DragonFly for experienced BSD users

Thomas Nikolajsen thomas.nikolajsen at mail.dk
Fri Jul 25 10:01:46 PDT 2008

This nice DragonFly intro in the Guides section at our web site needs a little updating.

It is always a problem when info in documentation isn't correct (anymore),
as readers will have trouble and could get the impression that wasn't well maintained.

If document is transferred to our wiki I could of course do the update.

PS: thanks for the dfly digest! Nice to have some nerd 'gossip' :)

- notes
 - Header: date: is a year before date on referring Guides page
 - 1.1: a link to development(7) would be nice; PREVIEW could also be mentioned.
Anyway: a link to our download page is in there, this page describes the different cvs tags nicely.
 - 1.2: a link to build(7) would be nice.
 - 1.2: kernel config directory is changed: from /usr/src/sys/i386/conf to /usr/src/sys/config
(which could be written a bit shorter (and maybe less obvious) as /sys/config (according to hier(7))
 - 2: minor formatting problem: there is an extra indent on second line of verbatim commands
 - 2: pkg_radd should be used instead of pkg_add
 - 2: pkgsrc howto link isn't working (anymore, wiki changed);
now: http://wiki.dragonflybsd.org/index.cgi/HowToPkgsrc
 - 3.1: "Xorg in pkgsrc is transitioning to a new version as of this writing;
details will be placed here as soon as it is possible to provide a direct pointer to a single installation method";
a link to this guide would be nice.
 - 3.2: pkg_radd should also replace pkg_add here
 - 4: a link to the DragonFly wevb site should suffice; other links could be explained;
they tend to get out of order: Handbook link should go to (current) wiki version; bugs isn't using bugzilla

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