git: kernel: Fix a problem with shutdown(8)

Antonio Huete Jimenez tuxillo at
Fri Nov 22 17:02:46 PST 2019

commit e0b27ee519137a3a1f5e44804f5130744621d300
Author: Antonio Huete Jimenez <tuxillo at>
Date:   Sat Nov 23 01:52:55 2019 +0100

    kernel: Fix a problem with shutdown(8)
     - When halting a system with 'shutdown -h ...', it would be stuck
       forever in the 'press any key' message. Fix that by enabling
       kbd polling right before a cngetc() call. This a follow-up of
       commit ce7866b8.
     With-help-from: dillon, swildner

Summary of changes:
 sys/kern/kern_shutdown.c | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

DragonFly BSD source repository

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