Can someone help me fix ?

Chris Turner c.turner at
Tue Jan 29 00:40:08 PST 2008

Damian Vicino wrote:
I dont know if thats the right way to proceed, but it actually works.
Do you think i should add these extra steps to the howto? or someone 
know how to do it right from the begining? or can we make the bootstrap 
do all the work changing some code and the howto is ok?

okay - updated the page to make things a bit more explicit & added the 
/usr/Makefile tip.

still not sure if we should unleash the hordes on the master cvs 
server.. but they'll yell at Matt anyway, so what the heck :)

besides, I bet 99% of first time users to anything pick the first server 
on the list & tune the mirror later


- Chris

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