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 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Tue Jun 11 21:30:35 2019 -0400

DragonFly 5.6.0rc1


Aaron LI (37):
      rc.d/wpa_supplicant: Prefer the DPorts version for the moment
      initrd: Rework build and install stages
      Makefile.inc1: Some minor cleanups
      initrd: Explicitly say the status when build completes
      network.subr: Handle DHCP in ipv6_ifconfig_<ifname>
      ifconfig(8): Add option -n to disable auto module loading
      rc: Use SYSCTL{,_N,_W} variables
      network.subr: Cleanups and minor improvements
      network.subr: Clean up list_net_interfaces()
      rc.d/netif: Rename network_* to netif_* for consistency
      network.subr: Add IPv6 support to ifalias_{up,down}()
      network.subr: Properly bring up/down interfaces
      rc.d/netif: Rework wlan interface configuration
      Allow optional "inet6" keyword in ipv6_ifconfig_<ifname>
      network.subr: Workaround race between wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd
      rc: Let dhcpcd(8) go to background immediately by default
      rc.d/mountcritlocal: Clean up
      rc.d/sysctl: Rewrite to be more robust and clean
      rc.d/varsym: Rewrite following rc.d/sysctl
      vkernel.7: Fix a typo and bump date
      getline.3: Note to distinguish between error and EoF
      fgetln.3: Add the CAVEATS section with an example
      fgetln.3: Recommend to use the safer POSIX getline()
      rc.d/sysctl: Only set a sysctl when give a new value
      Fix pkg "-f" flag in the "make upgrade" message
      dd(1): Make signal handler async safe
      dd(1): Rework the time interval calculation
      dd(1): Implement GNU's extension of "status" operand
      dd(1): Sync with FreeBSD
      nrelease: Use part-by-label to identify root in .img
      nrelease: More unambiguous label based on
      nrelease: Minor cleanups to the Makefile
      gpt(8): Improve "show" subcommand
      gpt(8): "show" command support to print partition GUID
      Import ministat(1) from FreeBSD
      ministat(1): Fix terminal width handling
      fdisk.8: Update DragonFly slice type to 108 (6C)

Antonio Huete Jimenez (2):
      script(1): Sync with FreeBSD
      nrelease - Fix target for Makefile.usr

Bill Yuan (1):
      ipfw3: allow the ipfw_insn with only the basic action

Ed Schouten (1):
      <assert.h>: add missing __dead2 to __assert().

