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  replaces  v6.1.0
 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Sun Jan 2 22:18:02 2022 -0500

DragonFly v6.2.0


Aaron LI (195):
      devfs: Change typedef 'cdevpriv_dtr_t' to 'd_priv_dtor_t'
      devfs: Add man page for devfs_{set,get,clear}_cdevpriv()
      tools: Sync '' options with install(1)
      libutil: Bring in snprintb() and snprintb_m() from NetBSD
      libutil: Sort files in Makefile
      libutil: Fix a minor NULL deref issue in humanize_number()
      libutil: Allow suffix to be NULL in humanize_{number,unsigned}()
      include: Some minor cleanups to Makefile
      x86_64/segments.h: Add more system segment defines
      x86_64/segments.h: Fix typo of an unused struct member
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Add more defines for CR0 bits
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Add more defines for CR4 bits
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Add more defines for EFER bits
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Improve CPUID Fn0000_0001 feature defines
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Remove CPUID_XMM alias to favor CPUID_SSE
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Improve XCR0 defines a bit
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Improve CPUID Fn0000_000[456] feature defines
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Add various CPUID Fn0000_0007 defines
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Reorganize CPUID Fn0000_000B defines
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Add CPUID Fn0000_000D defines
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Improve CPUID Fn8000_0001 defines
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Improve CPUID Fn8000_0007 defines
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Add more CPUID Fn8000_0008 defines
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Add CPUID Fn8000_000A (AMD SVM) defines
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Improve MSR_AMD_VM_CR bits defines
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Rename MSR_PERFCTRx to avoid #undef's
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Rename MSR_TSCAUX to MSR_TSC_AUX
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Rename several CR4 defines
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Reorganize and sort various MSR defines
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Rename two IA32_ARCH_* defines for consistency
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Rename MSR_SYSENTER_* defines for consistency
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Add several MSR defines for NVMM
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Reorganize SPEC_CTRL_* macros
      x86_64/specialreg.h: Deprecate old defines of Spectre mitigation
      vm: Change 'kernel_map' global to type of 'struct vm_map *'
      vm: Change {buffer,clean,pager}_map globals to pointer type
      vm: Change 'kernel_object' global to pointer type
      vm: Change 'kernel_pmap' global to pointer type
      Bump __DragonFly_version for type change of VM globals
      x86_64/param.h: Remove 'NPML4' (duplicate of 'NBPML4')
      vm/pmap.h: Move vtophys() and vtophys_pte() macros here
      pmap: Eliminate a simple macro 'pte_load_clear()'
      pmap: Move pmap_pte_index() and remove pmap_{pde,pdpe,pml4e}_index()
      x86_64/cpufunc.h: Add rxcr() and rename xsetbv() to load_xcr()
      x86_64/cpufunc.h: Add load_cr2() function
      Makefile: Make 'installworld' depend on 'preupgrade'
      Makefile: Rename 'preupgrade' to 'preinstall'
      Makefile: Install 'master.passwd' and 'group' if not exist
      npx: Export fpusave()/fpurstor() functions for NVMM
      x86_64/pmap.h: Move Intel EPT defines from <vmm/ept.h>
      pmap: Refactor PG_*_IDX and pmap_bits_default definitions
      pc64/vmm: Update EPT code against EPT_* define changes
      pc64/vmm: Disable stuffs to avoid overload symbols confusing debuger
      x86_64/pmap.h: Adjust Intel EPT defines
