Wiki-fying docs

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Mon Nov 29 09:45:28 PST 2004

Well, here's what I have so far: everyone seems happy with the wiki idea;
the few issues are print output and other languages.  (Also, messy layout
- I think that can be dealt with right off.)

It looks like wikis like TikiWiki support "easy" print output.  If the
changes get merged into the cvs docs anyway, that will allow for updated
(though lagging) print versions.

I'm not sure what to do to assist translation, though perhaps additional
wiki pages could be added.  This would have the benefit of allowing rapid
input on translation updates, too.  Hiroki - would that work for you?

Now that I went and brought up the idea, I had better work on it.  I have
a freelance project I need to finish ASAP, but I'll get crackin'.

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