François Tigeot (72):
      drm/linux: Add set_pages_array_xx() functions
      drm/ttm: Sync ttm_page_alloc.c with Linux
      drm includes: Rename uapi_xxx to uapi/xxx
      Revert "drm/ttm: Remove ttm_bo_unreserve_core()"
      drm/i915: Add more Coffeelake PCI IDs
      drm/i915: Add Whiskey Lake PCI IDs
      drm/i915: Add Kaby Lake and Amber Lake PCI IDs
      byteorder(3): Remove a VAX comment
      drm: Add the DRM_IOCTL_GET_PCIINFO ioctl
      drm: Add missing file uapi/linux/pci.h
      drm/linux: Add linux/mmu_context.h
      drm: Rename struct drm_gem_object.vm_obj to filp
      drm/i915: Add i915_gem_dmabuf.c
      drm: Partially sync drm_mm.c with Linux 4.7.10
      drm/i915: Enable the I915_GEM_USERPTR ioctl
      drm: Add drm_prime.c
      drm/i915: Sync i915_drv.c a bit with Linux
      drm/linux: Add invalidate_mapping_pages()
      drm/i915/gem: Really implement i915_gem_object_invalidate()
      drm/linux: Add struct device_driver
      drm/linux/workqueue: the internal function is named func
      drm/gem: de-inline the ref/unref functions
      drm: Fix excessive wired memory usage
      drm/linux: Add preempt.h
      drm/linux: Add EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL()
      drm: Fix Linux/DragonFly PAGE_MASK confusion
      drm/linux: Add asm/processor.h
      drm: Reduce ioctl differences with Linux 4.7.10
      drm/linux: Add rcu_assign_pointer()
      drm/linux/rbtree.h: Rename RB_ROOT to LINUX_RB_ROOT
      drm: Add or improve a few include/linux headers
      drm/linux: Improve linux/pci.h
      drm/linux: Add struct rcu_head
      drm/radeon: Use shorter lockinit identifiers
      drm: CONFIG_AGP is off by default
      drm/ttm: convert to the reservation api
      drm/ttm: inline ttm_bo_reserve and related calls
      drm/ttm: get rid of ttm_bo_is_reserved usage
      drm/linux: Add ATOMIC_INIT()
      drm/linux: Improve linux/wait.h
      drm/ttm: Sync ttm_bo_man_put_node() with Linux 3.18
      drm/linux: Add atomic_long_inc_not_zero()
      drm/ttm: Remove two useless files
      drm/ttm: Remove unused headers
      drm/linux: Add some shrinker stub code
      drm/ttm: Sync with Linux 3.16
      drm/linux: Add down_read_trylock()
      drm/linux: Add list_for_each_entry_continue_reverse()
      drm/linux: Add config_enabled()
      drm/linux: Add trace/events/dma_fence.h
      drm: Replace linux/hashtable.h with NetBSD's version
      drm/linux: Improve RCU support
      drm: Remove a debugging message
      drm: Bring in the Linux fence implementation from NetBSD
      drm/linux: Expand mm_types.h and mmu_notifier.h coverage
      drm: Do not use PHOLD/PRELE() in flush_taskqueue()
      drm: Do not directly define __OS_HAS_AGP
      drm: More linux/seqlock.h functions
      drm: Import dma-buf reservation code from Linux 4.7.10
      drm: Sync ttm and radeon drivers with Linux 3.18
      drm: Do not report PRIME as supported
      drm: Reduce differences with Linux in ioctl code
      drm/linux: Fix pci_map_page() arguments
      drm/linux: Add list_prev_entry()
      drm/linux: Add gcd()
      drm/linux: Add set_memory_uc()
      drm/linux: Add vmalloc() and vzalloc()
      drm/linux: Add wait_event_interruptible_locked()
      drm/linux: Implement i2c_bit_add_bus()
      drm/radeon: Stop naming the kernel module "radeonkms"
      drm: Sync drm_gem_object_lookup() with Linux 4.7.10
      drm/linux: Add task_struct, rework sleep and wake up functions

Imre Vadász (4):
      kernel - Factor out TSC cputimer into common x86_64 code, use for vkernel.
      net - Simplify net/altq TSC timer code, get rid of its TSC calibration code.
      vkernel - Delete unused/ancient timer/rtc function declarations in clock.h.
      vkernel - Remove unneeded -T flag, that was added in 7b21e5e4a2ba4592a.

Justin C. Sherrill (4):
      Put note about DSA OpenSSH key deprecation, from 5 versions ago, into UPDATING.
      Fix broken links.
      Move some accidentally separated text back to the correct spot.
      Changes for 5.6.

Levente Kurusa (1):
      <sys/errno.h>: Remove EUNUSED*.

