Douwe Kiela virtus at
Thu Aug 26 19:48:26 PDT 2004

I already told Matthew about this idea.. But he didn't reply to it so I
decided that I might aswell just talk to the mailinglist that deals with
this stuff (if I am not mistaking, this mailinglist also deals with the
website content).
Shouldn't it be a good idea to maintain a "Gallery" kind of ideas like the
other BSD's have on their websites? A place where you can put "DragonFly in
the press" stuff and the like? I came to this idea because I wrote an
article about DragonFlyBSD which will be published in Dutch magazine.
Undoubtably there are more articles about DragonFly, and it wouldn't harm
anyone to put it on the site, would it?

Just an idea.. what do you think?


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