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Thu Jun 9 19:18:29 PDT 2022

        at  c25b1e5a0d10600fb79f3490f7701d939d50454f (tag)
   tagging  179ea3791a98b27c41ced2fbae94a2ce41c2f089 (commit)
  replaces  v6.2.1
 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Thu Jun 9 22:18:03 2022 -0400

DragonFly 6.2.2


Aaron LI (1):
      libc/net: Fix b64_pton() for some exact-sized buffer

Matthew Dillon (17):
      dsynth - Add config var for Meta_version and make the default 2
      tmpfs - Fix readdir() races
      libc - Increase opendir/readdir buffer size
      kernel - Fix ktrace's handling of system call return values
      kernel - Fix sysv semaphore panic
      kernel - Fix namecache issue that can slow systems down over time
      ipfw - Fix broken mixed network and host IP specifications in ip tables
      hammer2 - Fix panic related to usb stick pull on mounted H2 filesystem
      hammer2 - Fix CHECK fail path that might mangle an inode in-memory
      hammer2 - report critical bulkfree transitions
      hammer2 - Fix bulkfree bug when multiple PFSs are mounted
      hammer2 - Fix issue where deleted files sometimes linger until umount
      hammer2 - Fix issue where deleted files sometimes linger until umount (2)
      hammer2 - Fix issue where deleted files sometimes linger until umount (3)
      kernel - Temporary work-around for vnode recyclement problems
      kernel - vnode recycling, intermediate fix
      kernel - Fix lock order reversal in cache_resolve_mp()

Sascha Wildner (3):
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2022a from
      last(1): Fix a crash when the time_t is out of range.
      libc/stdtime: Set errno to EOVERFLOW when there is an overflow.

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