Handbook wikification

Bill Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Tue Mar 1 14:14:02 PST 2005

Sascha Wildner wrote:

Sascha Wildner wrote:

The pages are protected against modification at the moment and I 
expect to remove this next week(end).

Ok, the thing took a bit longer than I initially thought but most of the 
Handbook is now editable in the Wiki at 
http://wiki.dragonflybsd.org/index.php/DragonFly_Handbook. Thanks to 
Devon for administrative support.

I'll add the few pages (5 or so) that were messed up by my conversion 
script as soon as I get the time (I'm rather busy with work at the moment).

So come forth ye hordes of potential Handbook authors and make it even 
better. :)




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