Matthias Schmidt matthias at
Thu Sep 30 00:43:34 PDT 2010


* Chris Turner wrote:
> Seeing as we have been subject to the most annoying
> repetative flamewars about "why doesn't the system do X",
> followed by various combinations of:
> 1) we don't want X
> 2) you're stupid
> 3) we dont have enough time to do X
> 4) don't call people stupid, stupid
> 5) etc
> on the interval of about 1x a week.
> contemplating:
> 1) setting up some kind of page / FAQ for these questions
> 2) suggesting all ppl refer to FAQ for these questions
> 3) Anyone who doesn't refer to FAQ and engages in 1-5 above,
>    gets YELLED AT on the list.
> Thoughts? Do we already have one? hmm.

Not one, three.

I see the need for good documentation, but I doubt that somebody will
take care of another FAQ/newbie guide.  We already have a lot of
documentation which is in rather good shape (new handbook) or in bad
shape (old handbook and most pages under documentation/).

Nobody really takes care about that stuff and to be honest I can
understand why :/  If I just look at the FAQ page ... puhh ... there is
some room for improvement.

IMO we need some real users (no need to be a committer/developer) who
take care about our website and documentation.  FreeBSD has a
documentation team for this (I know, some ppl don't like this or think,
we don't need such a team).

My 2c && cheers


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