Mailing list addresses wrong in Handbook

Rakhesh Sasidharan rax at
Tue Feb 8 22:54:58 PST 2005


Just wanted to point out that the mailing list instructions given in
Appendix C.1 of the handbook are wrong.

Specifically, the list names given there are "dragonflybsd-docs",
"dragonflyvsd-kernel", etc etc; as opposed to just "docs", "kernel", and
the like. Because of this, when one tries to subscribe to either of
these lists by sending a mail to
"dragonflybsd-LISTNAME-request at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", it fails. Had me too
stumped for a while, till I figured that the list names on the site ( are
different (and correct). 

			-- Rakhesh
			   rax -at- rakhesh -dot- com

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