how updated is ?

Miguel Filipe miguel.filipe at
Wed Dec 29 21:30:39 PST 2004

Hi there,

I'm quite interested in DragonFlyBSD, and I allways looking for
updates on how the project is going.
I would like to know links to good informative sites (besides ML
archives) of the dragonflyBSD progress relating to the "big picture"
My problem is relating work being done now, with the big picture
objectives (besides the journaling/VFS thingie.. since matt was quite
informative on that point).

I've seen a lot of VFS work on the mailing lists, and that matt dillon
has started to go for journaling, which would mean that the vfs rework
is complete no?

on the vfs status is "not started".

I guess it would be nice so that that page would be updated,
or some pointers to some other updated and reliable sources of
information about the project be mentioned on the dragonflyBSD web

I have not yet subscribed to the dragonFlyBSD MLs (so please cc to me
any replies), but I hope that this message arrives at its

I'm posting this to docs@ and users@ since it seems apropriate to both.

Miguel Sousa Filipe

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