      npx: Adjust the 'envxmm64' structure
      npx: Fix XMM register count issue in 'savexmm64' struct
      kernel: Various minor whitespace adjustments and tweaks
      Revert "Makefile: Install 'master.passwd' and 'group' if not exist"
      kernel: Detect NVMM hypervisor
      ipfw3nat: Fix indentation
      npx: Use 'fldz' in fpu_clean_state() to load dummy zero
      npx: Extend fpusave/fpurstor() to accept an XSAVE mask argument
      npx: Use 64-bit version FXSAVE64/FXRSTOR64 and XSAVE64/XRSTOR64
      npx: Fix inline ASM error in fpu_clean_state()
      npx: Remove an unused typedef and clean up a bit
      Import nvmm(4) from NetBSD 9-stable
      Import libnvmm(3) from NetBSD 9-stable
      Import nvmmctl(8) from NetBSD 9-stable
      Import nvmm.4 manpage from NetBSD 9-stable
      nvmm: Bring some minor changes from NetBSD-current
      nvmm.4: Add HISTORY and hook to build
      Add group 'nvmm' and GID_NVMM for nvmm(4) & nvmmctl(8)
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #0: initial nvmm_compat.h
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #1: nvmm_x86_{svmfunc,vmxfunc}.S
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #2: CPUID Fn0000_000B for SVM
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #3: CR/MSR defines
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #4: PAT modes
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #5: constants/functions/macros
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #6: mutex/rwlock
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #7: memory allocation
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #8: kcpuset(9) -> cpumask(9)
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #9: atomic operations
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #10: cpu_info etc.
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #11: CPU features
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #12: FPU save & restore
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #13: debug register save & restore
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #14: device & module operations
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #15: anonymous object management
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #16: contiguous memory allocation
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #17: physical page allocation
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #18: kernel memory allocation
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #19: IPI cross-cpu calls
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #20: preemption & critical section
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #21: virtual address space management
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #22: pmap EPT/NPT base address
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #23: header inclusion adjustments
      nvmm: Add to sys/conf/files and LINT64
      nvmm: Rewrite makefiles and hook to build
      nvmm: Improve makefile to allow standalone build
      libnvmm: Port to DragonFly
      libnvmm: Update makefiles and hook to build
      libnvmm: Fix mmap() failure with 'permission denied'
      libnvmm: Adapt to also build on NetBSD
      nvmmctl(8): Port to DragonFly
      nvmmctl(8): Rewrite makefile and hook to build
      pmap: Implement pmap_ept_transform() for NVMM
      pc64/vmm: Use pmap_ept_transform() to simplify EPT code
      pmap: Implement pmap_npt_transform() for NVMM
      nvmm: Port to DragonFly #24: pmap transform & TLB invalidation
      nvmm: Fix '-Wnested-externs' warning nvmm_x86_vmx.c
      nvmm: Fix issues of porting 'curcpu()' as 'mycpu'
      nvmm: Fix VMX VMCS remote clear issues
      nvmm: Implement waits for lwkt_send_ipiq_mask()
      nvmm: Fix SVM TSS restore on DragonFly
      NVMM: Sync with NetBSD #1: copyright headers
      NVMM: Sync with NetBSD #2: SVM & VMX backends
      nvmm: Improve nvmm_return_needed() by using nvmm_break_wanted()
      nvmm: Check for pending host events before VM entry