Matthew Dillon (166):
      kernel - Fix probable callout race
      build - Add security/wpa_supplicant to nrelease
      kernel - Cleanup blist debug code
      kernel - Fix nstopped SMP race during core dump
      kernel - Cleanup blist debug code (2)
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 1/N
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 2/N
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 3/N
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 4/N
      hammer2 - Add 'snapshot-debug' directive
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 5/N
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 6/N
      kernel - Add trigger_syncer(), VFS_MODIFYING()
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 7/N
      hammer2 - stabilization
      kernel - Improve umount operation
      hammer2 - Add HAMMER2_IO_DEBUG
      hammer2 - Cleanup
      hammer2 - stabilization, fix hammer2_inode_get()
      kernel - Fix rare vref() assertion
      HAMMER2 - Update DESIGN document
      hammer2 - stabilization, fix delete-on-reclaim
      hammer2 - stabilization, fix delete-on-reclaim (2)
      atkbdc - Change default to still attach PS2 controller even if FADT says don't
      hammer1 - Fix left-over /va/run/hammer.cleanup files
      hammer2 - Cleanup 'info' command
      iwm - Fix possible null pointer indirection
      kernel - Throw a global lock around udev dictionary ops
      tmpfs - Fix periodic syncer cpu-bound stalls w/tmpfs on big-mem boxes
      kernel - Sync usb3.0 pci ids w/FreeBSD
      gcore - Handle segments > 2GB
      gcore - Fix /proc map reading, add verbose option, add limit option
      kernel - Fix panic in mlock() and munlock()
      rtld-elf - Allow dynamic (late) relocations to relro section
      rtld-elf - Allow dynamic (late) relocations to relro section (2)
      libc - Use sbrk() system call, remove brk()
      kernel - Implement sbrk(), change low-address mmap hinting
      libc - Use sbrk() system call, remove brk() (2)
      kernel - Implement sbrk(), change low-address mmap hinting (2)
      kernel - Reduce vm_page_list_find2() stalls
      kernel - Document possible dead code
      kernel - Slightly change the behavior of MADV_NOSYNC and MAP_NOSYNC
      kernel - Add /dev/part-by-label
      kernel - Add callout debugging
      kernel - Change callout in struct ccb_hdr
      kernel - Add debug.acpi.silence_all sysctl
      kernel - Remove vm_map min_offset and max_offset macros
      kernel - Correct null pointer panic in debug code
      ufs - Expand time_t support to 48 bits
      drm: Fully rework the ww_mutex implementation
      kernel - Fix IDR bugs
      psm - Fix panic in ps/2 mouse driver
      drm/ttm: convert to unified vma offset manager
      kernel - Fix info->si_code for waitid()
      kernel - Fix info->si_code for waitid() (2)
      libc - Update manual page for wait.2
      hammer2 - Fix panic on corrupt root inode on mount
      pthreads - sleep() needs strong reference
      smbfs - Bring in some string safety and type-o corrections
      kernel - Fix df and unmount of bad NFS volumes
      kernel - Refactor vm_map structure 1/2
      kernel - Preliminary vm_page hash lookup
      kernel - Optimize vm_page_wakeup(), vm_page_hold(), vm_page_unhold()
      kernel - Preliminary vm_page hash lookup (2), cleanups, page wiring
      kernel - Refactor swapcache heuristic
      kernel - Rewrite the callout_*() API
      Revert "fstat(1): Convert to RB_FOREACH() for memory maps."
      world - Fix fstat and gcore
      kernel - Rewrite the callout_*() API (2)
      kernel - Fix more wiring / fictitious bugs w/recent VM work
      world - Add missing sample file for aws imaging script
      kernel - Rewrite the callout_*() API (3)
      kernel - Rewrite the callout_*() API (4)
      kernel - Try to ensure a uniform fsid for exports
      kernel - Try to ensure a uniform fsid for exports (2)
      kernel - make bcmp linux-compatible, add memcmp
      kernel - Add callout API calls for netgraph7
      kernel - Add callout API calls for netgraph7 (2)
      kernel - Fix panic in uhci attach error path
      kernel - Fix panic in uhci attach error path (2)
      kernel - Add LAPIC timer C1E test skip for AWS
      kernel - Add AC256 (sound) quirk
      kernel - quiet repeated DA/CD probes for removable devices
      hammer2 - Correct allocator race and related corruption
      hammer2 - Add debugging directive for calculating dirent crcs
      hammer2 - Performance work
