Some documentation cleanup

Carl A. Schmidt carl at
Mon Sep 5 15:17:33 PDT 2005

On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 02:40:19PM -0700, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> I am looking at your diffs. It may be better to post to the docs list to 
> discuss first. I have set ReplyTo to docs@ list.
> If someone has Carl's email, please forward this email to him just in case 
> he is not on this list. The archives don't have his email and google 
> didn't help me.

Nah, I'm subscribed to all of them.  It's all low volume so no big

> Removing the FreeBSD lists is fine, but the entities are in use 
> throughout the book (such as a.doc). I am looking at this.

Yeah, I'm not too bright sometimes.  I am not even 100% certain how
the docs tie together.  I'm trying to get all the utilities I need
installed to build the docs so I can test any changes I make locally.

> Also, I thought that entitity names a.mailman.listinfo, a.mailman.lists, 
> aren't descriptive, so I am using a.freebsdlists.url, 
> a.freebsdlists, and to be consistent.
> Also, maybe the term "MFS" (Merge From Stable) should stay in glossary, 
> but reworded to explain that this is old terminology and explain preview, 
> etc.

Yeah, I would like to work on the glossary.  Adding things like LWKT
would be good.
Carl Schmidt
carl at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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