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Sun Nov 28 22:11:38 PST 2004

-On [20041129 05:52], Justin C. Sherrill (justin at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>I've noticed that there's been a number of people who have wanted to
>contribute to docs, but the process of installing the doc-proj port and
>all its dependencies, plus talking SGML, plus building it, is forming a
>sort of barrier to entry.  I think I'm the only poor soul that's done it.

I have totally switched to XML in favour of SGML.  Much better for one's

>I was thinking we could copy the existing docs into a Wiki, and see how
>contributions change from there.  Mashing wiki changes back into CVS may
>be less laborious than putting other people through the docproj wringer. 
>Can anyone think of any objections?

I've dabbled/done the wiki route.  Fun stuff, but if you are even thinking
of putting out printed documentation do not bother since it is not a fun
exercise to convert that data.

Plus I found that with most wikis the amount of linking to/from a page using
keywords can become quite a nuisance/distraction for someone reading the

But that's just opinion.

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