      hammer2: Improve bulkfree console logging
      CAM - A few more kmalloc -> xpt_alloc_ccb fixes
      hammer2 - Improve verbosity of CHECK errors on the console
      hammer2 - Improve verbosity of CHECK errors on the console (2)
      world - Conditionalize MAKEWHATIS path
      world - Fix deprecated crypto calls
      pf - Fix SMP race in max-src-nodes, max-src-conn tracking
      ahci - Reduce livelock warnings with ahci
      kernel - Limit console message rate for swap-full warnings
      debug - update kmapinfo
      pf - Improve SMP counter performance, static array MAXCPU -> kmalloc
      kernel - Add kern.ipc.soaccept_reuse and set default to 1
      pthreads and kernel - change MAP_STACK operation
      kernel - Fix serious bug in MAP_STACK, deprecate auto-grow semantics
      world - update manual page for mmap()
      drm/linux: Add an interval_tree implementation
      kernel - Implement debug function w/kern.logsigexit > 1
      kernel - Backout procfs map change
      kernel - Permanently fix FP bug - completely remove lazy heuristic
      drm/ttm: Fix a deadlock involving fictitious VM pages
      build - Make sure /usr/local/bin is NOT in the $PATH for kernel
      drm - Move startup delay to VERSION ioctl
      drm/radeon - Attempt to fix data structure corruption on exit
      kernel - Bring in __read_mostly etc
      kernel - Quick pass add __read_frequently
      kernel - __read_mostly pass on lwkt_thread
      kernel - __read_mostly pass on vfs_cache
      kernel - __read_mostly pass on vfs_subr
      kernel - __read_mostly pass on vm_fault
      kernel - VM rework part 1 - Remove shadow_list
      kernel - VM rework part 2 - Replace backing_object with backing_ba
      kernel - VM rework part 3 - Cleanup pass
      kernel - VM rework part 4 - Implement vm_fault_collapse()
      kernel - VM rework (fix introduced bug)
      kernel - Restore sysctl
      kcollect - Adjust Mops right hand on graph
      kernel - VM rework part 5 - Cleanup
      kernel - VM rework part 6 - Stabilize
      kernel - VM rework part 7 - Initial vm_map_backing index
      rtld-elf - Notify thread state to optimize relocations
      rtld-elf - Notify thread state to optimize relocations (2)
      kernel - VM rework part 8 - Precursor work for terminal pv_entry removal
      kernel - Add MDS mitigation support for Intel side-channel attack
      kernel - Implement retpoline for kernel
      kernel - Implement support for SMAP and SMEP security
      kernel - Implement support for SMAP and SMEP security (2)
      kernel - Clean up direction flag on syscall entry
      kernel - Implement support for SMAP and SMEP security (3)
      Revert "kernel - Clean up direction flag on syscall entry"
      kernel - Remove improper direct user-space access
      kernel - VM rework part 9 - Precursor work for terminal pv_entry removal
      kernel - VM rework part 10 - Precursor work for terminal pv_entry removal
      kernel - VM rework part 11 - Core pmap work to remove terminal PVs
      kernel - VM rework part 12 - Core pmap work, stabilize & optimize
      kernel - VM rework part 13 - Core pmap work, stabilize & optimize
      kernel - VM rework part 14 - Core pmap work, stabilize for X/drm
      kernel - VM rework part 15 - Core pmap work, refactor PG_*
      kernel - VM rework part 16 - Optimization & cleanup pass
      kernel - VM rework part 17 - Cleanup
      kernel - VM rework part 18 - Cleanup
      kernel - VM rework part 19 - Cleanup
      kernel - Reduce/refactor nbuf and maxvnodes calculations.
      kernel - VM rework part 20 - Fix vmmeter_neg_slop_cnt
      dhclient - Allow 'start' keyword
      kernel - Reduce acpi_ec timeout after failure, silence errors
      kernel - Enhance indefinite wait buffer console message
      kernel - Reduce token backoff
      kernel - pipe locks are not needed in the kqueue event code
      kernel - Refactor scheduler weightings part 1/2.
      kernel - Backout 'Reduce token backoff'
      kernel - VM rework part 21 - Start resynchronizing the vkernel
      kernel - Refactor scheduler weightings part 2/2.
      kernel - Build 'evdev' into the kernel
      kernel - Don't block in tstop() with locks held
      vkernel - Restore vkernel build
      dummynet - Poll only if operational, change default freq for vkernel
      vkernel - Adjust use of GDF_VIRTUSER
      installer - Default to HAMMER2
      installer - Default to HAMMER2 (2)
      world - Makme shm_open() more compatible with expectations

