Request: Xfering new kernel to target machine

Walter walter at
Mon May 12 12:41:36 PDT 2008

Walter wrote:
Is there documentation to transfer a custom built kernel
from a (fast) compile machine to a target machine without
running 'make installkernel' on the compile machine?
Just transferring the intermediate files and then running
the installkernel on the target machine?  Thanks.
I ended up tar'ing and ftp'ing the kernel to the
486 machine. (Sadly, it didn't finish boot.  The
last thing I had running on it was FBSD 4.6.2 but
it could do much; FreeDOS has boot errors too.
Maybe it's time to just chuck it.)
EDIT: Actually, the 486 never booted any DF image;
I had installed/booted/ftp'd/etc on another machine.

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