Custom kernel

Walter walter at
Sun May 11 02:59:52 PDT 2008

Sascha Wildner wrote:
Use nativekernel instead. See 'man build'.

The buildworld failed because src-sys.tar.bz2 is kernel source only.

When I tried that, it gave the same error message: no file.  So I deleted /usr/src and extracted the
kernel tree from src-sys.tar.bz2 again. and tried it -
this ran for a bit and then couldn't find a file...
So I re-installed DF from scratch.  But I got the same
error. :-(  Just to be sure, I am recompiling the kernel
using GENERIC and it seems to be running fine.  Obviously
there's a problem with my config file, which I will sort
out eventually.
Thanks to everyone who helped, I knew this was mainly
my lack of knowledge.  But wouldn't it be advisable if
the wiki were updated to reflect this path to making a
custom kernel? (src-sys.tar.bz2 -> make nativekernel)
(Especially for those who might not be able to go online
with their build machine?)  Thanks to everyone again.

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