using a wiki for documentation (and introducing short-term beginning BSD admin book project)

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Fri Jan 5 08:07:18 PST 2007

On Fri, 5 Jan 2007, Justin C. Sherrill wrote:

> > A collaborative, short-term open source authoring project to quickly write
> > a book covering the basics from the 2005 BSDA Certification Requirements
> > Document was recently started. The BSD Certification Group's BSDA (BSD
> > Associate) Certification is for BSD Unix system administrators with light
> > to moderate skills.
> Is this suitable for a Handbook replacement?

Not really. The focus is on beginning BSD administration tasks.

While the DragonFly handbook covers a lot of things specific to DragonFly.

This new project's content can definitely supplement the DragonFly 
Handbook. And it can definitely provide missing documentation to the 
DragonFly handbook (like I think the DragonFly book is missing basic docs 
on syslog and newsyslog for example).

> Is the wiki going to be maintained/reused past the publishing date of the
> book?

I do not have plans nor an answer for that.

At this time, it is hosted on a temporary system provided by 
Also, I am hoping that it will result in a final product so my time 
commitment can be used elsewhere :)

I will definitely make the content available. It is all BSD licensed. In 
fact, anyone can retrieve it anytime already at

I assume someone will maintain it or reuse it past the publishing date. 
Maybe even it will be integrated back into BSD Certification Group's 
public Wiki (once that is properly available) after February.

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