      pmap: Change pmap->pm_invgen to uint64_t to be compatible with NVMM
      pmap: Add some API routines to help NVMM manage guest memory
      nvmm: Revamp host TLB flush mechanism
      Bump __DragonFly_version for adding nvmm(4) and libnvmm(3)
      test/nvmm: Add 'calc-vm' (simple VM-based calculator)
      test/nvmm: Enhance error checks in 'calc-vm'
      test/nvmm: Add progress logs in 'calc-vm'
      test/nvmm: Add a Makefile and a test script for 'calc-vm'
      test/nvmm: Add a demo for demonstration of libnvmm(3) API
      test/nvmm/demo: Update makefiles and README
      test/nvmm/demo: Update 'toyvirt' to current libnvmm(3)
      test/nvmm/demo: Fix some compilation warnings
      test/nvmm/demo: Port 'toyvirt' to DragonFly
      test/nvmm/demo: Fix ELF load/mmap issue on DragonFly
      test/nvmm/demo: Various cleanups to 'smallkern'
      test/nvmm/demo: Make 'smallkern' more self-contained
      test/nvmm/demo: Port 'smallkern' to DragonFly
      test/nvmm/demo: Rewrite makefiles to not write in source tree
      test/nvmm/demo: Improve progress logs to help test/debug
      libnvmm.3: Mention 'calc-vm' and 'demo' test code in FILES
      Import libnvmm tests from NetBSD-current
      testcases/libnvmm: Port to DragonFly
      testcases/libnvmm: Add to dfregress(8) test framework
      testcases/libnvmm: Improve makefile to not write in source tree
      libnvmm.3: Mention regression tests in FILES section
      doc: Import nvmm TODO note from NetBSD-current
      nvmm: Improve FPU support and reduce diff against NetBSD
      libnvmm: Fix a memory leak in nvmm_machine_create()
      libnvmm: Clarify x86 MOVS emulation
      nvmm: Add #CP (control protection exception)
      nvmm: Clarify the RESET state
      nvmm: Clarify state handling
      nvmm: Improve CPUID emulation #1: flags
      nvmm: Improve CPUID emulation #2: mask upper bits of guest EAX/ECX
      nvmm: Improve CPUID emulation #3: handle Fn8000_0008:ECX on AMD
      nvmm: Improve CPUID emulation #4: handle Fn0000_0004 on Intel
      nvmm: Improve CPUID emulation #5: handle Fn0000_0001:EBX[23:16]
      nvmm: Redefine CPUID values to be OS-indenpendent
      nvmm: Add SVM CET definitions
      nvmm: Make svm_vmrun() void
      nvmm: Rewrite vmx_vmx{on,off}() as inline ASM functions
      nvmm: Make FPU state more OS-indenpendent
      nvmm: Rename a few things for clarity
      nvmm: Reduce NVMM_MAX_VCPUS from 256 to 128
      nvmm: Create comm page in nvmm_vcpu_create() rather than via mmap()
      Revert "libnvmm: Fix mmap() failure with 'permission denied'"
      nvmm: Various misc cleanups and minor updates
      nvmm: More OS independence
      libnvmm: Misc cleanups
      libnvmm: More OS independence
      nvmmctl(8): Misc cleanups
      NVMM: Update libnvmm.3 and TODO.nvmm
      NVMM: Update examples and libnvmm tests
      nvmm: Save host DB regs in per-cpu structure
      nvmm: Add volatile and memory barrier to clts inline ASM
      nvmm: Various minor style tweaks
      nvmm: Implement os_ipi_broadcast() for _change_cpu()
      nvmm: Revert to use os_curcpu() in vmx_vmcs_enter()
      x86_64/cpu.h: Rename nvmm_break_wanted() to hvm_break_wanted()
      nvmm: Adjust EPT/NPT transform code for NetBSD
      nvmm: Add missing comm page unmapping
      nvmm: Don't assume comm page size to be PAGE_SIZE
      nvmm: Optimize DB regs save & restore
      nvmm: Reorganize OS-specific code in nvmm_os.c
      nvmm: Move DragonFly module code in nvmm.c to nvmm_dragonfly.c
      nvmm: Add back NetBSD bits
      nvmm: Fix comm page unmapping issue by doing it on userland side
      syslogd(8): Fix klog may be broken into multiple incomplete lines
      nvmm: Fix building nvmm into kernel
      kernel - Rename vm_map_wire() and vm_map_unwire() (3)
      nvmm: Move DragonFly-specific code to os_vmspace_create()
      nvmm: Adjust comments about TSC sync and gd_reqflags check
      libnvmm: Remove unneeded header inclusions and defines
      testcases/libnvmm: Remove unneeded header inclusions
      test/nvmm/demo: Clean up header inclusions
      Revert "WIP"

