If you want to look like a real businessman, you better get a Submariner SS watch.

Justine Henry heaviestk6 at vets-r-us.com
Thu May 21 12:45:11 PDT 2009

good news! 

let's give a hand to the world, for everything it can do!! 

i am trying to be a patient, kind mom.

trust me, you'll want her working her magic on you. 

i am craving some sunshine.

interested? i think it would be so fun. 

you've gotta love people with humor like that.

really really happy.

like this one, from sweet mary, that she left on the clean room post: "Your house seems so organized. 

What are your tips for clearing clutter so you can focus on such a project as sewing?" well mary, let me answer your question by showing you some examples of how i deal with clutter in different areas of my home:

4. i don't worry about a little "creative clutter" in cate's room. i say, a good dress up/ barbie mess day better than watching tv all afternoon, right? pretty soon i will just put my 'kerchief on again and go to town. (yes, that is what cate's room looks like again, just over a month after the big clean. i tell you, i'm fighting a losing battle with that girl). does that answer your question, mary? i hope it helps! wink.

3. i think that packages stacked all over the house are a nice decorative touch (and they remind me how good people are to donate to project 31) happy things! 

she's amazing. 

she wears birkenstocks to fashion shows. 

and you eat with your sunglasses on

my homekeeping secrets

i LOVE this picture and am so inspired to keep the needles moving. 

and you are happy.

doesn't she look like lucy from chronicles of narnia? 

she never looks like a senator from krypton on the red carpet. 

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