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H.Miyamoto Ys at PixyGarden.net
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In recent days, "DragonFly_Stable" often seen at mailing list and news group.
And so I think that explanation of the words should be on the www documents.

For example:
--- site/data/main/FAQ.cgi.orig	2004-09-28 23:07:54.000000000 +0900
+++ site/data/main/FAQ.cgi	2004-09-29 21:07:30.000000000 +0900
@@ -15,6 +15,12 @@
 <p>For DragonFly news and events, keep an eye on Matthew Dillon's diary, 
 the mailing lists/newsgroups.</p>
+<p>Is there a branch oriented the stability, like the FreeBSD's -STABLE?<br/>
+We have no branch and we don't have a plan to branch in the near future.</p>
+<p>That means using CURRENT is the only way if I want to use the new features. Is that right?<br/>
+Yes, that's basically right. But "DragonFly_Stable" tag is available for users needs better stability than HEAD. It's just be a float tag indicating a 'reasonably stable point' i.e. where the buildworld / buildrelease / buildkernel sequence is likely to work and not produce something that is unusable or too buggy. Keep in mind that "DragonFly_Stable" is a just another tag, so it's not like *BSD's -STABLE. You can use this cvsup config file obtaining sourc
e tagged "DragonFly_Stable" via cvsup.</p>
 <p><b>I get garbage on the screen when I boot</b> <i>or</i> <b>I can't seem to pause at the initial boot menu.</b><br/>
 DragonFly, when booting, outputs to both video and serial ports.  If the booting computer has a 'noisy' serial device connected, it may read data from it during the boot process.  Serial console activation during boot can be disabled by creating the file /boot.config with the contents: '-V'</p>

# Of course my poor english and my way of quotation of Matt's mail should be fixed.

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