Alexander Kuleshov (6):
      fdisk: use macros from the <sys/diskmbr.h>
      fdisk(8): check result of the getdevpath(3)
      fdisk(8): check result of the read_disk() function
      fdisk(8): check the result of read_s0()
      fdisk(8): close boot_fd on failure
      fdisk(8): check the result of the write_s0()

Antonio Huete Jimenez (16):
      sysconf.3: Add _SC_HOST_NAME_MAX
      etc/Makefile: Fix typo
      id: Add 'a' no-op option for compatibility with other implementations (Solaris)
      dsynth.1: Document hooks
      libressl: Fix validation errors in certificate chains with expired certificates
      bot test
      bot test #2
      dsynth: Explicitly fail when the chroot can't resolve DNS names
      hammer2.8: Adds a reference to -d option
      hammer2.8: Minor fixes
      test/test: dummy commit
      bin/test: Temporarily break world
      Revert "bin/test: Temporarily break world"
      .gitignore: Ignore dfregress output files
      dfregress: Add missing copyright
      nrelease: DPorts not needed for binpkgs/nopkgs

Bill Yuan (1):
      ipfw3nat: ICMP packets NAT using icmp id

Dan Cross (1):
      pw_scan: remove checks for (u|g)ids > USHRT_MAX.

Daniel Fojt (1):
      libexec/dma: sync with upstream

Gwenio (1):
      Some trivial changes to better comply with strict aliasing.

Justin C. Sherrill (1):
      6.2 version changes.

Matthew Dillon (93):
      kernel - Implement POLLHUP for pipes and filesystem fifso
      fstat - Improve output formatting
      kernel - Implement POLLHUP for pipes and filesystem fifos (2)
      kernel - Implement POLLHUP for pipes and filesystem fifos (3)
      kernel - Implement POLLHUP for pipes and filesystem fifos (4)
      kernel - Major refactor of pageout daemon algorithms
      dsynth - Add -M scale option
      vmpageinfo - Update debug/ program
      kernel - Major refactor of pageout daemon algorithms (2)
      kernel - Adjust count algorithm a little
      kernel - Reduce auto maxvnodes calculation
      kernel - Clean-up comments on kmalloc_obj
      kernel - Fix kernel crash in sysctl path
      kernel - Misc adjustments to code documentation
      amdtemp - Fix family 0x17 support, add family 0x19 support
      amdtemp - Fix family 0x17 support, add family 0x19 support (2)
      amdtemp - Fix family 0x17 support, add family 0x19 support (3)
      kernel - Remove KVA_PAGES (no longer used)
      mtree - Pre-create a few more dirs under /var/run/shm
      libc - Add mkdirat() to the namespace
      libc - Fix intermediate path elements if used in shm_open()
      kernel - Make sure nl_dvp is non-NULL in a few situations
      libc - Fix intermediate path elements if used in shm_open() (2)
      tmpfs - Fix lost vnode reference due to race
      hammer2 - Fix deadlock and improve performance
      debug - Adjust ncptrace
      ahci - Document more loader.conf variables
      hammer2 - Do not exit on a bad volume header if others are good
      hammer2 - Fix growfs issue with multi-volume support + one other bug
      kernel - Document vm_map_wire() and vm_map_unwire()
      kernel - Add vm_page_alloczwq()/vm_page_freezwq(), refactor comments
      hammer2 - hammer2 growfs, also update hmp->volumes[0].size
      installworld - don't pre-upgrade passwd files that do not exist
      kernel - Add sequential TSC test, refactor concurrency test
      nullfs - Improve NFS export FSID
      kernel - change vfs.timestamp_precision default when hz < 100
      dsynth - If WITH_DEBUG used, increase tmpfs size for BASE/construction
      pthreads - Improve low level lock performance when heavily contested
      kernel - Offset the scheduler clock systimers
      dsynth - Support chromium WITH_DEBUG build
      sound - Fix panic
      hammer2 - Remove fhtovp debugging
      netinet6 - Fix 'not IPV6' console warning
      netinet6 - Add bridge test to ND6_RTENTRY_IS_NEIGHBOR()
      world - Add covid(1) utility and port manual page from netbsd
      world - Add covid(1) utility and port manual page from netbsd (2)
      kernel - Add RQF_XINVLTLB to gd_reqflags
      nnvm - Move *_fpu_enter/leave inside the cli/sti
      nvmm - Change max emulated RAM from 128GB to 128TB
      nvmm - Fix TSC synchronization issues
      kernel - Expand GDT table to maximum size
      nvmm - Fix event commit logic
      nvmm - Move M_NVMM definition to nvmm_os.c
      nvmm - Improve cast portability of vmx_resume_rip
      nvmm - Change NVMM_MAX_RAM
      nvmm - Fix overflow tests
      nvmm - Use a critical section around the vmrun again
      kernel - Make kprintf / kputchar more robust
      kernel - Remove 'td %p blah: timeout race' kprintf
      kernel - Use higher invltlb synchronization timeout if guest
      kernel - Make most IPI related globals __read_mostly
      kernel - Improve invltlb latency warnings
      kernel - Correct flags argument to vm_map_wire() (no operational change)
      kernel - Rename vm_map_wire() and vm_map_unwire()
      kernel - Rename vm_map_wire() and vm_map_unwire() (2)
      kernel - Workaround qemu bug w/ MSR_IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES
      kernel - Add a hold count to struct rman
      tmpfs - Remove debugging kprintf()
      hammer2 - Only clear the bigmask hint in relaxed mode freemap scans
      hammer2 - bulkfree now validates bigmask
      hammer2 - Fix panic when /tmp and /var/tmp are nullfs mounts
      dsynth - Support pkg 1.17 (.pkg suffix for packages)
      dsynth - Conditionally avoid passing PKG_SUFX make env
      libdmsg - Get the encryption operational again
      xdisk - Link into tree, add manual page
      kernel - Add kernel_fpu_begin() and kernel_fpu_end()
      kernel - Make getpeereid() work with socketpair()
      kernel - Fix linux_idr.c
      drm - restore idr_alloc() functionality from amdgpu
      drm - Increase hacked stolen framebuffer memory for vega9 (2400G, 3550H, ...)
      Fix select()/kqueue() bug with pipe()s
      kernel - Do not block indefinitely in exit1() when draining controlling tty
      drm - Hack i915 to workaround startup crash
      kernel - Fix posix_fallocate()
      hammer2 - Do not panic on freemap block I/O error
      nvme - Back-off if driver lies about reported queue limits
      libc - Add getentropy()
      kernel - Add SIOCGHWADDR, fix SIOCGIFADDR
      kernel - Fix if_sn, if_sbsh issue (not in kernel by default)
      hammer2 - (when used for booting @BOOT)
      hammer2 - (when used for booting @BOOT) (2)

