git: libc: Add __errno_location() for language binding benefits.

Rimvydas Jasinskas zrj at
Sat Oct 5 11:13:08 PDT 2019

commit 60d311380ff2bf02a87700a0f3e6eb53e6034920
Author: zrj <rimvydas.jasinskas at>
Date:   Sat Oct 5 13:04:12 2019 +0300

    libc: Add __errno_location() for language binding benefits.
     Some languages have restrictions when it comes to C style TLS handling
     (thread local might be feature-gated) or simply it is inconvenient to
     add various OS specific binding wrappers just to access C errno values.
     The __errno_location() symbol provides externally callable version of
     __error() inline function.
     While there, add __WANT_NO_INLINED___ERROR guard for few python parsers
     in DPorts that are unable to parse inlined __error() code yet.

Summary of changes:
 lib/libc/gen/                                   |  5 +++--
 lib/libc/gen/                                     |  1 +
 .../CRYPTO_free.c => libc/gen/__errno_location.c}           | 13 +++++++------
 sys/sys/errno.h                                             | 10 +++++++++-
 4 files changed, 20 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)
 copy lib/{librecrypto/CRYPTO_free.c => libc/gen/__errno_location.c} (90%)

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