Wiki-fying docs

M. Schatzl lists at
Thu Dec 9 21:07:28 PST 2004

I realize this thread is considered closed meanwhile; but thanks to my 
smart provider I wasn't able to send any mails for 2 weeks now. Sorry 

> I just want to get over the hurdle of
> adding documentation.  I've had a good number of people propose
> documentation additions or new content, but none of it has happened,
> because there's so many hoops to jump through.  I'm to the point
> where I
> take plaintext from others and mark it up myself, and that's 
turning > me into a bottleneck.

I'm sure a section in the handbook about writing docs + some templates
(without having to check out the doc-tree) would do a good job in 
lowering the threshold for most people. This would probably take a 
major part of the workload from your shoulders.


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