git: gcc80: Add local -save-temps=objects option.

Rimvydas Jasinskas zrj at
Tue Mar 19 23:39:07 PDT 2019

commit df642abc046981dfea4020a80f466a1acc7607ca
Author: zrj <rimvydas.jasinskas at>
Date:   Wed Mar 20 08:08:06 2019 +0200

    gcc80: Add local -save-temps=objects option.
    The gcc currently supports -save-temps= cwd, obj, object(not documented).
    None of those variants can be used at all during buildworld sequence,
    even at serial buildworld, without interfering with build in funny ways.
    This is very easy to notice while compiling libraries, where rules are:
     * foo.c --> foo.o  (non-pic)
     * foo.c --> foo.So (pic)
     * foo.c --> foo.po (profiled)
    The added option forces to use full object name (if it was supplied)
    when constructing names for .s and .i intermediates, as follows:
     cc -c foo.c -o foo.o --> foo.o.s + foo.o.i
    This allows to use -save-temps globally during buildworld and it is
    *less* likely to interfere while producing normally created objects.
    Repeated quickworld likely *will* have side effects, because the '-o'
    flags are not used for kernel and programs (foo.s will shadow foo.c).
    Tested by binary comparing /usr/obj trees for differences.

Summary of changes:
 contrib/gcc-8.0/README.DRAGONFLY | 1 +
 contrib/gcc-8.0/gcc/gcc.c        | 9 ++++++++-
 2 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

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