my todo for Handbook and splitting up handbook for printing

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Thu Jun 16 12:44:12 PDT 2005

I generated a dvi handbook, double-side, footnotes at bottom, at 7inx9in
in size.

It is 870 pages long.

It is too long to print as a single bound book. BSD Mall split their book
up into two printed volumes -- a user's guide and an admin guide and both
have the appendices.

Any thoughts on splitting up the handbook (at least for printed copies)?

Here is a short list of things to fix or check:

1) appendix C.3 is all FreeBSD

2) any other newsgroups for C.2.1 ?

3) appendix C says print is impractical

4) C.1.3 "All" should not be italics -- italics should be used in

5) appendix B bibliography 30 is broken for book/unix-introduction
and Installing applications chapter has footnote with
. ./../../../ports/index.html
and footnote 5 in section 1.3.4 (
(probably others line this)

6) A.4.2 should have more release tags?

7) appendix A.3.7 should not have FreeBSD mirrors

8) footnotes should not be done for file://localhost/ ??
(see Linux binary compat chapter)

9) appendix D.1.1 should have more keys?

10) "WarningBe very careful" should have a space or colon and a space
(twice in Appendix A and probably other places too)
This is the docbook <warning> tag.
It looks like "Important: " is correct.

11) are the screenshots for pine in email chapter readable?

12) en/books/handbook/x11/chapter.sgml should document xorg also and
installation? see FreeBSD version which now has this

13) add pkgsrc chapter?

14) document pkgsrc everywhere it mentions ports too -- but this could
make it too big

15) en/books/handbook/bibliography/chapter.sgml needs to be cleaned up to
be more DragonFly specific

16) mention or use generic X11 instead of just XFree86

17) make sure that the copyright, conditions, and disclaimer are included
in printed version

18) make makefile mk files more portable, such as no realpath(1); make
sure ECHO is defined

19) don't use scr2txt unless needed (by the way, I made pkgsrc package for
scr2png and I used pkgsrc packages to generate the handbook to tex and

Any thoughts on above (especially in regards to pkgsrc)?

 Jeremy C. Reed

 	  	 	 BSD News, BSD tutorials, BSD links

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