[Website] translated FAQ lists broken ?

Francis Gudin fgudin at nerim.net
Fri Mar 3 03:14:38 PST 2006


i just went to http://www.dragonflybsd.org/main/FAQ.cgi in order to
point some friends at an explanation regarding DragonFly tags, and found
that almost all translated FAQ lists URLs yield this:

   URL Not Found                                                 
The URL you tried to use could not be found. Please select an item from
the menu on the left.


In fact, FAQ_Russian.cgi and FAQ_Spanish.cgi seem to be ok (the former
crashes Privoxy here, though).

Is it just that other translations were promised but never done/put in
place ?
In case FAQ_French.cgi was never done, I'd like to help with it: by the
way, where's the source for the website ?

Thanks for your answers,


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