Michael Neumann (2):
      drm/i915: Enable WhiskeyLake GPUs
      psm - Do not freeze mouse for 2 seconds upon encountering a single sync error

Pierre-Alain TORET (1):
      ffs.5 : ffs is the default filesystem for /boot only

Roy Marples (4):
      net: Allow binding of unspecified address without address existance
      Update to dhcpcd-9.4.1 with the following changes:
      dhcpcd: remove parts of the build import-src now does.
      dhcpcd: Note update to 9.4.1

Sascha Wildner (190):
      <sys/elf32.h>: Use standard integer types.
      <sys/mount.h>: Include <sys/cdefs.h> immediately.
      kernel/mptable: Fix wrong start of mptable search area for non-EBDA case.
      kernel/ichsmb: Add {Cannon,Comet,Tiger,Gemini}lake PCI IDs.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      gcc: Fix the passing of LIBRARY_PATH to the linker.
      Fix manual pages for the KERN_OSREV and KERN_OSRELDATE sysctls.
      usb.4: Mention wsp(4) in the device list. Add some more useful references.
      libusb: Remove two bogus vars from the Makefile.
      periodic.conf.5: Fix .Dd
      Actually install the 510.status-world-kernel periodic script.
      periodic: Rename 220.snapshot-hammer2 to 162.snapshot-hammer2.
      Remove pccard_ether_delay rc variable.
      tcsh: Add csh-mode.el to the vendor branch.
      tcsh: Install csh-mode.el and adjust README.DELETED.
      Revert "Remove tcsh emacs script which is obsolete due to the latest tcsh import."
      dsynth.1: Add -P to the SYNOPSIS.
      dsynth.1: Oops, fix sorting.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20210604.
      edk2: Sync our TianoCore EDK II headers with the edk2-stable202105 tag.
      kernel: In proc_{,un}stop(), use a better name for the process state argument.
      kernel/kern_sig.c: Tabify, remove end of line whitespace, etc.
      mtree: Use spaces to indent.
      sysconf.3: Separate standard and non-standard constants.
      sysconf.3: Document more constants.
      confstr(3): Add minimal support for V[67]_ENV.
      getconf(1): Add _POSIX_V7_* names, as aliases for POSIX_V7_*.
      sysconf.3: Remove wrong info about "minimum maximum" values.
      sysconf.3: Point out that -1 may be returned even if the call succeeded.
      mfiutil(8): Fix building with -DDEBUG.
      vkernel: Unstaticize fpusave()/fpurstor(), per <cpu/npx.h>.
      librt/mq: Remove two unneeded syscall header inclusions.
      kernel/ Mark two headers as kernel only.
      <sys/ucontext.h>: The *_quick() versions are specific to DragonFly.
      libdevinfo: Remove enum devinfo_state (duplicate of enum device_state).
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      usbdi.9: Use Dv for defined values.
      sysctl.3: Remove wrong Dv's.
      printf.3: Add reference to snprintb.3.
      Fix a few mdoc issues in various manual pages.
      wpa_supplicant: Remove NDIS specific code on the vendor branch.
      wpa_supplicant: Adjust READMEs.
      wpa_cli.8: command is actually optional.
      kernel: Remove ndis(4) and associated tools and stuff.
      kernel/vm: Remove an unused variable.
      kernel: Staticize some variables.
      libc: Sync namespace.h and un-namespace.h a bit more pedantically.
      Makefile.inc1: Put all backup related stuff under the NO_BACKUP check.
      Makefile.inc1: Remove unneeded exists() checks.
      <sys/sensors.h>: Include <sys/types.h> for timeval and int64_t.
      kernel/modules: Simplify a number of .PATHs in module Makefiles.
      libmagic/mkmagic: Add generated header(s) to CLEANFILES.
      vendor/file: upgrade from 5.39 to 5.40
      file: Update README.DRAGONFLY and config.h.
