not bad article, in my opinion

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On 04.11.2004, at 14:27, Eirik Nygaard wrote:
This looks like it's taken from the Wikipedia:
It looks like it's a bit older since it still mentions that DFly 
be compiled with the Intel compiler or TenDRA (both is wrong and it 
been corrected in Wikipedia).
I'm postive that at we time we made changes so that the DFly could be
compiled with the Intel compiler.  Though I don't have a copy of it so
I can't verify that it still works properly.
There are some problems, at least with world. I should have some 
patches at home
that fixes some of the issues, but I think they were mostly hacks. If 
anyone is
interested in making icc properly compile DFly let me know and I will 
send the
patches over if I can find them.
yeh, I wanted to at some point in time, but Intel's premier support 
site wouldn't let me log in to download the latest version... maybe 
another time

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