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Wed Sep 23 16:49:31 PDT 2020

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  replaces  v5.8.1
 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Wed Sep 23 19:49:12 2020 -0400

DragonFly 5.8.2


Aaron LI (6):
      nrelease/Makefile: Fix 'pkg_${PKG}' to 'PKG_${PKG}' in a message
      release: Mount tmpfs at /usr/local/etc only if exists for ISO
      nrelease: Recopy passwd and master.passwd as well
      installer: Fix process killing issue in
      if_clone: Fix a missing allocated unit free upon error
      Makefile.usr: Add '--ff-only' to 'git pull'

Antonio Huete Jimenez (6):
      xargs(1): Sync with FreeBSD
      xargs.1: Change .Fx to .Dx where appropriate
      binutils227: Backport binutils commit 333d0055f6f16
      binutils227: Backport binutils commit 033bfb739b52
      usr.bin/xargs: Do not report SIGPIPE from children.
      ftpd(8): Exit during authentication if an error occurs after chroot().

Daniel Fojt (12):
      vendor/bzip: upgrade bzip2 from 1.0.6 to 1.0.8
      bzip2: Update README.DRAGONFLY.
      kernel: more precious errors from read()ing hammer and hammer2
      read.2: describe EISDIR error
      read.2: improve formatting of previous addition
      kernel: fix misleading error from allocating file descriptors
      Properly ignore "trim" failures in swapon(8).
      tail(1): fix misbehaviour on pseudo filesystems
      tail(1): improve style consistency of previous change
      vendor/bmake: upgrade from 20160818 to 20200710
      Upgrade make(1). 2/2
      kernel: avoid possible use-after-free in ipv6

Matthew Dillon (17):
      world - libmagic depends on several other libraries
      kernel - Fix efivar panic
      dsynth - Fix bug in dequote()
      dsynth - Add skip count for ignored and other failure conditions
      dsynth - Enable ccache support
      dsynth - Automatically run at nice 10 by default
      dsynth - Work on count mismatch issues
      dsynth - Work on count mismatch issues, fix binary pkg deletion
      dsynth - Add 'debug' directive to the manual page
      dsynth - Track contents of dports to detect changes
      kernel - Refactor kern_kevent(), fix timeout overflow (ppoll() bug)
      hammer2 - Enhance pfs-list and pfs-delete
      hammer2 - Enhance pfs-list and pfs-delete (2)
      kernel - Refactor kern_kevent(), fix timeout overflow (ppoll() bug) (2)
      kernel - Increase KNOTE_CACHE_MAX
      kernel - Refactor kern_kevent(), fix timeout overflow (ppoll() bug) (3)
      world - Change serial port default from 9600 to 115200

Peter Avalos (3):
      bzip2:  Remove regression tests.
      Unversion the contrib/bzip2/ directory.
      Import bzip2-1.0.6 which fixes CVE-2010-0405.

Sascha Wildner (20):
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2020a from
      kernel/efirt: Fix a kfree(NULL) panic when deleting a UEFI variable.
      <sys/cdefs.h>: FWIW, add __unreachable from FreeBSD.
      libdmsg: Fix wrong check in dmsg_crypto_negotiate()'s error path.
      kernel/e1000: Add missing 'break'.
      mfi(4): Fix a wrong check.
      re(4): Fix a wrong check. Looks like copy/paste but not adjusted properly.
      ix(4): Fix a wrong check (&& -> ||).
      kernel/iscsi: Remove iscsi's local definition of boolean_t.
      <sys/random.h>: Add missing __{BEGIN,END}_DECLS.
      <sys/elf_common.h>: Add GNU note types and NT_GNU_PROPERTY_TYPE_0 bits.
      kernel/nata: Fix operator precedence issue.
      <net/if_media.h>: IFM_HPNA_1 != IFM_10G_LR, renumber as needed.
      <net/if_media.h>: Adjust ethernet media types some more.
      vkernel: Adjust vke(4) for the if_media.h changes (fixes vkernel build).
      <sys/if_media.h>: Fix typo.
      libc & libkvm: Fix wrong calculations in getloadavg() functions.
      rwhod(8): Fix a for() loop that was incrementing twice.
      ftpd(8): Fix wrong buffer used in an snprintf()'s sizeof().
      libdmsg: Init a pointer that was used uninitialized in early error paths.

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