      inetd: Use pipe2() instead of pipe()/fcntl()/fcntl() combo.
      inetd: Adjust error message too (a la the removed fcntl one).
      periodic/snapshot-hammer2: Change scarce free space handling slightly.
      mknod(2): Allow for the creation of fifos with mknod() to satisfy POSIX.
      uname.1: Add missing options to the usage.
      periodic: Do not error with rc=2 when /etc/daily.local etc. don't exist.
      periodic: Do not error with rc==2 for some optional stuff.
      periodic: Enable {daily,weekly,monthly,security}_show_badconfig by default.
      periodic/whatis: Remove whatis(1) db rebuilding for localized manpages.
      boot: Move boot source code /usr/src/stand.
      Make stand/lib an internal one, i.e. don't install libstand anymore.
      libstand: Unbreak buildworld.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      kernel/acpi: Adjust MADT revision check.
      Import OpenPAM Tabebuia.
      openpam: Push README.DELETED to master.
      Import passwdqc 2.0.2
      pam_passwdqc: Local modifications.
      <sys/signal.h>: Put sig_t and sigmask() under __BSD_VISIBLE.
      kernel/nvmm: Fix doing just 'make depend' in the module directory.
      Revert "install(1): Disable -N option in btools."
      nvmmctl(8): Fix installing to a ${DESTDIR} on hosts without the nvmm group.
      nvmm: Some documentation adjustments.
      libnvmm.3: Extend NAME section and add MLINKS for functions.
      libnvmm.3: Fix .Cd misuse.
      libnvmm.3: Oops, forgot one .Cd correction.
      nvmm.4: Fix section order.
      ndp(8): Use RT_ROUNDUP to correctly increase the position in the buffer.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20210730.
      gdb.4/sysctl.9: Remove dead .Xr
      mount.8: Fix typo.
      mkdep: Remove the old, never used
      Add some necessary #include's in signal related headers.
      <errno.h>: Add ENOTRECOVERABLE and EOWNERDEAD.
      id(1): Fix buildworld.
      libc: Clean up some kernel profiling bits.
      libc: Clean up the Symbol.maps a bit.
      Include <inttypes.h> instead of <cpu/inttypes.h> in world.
      <stdio.h>: Clean up the POSIX namespace better.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      <signal.h>/<ucontext.h>: Split those two headers better.
      <errno.h>: Make ENOTRECOVERABLE and EOWNERDEAD visible unconditionally.
      periodic/accounting: Fix a missing "Doing login accounting:" line.
      sysconf.3: Document more constants.
      installer(8): Move the contents of sysids.h into <sys/diskmbr.h>.
      <sys/diskmbr.h>: Minor style fix (missed in last commit).
      defaults/compilers.conf: Add CCVER definitions for clang11.
      <sys/diskmbr.h>: Don't expose the partition type struct/array for boot code.
      boot0cfg(8): Use some constants from <sys/diskmbr.h>.
      getconf(1): Add support for retrieving _SC_PHYS_PAGES.
      Some trivial changes to better comply with strict aliasing. (2)
      kernel/acpi: Remove the never used ACPI_NO_SEMAPHORES kernel option.
      libnvmm.3: Fix some typos.
      Fix grammar issues in a few manual pages.
      <sys/mman.h>: Remove MAP_RENAME, MAP_NORESERVE and MAP_NOEXTEND defines.
      Make a number of headers self-sufficient.
      kernel: In some files, make it clearer that only 0 is returned.
      installer: Use <sys/diskmbr.h>'s define instead of a constant.
      kernel/libc: Remove the old vmm code.
      <sys/*.h>: Fix some include guard names.
      <sys/*.h>: Fix some include guard related comments.
      <sys/kernel.h>: Remove unused SI_BOOT2_VMM definition.
      libc: Move posix_fallocate() to the right place in
