Small patches for www and some question about www's words

Magnus Eriksson magetoo at
Mon Sep 6 09:34:57 PDT 2004

> independant:

> atomicy:

> Are these words typo or correct English(that I don't know)?

  I would say those are typos and should probably be changed to
"independent" and "atomicity", respectively.

  But then English is not my first language either.  (Which means I'm
being objective and dispassionate here.  I have to, since I just moved and
my dictionary is in a box somewhere.)  Anyway, it is now the majority
opinion that they do not seem quite right.  :-)

> Thank you for reading my cheap English mail.

  Is this where I say "just my 2 cents" ?  (It'd be about 1.7 Euro cents


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