Maxim Ag (1):
      Update LibreSSL from version 2.4.4 => 2.9.1

Michael Neumann (1):
      Add work-around for bug #3167

Peeter Must (4):
      kernel/ums: Use evdev's private lock for ums
      kernel/evdev: Synchronize event codes with Linux 4.16
      kernel/evdev: create input devices with UID_ROOT and GID_WHEEL
      evdev: Create device entries with the "input" group

Sascha Wildner (271):
      <sys/param.h>: Adjust __DragonFly_version.
      script.1: Fix a typo, bump date.
      kernel: Move some old unused stuff out of the way.
      Install input{,-event-types}.h to /usr/include/compat/linux too.
      libc/locale: Mark up defined values better in the manual pages.
      Remove an unused include file.
      hier.7: Document some recently added directories.
      hier.7: Use .Xr
      usb.4: Clean up a bit.
      kernel: Use NULL for pointers in DRIVER_MODULE().
      kernel: Remove some useless #ifdefs.
      kernel/gif: Include just opt_inet6.h which is all this header needs.
      kernel/netinet6: Fix the kernel build without "options INET6".
      kernel: Remove the FFS_ROOT option. It was a no-op since 4.9.
      kernel/acpi: Fix the ACPI_LV_VERBOSITY1 level's value.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20181213.
      Add efidev.4 and efirt.9 manual pages from FreeBSD.
      efirt.9: Use .Er for error return values.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      efirt.9: Add missing header to the SYNOPSIS.
      efirt.9: Fix prototype.
      libc/sysvipc: Mark two functions as printf-like and fix resulting errors.
      libc/sysvipc: Fix some style issues (no functional change).
      rtadvctl(8): Add __printflike and fix warnings.
      kernel/mrsas: Fix a double assignment.
      <utmpx.h>: Change struct utmpx's ut_type from uint16_t to short, per POSIX.
      sem_init.3: Mark up SEM_VALUE_MAX.
      kernel: Populate the p1003_1b sysctl tree a bit more.
      kernel: Add descriptions to the p1003_1b sysctls.
      bus_space.9: Fix some protoypes in SYNOPSIS.
      iconvlist.3: Fix prototype in SYNOPSIS.
      efirt.9: Yet another prototype fix.
      bufcache.9: Fix bread() prototype.
      kernel/acpi: Bring in FreeBSD's r341632.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD.
      Add lagg(4) to LINT64.
      Oops, fix lagg's type in LINT64.
      kernel/ic: Remove an unneeded #ifdef _KERNEL and two duplicate includes.
      kernel: Remove more duplicate includes. Fix comment typo.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2018i from
      kernel: Remove unused *.h files from SRCS in kernel module Makefiles.
      lib/libc: Remove a file that is not used in libc.
      Clean up the USB driver directories, remove unbuilt source.
      kernel: Remove kernel profiling bits.
      kernel: Remove unused *.h files from SRCS in kernel module Makefiles. (2)
      kernel: Remove two no longer used sysinit ids.
      Remove some dead code.
      kernel: Change CFLAGS -> KCFLAGS also in commented out Makefile lines.
      kernel/Makefiles: Remove two empty lines I added by mistake.
      openssl(1): Remove a no longer existing .PATH from the Makefile. Add a missing file i forgot in 5a31d992307898
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20190108.
      rc.subr: Fix breakage in the rcrun(8) scripts.
      libc: Add reallocarray() from OpenBSD.
      Make libssh and mandoc use reallocarray() from libc.
      i386 removal, part 69/x: Clean up sys/dev/netif.
      i386 removal, part 70/x: Remove some i386 specific bits in the kernel.
      libc: Adjust Versions.def properly.
      libcrypto: Switch over to libc's reallocarray().
      kernel: Hide the sysctl.debug sysctl in the SYSCTL_DEBUG kernel option.
      kernel: Remove puffs(4), putter(9) and associated libs and utilities.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      efirt.9: Comment out a non-existant function.
      pcm.4: Use .Dx
      gcore(1): Some cleanup.
      Bring in most of makefs(8) from FreeBSD unchanged.
      makefs(8): DragonFly porting.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (add macOS 10.14).
      fstab.5: Remove trailing whitespace from 828221af1c1fe3514.
      manpath.config: Add ravenports paths.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20190215.
      install(1): Fix usage(), we don't have -T.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      ktr.4: Add a few words about KTR_LAPIC.
      <libutil.h>: Remove an orphaned prototype.
      <sys/cdio.h>: Remove definitions that are related to unimplemented ioctls.
      LINT64: Add KTR_LAPIC.
