git: Fix null dereference bug in fuse and re-enable it.

Tomohiro Kusumi kusumi.tomohiro at
Wed Mar 13 21:01:14 PDT 2024

2024年3月13日(水) 20:39 Matthew Dillon <dillon at>:
> Something to do with file handles?  What is the main issue that needs solving with file handles?

FUSE is originally from Linux, and its protocol is more or less
designed to work well with Linux VFS.
BSD VFS/VOP interface is too vnode-centric, and difficult to properly
implement per-open-file stuff required in many of the FUSE ops.
FreeBSD FUSE has (or had) similar issues as well.

> I'd rather just leave it enabled in the build to make it a bit easier to work on and test.

If someone is actually wanting to work on it, sure.
It's just that users will currently encounter panic in most cases.
FUSE fs that properly work on DragonFly are some sort of virtual
filesystem or readonly filesystem where VOP_WRITE or VOP_PUTPAGES are
never called.

> -Matt

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