      libc: Remove __NO_TLS checks inherited from FreeBSD.
      gencat(1): Bump WARNS to 6.
      Some additions and fixes related to fdatasync(2) and posix_fallocate(2).
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Fix some include file paths (.In) in two manual pages.
      Fix .In abuse and a wrong include path in three manual pages.
      Fix a typo in a locale upgrade script.
      Import mandoc-1.14.6.
      mandoc(1): Update local files for 1.14.6.
      man.1: Add some examples (taken from FreeBSD).
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20210930.
      Revert "fdisk(8): check the result of read_s0()"
      Import OpenSSH-8.8p1
      Local adjustments for OpenSSH-8.3p1.
      init(8): Remove unneeded libcrypto linking.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2021e from
      xdisk.4: Some cleanup.
      kernel: Add xdisk to LINT64.
      makefs.8: Document msdos fs support.
      <readpassphrase.h>: Remove duplicate include.
      kernel/files: Remove duplicate line.
      kernel: Fix LINT64 build.
      file(1): Fix a small issue in a magic(5) file.
      libc/ Sort includes alphabetically.
      libc: Fix a number of .PATH related issues in the Makefiles.
      drm/radeon: Remove some unused code.
      kernel/amdgpu: Remove -DLITTLEENDIAN_CPU from the Makefile.
      rtadvd.conf.5: Fix some typos (a 8-bit -> an 8-bit).
      Use ${PRIVATELIB_CFLAGS} in two more Makefiles.
      <sys/cdefs.h>: Fix comment.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      libc: Adjust the private namespace's parent to 6.2.
      libedit: Remove unused
      <machine/stdint.h>: Add platform specific __double_t and __float_t types. Fix typo.
      initrd/ Switch the initrd generation from vn(4) to makefs(8).
      nrelease: Add a $WORLD_VERSION variable.
      <sys/param.h>: Bump __DragonFly_version for makefs(8)'s msdosfs support.
      nrelease: Switch to makefs(8) for the ISO's EFI system partition image.
      kernel: Staticize some variables.
      acpi.4: Fix typo, ACPI_POWER -> ACPI_POWERRES.
      kernel/drmP.h: Use Linux' __printf() macro.
      callout.9: Add callout_init_mp() to the SYNOPSIS.
      Makefile.inc1: Fix a typo.
      bus_dma.9: Fix typo.
      Some more adjustments regarding the recent switch to sys/vfs/ext2fs.
      kernel/ext2fs: Add some line breaks in SRCS in the Makefile.
      Bring in FreeBSD's ext2fs(5) manual page.
      kernel/acpica: Remove some unneeded -I and .PATH from the Makefile.
      kernel/acpica: Clean up the module's .PATH a little bit more.
      kernel/acpi: Improve an error message a bit.
      Remove the ext2fs_freebsd.ko module via 'make upgrade'.
      Remove a number of duplicate struct declarations in header files.
      <sys/elf_generic.h>: Add ElfW() macro, for dports' benefit.
      gccs had ElfW() already. Comment out for now.
      gcc8: Fix the fix.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      kernel: Remove an unnecessary include.
      kernel/proc0_init: Do not reuse the a.out sysvec.
      kernel: Remove a.out and gzipped a.out executable support.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20211217.
      edk2: Sync our TianoCore EDK II headers with the edk2-stable202111 tag.
      gcc: Define ElfW() if it is not defined.
      libc: Add a clearenv() function.
      Add some more printf(1) tests.
      kprintf.9: Fix function argument name.
      Add a small ksscanf(9) manual page.
      Remove the old <sys/dir.h> compat header. Nothing needs it anymore.
      Bump copyrights. Happy new year!!
      Add a getentropy(3) manual page.