      Remove <sys/semaphore.h> so that we have <semaphore.h> only.
      kernel/bktr: Clean up unused code and the Makefile.
      <sys/ioctl.h>: Remove old SunOS compatibility definitions.
      <semaphore.h>: Whitespace cleanup.
      libc/sysvipc: Remove duplicate include.
      libc: Remove old MLINKS for fpclassify.3.
      kernel/ena: Fix an uninitialized variable issue in an error path.
      kernel/ena: Fix another error path.
      Adjust various things for the recent brk(2) removal.
      <sys/systm.h>: No need to include <sys/callout.h> here.
      kernel/sound: Remove local KOBJMETHOD_END defines.
      kernel: Remove numerous #include <sys/thread2.h>.
      <semaphore.h>: Fix guard comment.
      kernel/ixgbe: Fix buildkernel, re-apply 9e2814118aabe1f24cf00485.
      Remove some IPSec remains via 'make upgrade'.
      top: Cleanup the Makefile and a header a bit.
      kernel/cam: Fix buildkernel with 'options CAMDEBUG'.
      kernel/acpica: Cleanup header inclusion situation a bit.
      kernel: Remove {bus,device}_if.h from where <sys/bus.h> is included.
      kernel/hammer: Remove the old inactive live dedup code.
      kernel: Remove libkern.h inclusion from a few files that don't need it.
      kernel/radeon: Remove obsolete #undef.
      libusb: Put MLINKS before the <> inclusion in the Makefile.
      Remove some trailing whitespace in manpage comments.
      Fix some section name typos in various manual pages.
      Use .Fn for function names in some manual pages.
      Fix some self references in our manual pages.
      pthread_mutex_getprioceiling.3: Fix .Dd. November had only 30 days.
      virtio.4: Add missing newline.
      mdoc: Add FreeBSD 11.1 for efidev(4).
      i386 removal, part 71/x: Remove legacy FreeBSD brand.
      idr.9: Fix idr_remove() prototype.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Fix some typos in manpages/messages.
      Import mandoc-1.14.5 and leave only the files we need.
      Local adjustments for the mandoc(1) upgrade.
      mandoc(1): Further adjustments.
      rcsfile.5: Fix mandoc -Wunsupp warning.
      Remove /usr/share/misc/man.template.
      kernel: Remove a no longer needed header file.
      Remove the unhooked/-used man(1) command from usr.bin.
      kvm.3: Remove unnecessary argument to .Nm
      kvm.3: More markup. Also begin sentences on a new line.
      Remove a deleted header via 'make upgrade'.
      sysctl(8): Add support for char and short sized values.
      kernel: Fix indent.
      dumpfs(8): Fix conversion of 32 bit ufs_time_t's with ctime().
      ipfw(8): Remove unnecessary cast.
      kernel: Clean up the usage of <machine/pc/bios.h> and the header itself.
      wait.2: Fix excessive .Dv usage. Use proper markup.
      mtree/BSD.usr.dist: Sort.
      man9/Makefile: Remove wrong backslash.
      kernel/netgraph7: Fix the build after the recent callout changes.
      Adjust for the removal of callout_stop_sync().
      callout.9: Remove an unneeded .Pp (before .It). Also bump .Dd.
      callout.9: Fix callout_terminate() prototype.
      kernel: Remove two duplicate #include's.
      Move <sys/termios.h> to <termios.h>.
      Clean up some gcc50 remains.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2019a from
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20190329.
      Remove timezone typo via 'make upgrade'.
      <unistd.h>/<sys/unistd.h>: Update comments.
      <unistd.h>: Update one more comment.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20190405.
      libc: Merge bcmp.3 and memcmp.3.
      memcmp.3: Remove bcmp(3) reference.
      <termios.h>: Cleanup #include, fix whitespace.
      str{,case}cmp.3: Remove further bcmp(3) references.
      <sys/ttydefaults.h>: Constify ttydefchars[], make size implicit and assert.
      libmd: Remove sha384 traces.
      libc/db: Add an include guard.
      libc/net: Remove some unneeded externs.
      libc/stdio: Remove two redundant prototypes.
      libc/libpthread: Add guard to fix redundant __isthreaded declarations.
      libc: Fix some -Wunused-parameter warnings.
      libc/stdlib: Fix two -Wunused-parameter warnings.
      libc: Add prototypes for various functions we use in __weak_reference().
      libc/glob: Fix a -Wstrict-prototypes warning by bringing back an old fix.
      libc: Fix some more -Wmissing-prototype.
      libc/net: Align rthdr.c with <netinet6/in6.h> (#if 0 a function).
      libc: Revert last commit partially. Make function public instead.
      libc: Remove an age old unused function.
      libc/locale: Fix -Wmissing-field-initializers.
      libc/rpc: Fix some -Wmissing-prototypes.
