Handbook: Chapter 10 Security - bad links

Walter walter at spam.no
Mon Mar 8 12:26:59 PST 2010


This page's links are all bad:

      10.1 Synopsis
      10.2 Introduction
      10.3 Securing DragonFly
      10.4 DES, MD5, and Crypt
      10.5 One-time Passwords
      10.6 Kerberos5
      10.7 Firewalls
      10.8 OpenSSL
      10.9 VPN over IPsec
      10.10 OpenSSH *Much of this chapter has been taken from the 
security(7) manual page by Matthew Dillon. *

all lead to '404's.  Does anyone "own" this or should I
create a login and fix it?

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