making docs and site

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Fri Dec 31 11:36:13 PST 2004

> My last attempt to work on dfly docs was blocked by my inability to
> cvsup, modify, make and diff the doc and site trees, so I could submit
> tested patches. Installing the supporting packages, per the FreeBSD
> handbook documentation entry, failed, on my last attempt (over a month
> ago). Last night I took another look at the wiki and didn't see anything
> about making doc or site modules from cvs...
> So, I was wondering if anyone has put together notes on this process
> which they could share with me, this list or the wiki?

You should be able to 'pkg_add -r ocproj-jadetex.tgz' - I recall one of
the dependent packages (libxml2?) was out of date when you went from
package, but since drhodus just rebuilt packages, that may not be a

Then, download the doc CVS target, cd into doc/en/articles/new-bsdusers/
(for instance), and type make.  That should work...

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