:59:22 PDT 2019


Speaking as an outsider portability enthusiast who likes to ensure his 
code runs on DragonFly among other systems, I would like to suggest a 
subdomain <> that redirects to the web-based manual 
page browser (i.e. <>).

All of the other BSDs have one:

* <>
* <>
* <>

I have many times found myself wanting a symmetrical URL for DragonFly. 
This may sound like a trivial request if you mainly work on one or two 
OSes but when you port code to many systems with tons of work items to 
do, this kind of symmetry saves real time and effort. The lower the 
friction and mental overhead in context switching between systems, the 
higher the motivation to keep porting stuff :)

Kind regards,

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