University Of Veracruz wants to help Dragon FlyBSD

Jesus Martin Leal Elizondo jleal at
Sun Jul 25 13:09:03 PDT 2004

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[wrong adress, this is where this mail should have gone. -- Emiel]

Hi my name is Jesus Leal i work in the University of Mexico (Veracruz) ,First we want to Congratulate you for your great job
developing DragonFly it is really a very good IDEA and PROJECT . we have
worked for 10 years in BSD Systems like OpenBSD , FreeBSD , NetBSD.And we
are amazed with Dragon Fly we want to help you with the project ,
translating DOCUMENTS in to spanish , Making documents in english , even
giving you ours sites and Broadband as a mirror of your page , and making
the spanish page of the project , we can also make people to donate money to
your project is really EXCELENT .

As a University we are very interested in helping you please let uys know
how else can we help you THANKS

your response will be appreciated .

Jesus Leal
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