handbook: cvs or wiki?

justin at shiningsilence.com justin at shiningsilence.com
Thu Jun 16 06:48:45 PDT 2005

> Then I notice that the wiki says it is the "Handbook", but in CVS is the
> "usersguide" (en/books/usersguide/book.sgml).
> What is the plan for the usersguide? Should this be merged into the
> handbook? For example, maybe en/books/handbook/ports/chapter.sgml and
> en/books/usersguide/ports/chapter.sgml could be merged?

"usersguide" was me starting from scratch when Hiten and I were first
working on docs - Hiten then converted the Handbook over, and I was
working from there.  The usersguide material can probably be left alone.

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