Sergey Zigachev (5):
      drm: Import the amdgpu driver from Linux 4.19
      drm/amdgpu: Port to DragonFly
      drm/amdgpu: Replace firmware names
      drm/ttm: Update to match amdgpu driver, Linux 4.19 based
      drm: enable amdgpu module build; update radeon to use updated ttm api

Tomohiro Kusumi (66):
      usr.sbin/autofs: Best effort to maintain mounttab and mountdtab
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused HMNT2_NOAUTOSNAP
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove no longer used hammer2_xid_t and macros
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Make hammer2_mtx_upgrade_try() macro around mutex(9)
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Use MPTOPMP()
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove "REPORT_REFS_ERRORS /* XXX remove me */"
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused hammer2_dev::bflast
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove no longer used typedef for mtx_link_t
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused hammer2_dev::{n,max}ipstacks
      sys/vfs/ext2fs: Make inode extra time fields updating logic more closer to Linux
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused struct hammer2_sync_info
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove duplicate M_OBJCACHE definition
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused (add used) header includes
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused hammer2_worker_rmask
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove nonexistent struct name
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused rdok/wrok helper inline functions
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused hammer2_pfs::lock_nlink
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused hammer2_thread::depth
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused hammer2_flush_info::debug
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove redundant local dedup mask variable initialization
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused FLUSH_DEBUG
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove if0'd HAMMER2_TRANS_PREFLUSH
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused HAMMER2_INODE_SROOT
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused HAMMER2_INODE_METAGOOD
      sbin/hammer2: Introduce HAMMER2_SHOW_MIN_XXX_TID to limit blockrefs
      sbin/hammer2: Introduce HAMMER2_SHOW_ALL_VOLUME_HEADERS to show all volhdrs when -q
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Fix volhdrno initialization bug
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Avoid two hammer2_knote() implementation
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Move cache_xops global variable to hammer2_admin.c
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Fix function name in xop kprintf's
      sys/vfs/hammer2: #if0 unused HAMMER2_DIRHASH_{HIMASK,FORCED}
      sys/vfs/hammer2: HAMMER2_CHAIN_BMAP* should be HAMMER2_CHAIN_BLKMAP*
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Use HAMMER2_IND_COUNT_XXX
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused HAMMER2_OFFSET_{MIN,MAX}
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused HAMMER2_XOP_IROOT
      sys/vfs/hammer2: #if0 incomplete HAMMER2_FREEMAP_{DOMAYFREE,DOREALFREE} related
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Fix compilation when HAMMER2_IO_DEBUG enabled
      sbin/hammer2: Print freemap leaf's linear offset when "show"
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused hammer2_chain_save::pri
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused hammer2_bulkfree_info::saved_mirror_tid
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Rename hammer2_bulk_scan() to hammer2_bulkfree_scan()
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Fix "2MB segs cleaned" message to 4MB
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Fix bulkfree message/comments on old ondisk format
      sys/vfs/ext2fs: Fix incorrect VFS_VGET() argument in ext2_fhtovp()
      sbin/hammer2: Silence -Waddress-of-packed-member warnings
      sbin/hammer2: Fix total_size inconsistency check
      sys/vfs/ext2fs: Correct a typo in an error message
      usr.sbin/fstyp: Add BeFS support
      sys/kern: Add posix_fallocate(2)
      sys/kern: Move vop_stdallocate() within vfs_default.c
      sys/kern: Add fdatasync(2)
      usr.sbin/makefs: Add FAT support (taken from FreeBSD)
      usr.sbin/makefs: Improve error handling
      usr.sbin/makefs: Fix "time" mtree attribute handling
      usr.sbin/makefs: Also set UFS di_birthtime when building on Linux
      usr.sbin/makefs: Fix -Wpointer-sign warnings in makefs
      usr.sbin/makefs: fix use-after-free in read_mtree_keywords()
      usr.sbin/makefs: Ignore the "tags" keyword in mtree manifests
      usr.sbin/fstyp: Fix intra-object buffer overread for labeled msdosfs volumes
      sbin/fsck_msdosfs: truncate directory entry when the head pointer is invalid.
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Fix wrong comment on freemap zone/rotation
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Rename **bresp -> **brefp
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Remove unused local variables in freemap
      sys/vfs/ext2fs: Check for e2fs_first_dblock in ext2_compute_sb_data()
      ext2fs: Remove sys/gnu/vfs/ext2fs and make sys/vfs/ext2fs the default
      sys/vfs/hammer2: Use HAMMER2_METH_DEFAULT

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