how updated is ?

Miguel Filipe miguel.filipe at
Thu Dec 30 14:04:56 PST 2004

Yes, i've had your page bookmark allready when I've posted my message :D

there is also this wiki:
 which I belive it to be a great Idea!

nowadays wikis are great for documenting entire projects.

allthough I think that I'm still missing the big picture (tm) about
how dragonflybsd
is comming allong.

I plan on installing dragonflyBSD, benchmark some stuff with profiling
on and off, and publishing the results.

One more question?
what's the relation of goBSD with dragonflyBSD from the dragonflyBSD
team point of view?

congrats for the great work.

On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 01:21:55 -0500 (EST), Justin C. Sherrill
<justin at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > on the vfs status is "not started".
> >
> > I guess it would be nice so that that page would be updated,
> > or some pointers to some other updated and reliable sources of
> > information about the project be mentioned on the dragonflyBSD web
> > site.
> That page hasn't been updated in a while - there are some aspects of the
> DragonFly website that need to be cleaned up.
> As for current events, there's my DragonFly BSD Log:

Miguel Sousa Filipe

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