git: DragonFly_RELEASE_6_0 drm/i915: Enable WhiskeyLake GPUs

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Dec 28 14:03:47 PST 2021

commit 096fca6d6d1b039dccaed77e02a361f597e0e783
Author: Michael Neumann <mneumann at>
Date:   Sun Dec 26 16:38:25 2021 +0100

    drm/i915: Enable WhiskeyLake GPUs
    * The PCI ids were added in commit a8138aa83 but the ids were never
      added to `pciidlist` so that the i915 driver did not recognize
      WhiskeyLake GPUs.
    * Successfully tested with WhiskeyLake-U GT2 [UHD Graphics 620]
    * As in Linux 5.8, they use the same configuration as CoffeeLake GPUs.

Summary of changes:
 sys/dev/drm/i915/i915_pci.c | 3 +++
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

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