      nscd(8): Remove local pidfile(3) implementation and use libutil's.
      libc/tre: Fix -Wpointer-arith.
      libc/db: Fix -Wcast-function-type.
      ftpd(8): Use libutil's pidfile(3) implementation.
      libc/db: Remove unnecessary casts too.
      libc/rpc: Fix some -Wstrict-prototypes warnings.
      libc/rpc: Use sig_t (fixes -Wstrict-prototypes).
      timingsafe_bcmp.3: Add missing .Lb.
      libc: Adjust HISTORY sections in a few recently added manual pages.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      <time.h>: Provide time2posix(), posix2time() prototypes.
      libc: Fix some more -Wmissing-prototypes warnings.
      libc/rpc: Fix -Wtype-limits.
      kernel/libiconv: Compare a char with \0.
      kernel: Use NULL for pointers, not 0.
      Fix a couple of NULL dereferences in error paths.
      Add FreeBSD's man(1) command unchanged but don't hook in just yet.
      usr.bin/man: Some local adjustments, also bump .Dd.
      Remove catman(1) since it is no longer needed in modern times.
      Sync manctl(8) with FreeBSD.
      Kind of sync makewhatis.local with FreeBSD. Ignore r/o directories.
      Switch to the new man(1) command.
      Remove the old GNU man, makewhatis and manpath.config.5 manual page.
      Remove no longer needed catman periodic via 'make upgrade'.
      Remove groff from base.
      Link mandoc(1) as 'whatis' too.
      makedb: Ignore makewhatis(8) errors.
      man(1): Adjust manual page search path a bit.
      <unistd.h>: Bump _POSIX_THREAD_SAFE_FUNCTIONS to 200112L.
      Sync indent(1) with FreeBSD.
      <unistd.h>: FWIW, set _XOPEN_ENH_I18N, per the standard.
      Add a missing manual page to LIBRESSL's vendor branch.
      openssl(1): Add missing manual pages.
      Sync libfetch and fetch(1) with FreeBSD.
      devfsctl/mount_dirfs: Save some #include's by including <sys/param.h>.
      cam: Comment out definition of SESIOC_GETTEXT ioctl (unimplemented).
      wi(4): Comment out unimplemented SIOC[GS]PRISM2DEBUG ioctl definitions.
      netgraph: Comment out unimplemented NGIOCSETNAME definition.
      kernel: Cleanup pccarddevs file a bit.
      nrelease: Install security/ca_root_nss explicitly (non-automatic). Adjust for recent libobjc removal.
      nrelease: Reduce the size of /usr/local on the IMG/ISO considerably.
      Remove two more files by 'make upgrade'.
      <execinfo.h>: Include <sys/cdefs.h> explicitly for __{BEGIN,END}_DECLS.
      <net/pf/pfvar.h>: Fix buildworld. Move malloc declaration into _KERNEL.
      pthread_set_name_np.3: Add some articles.
      indent.1: Add some missing whitespace.
      libc: Document offtime(), timelocal(), and timeoff().
      libc: Document getprotoent_r(), getprotobynumber_r(), and getprotobyname_r().
      libc: Document getservent_r(), getservbyport_r(), and getservbyname_r().
      libc: Add posix_fadvise(), for now empty except for some error checking.
      libc/locale: Document mbrtoc{16,32}_l() and c{16,32}rtomb_l().
      <sys/fcntl.h>: Restrict POSIX_FADV_* visibility to userland.
      libc: Document yp_maplist().
      libc: Add forgotten MLINK.
      libc: Change a few DIAGNOSTICS sections into RETURN VALUES and/or ERRORS.
      getservent.3: Fix function name.
      <netdb.h>: Add whitespace in a prototype.
      libc/net: Adjust h_errorp arg name to herrno_p like everywhere else.
      libc/net: Document more functions.
      <unistd.h>: Move eaccess() prototype to a better place.
      libc: Add dup3() from FreeBSD.
      dup3.3: Adjust HISTORY section.
      Add fuse kernel part to LINT64.
      kernel: Stop including userland-only includes in kernel code (1/x).
      Remove any remaining traces of varargs.h.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20190509.
      libutil: Raise WARNS to 6.
      Clean up some Makefiles.
      pathconf.2/sysconf.3: Add some related references to SEE ALSO.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Don't include "internal" headers outside of regular headers.
      makedb: Fix apropos database generation better across release/master.
      Remove the compat recallocarray() on the vendor branch.
      mandoc(1): Use base recallocarray().
      kernel: Don't include <sys/user.h> in kernel code.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (add OpenBSD 6.5).
      i386 removal, part 72/x: Remove i386 specific ed.4 manpage references.
      sys/boot: Clean up btxld's manual page.
      pam_ftpusers.8: Remove reference to ftpusers.5.
      <assert.h>: Sync comments a bit with FreeBSD.
      <net/netmap_user.h>: s/<malloc.h>/<stdlib.h>/.
      Don't include the full <sys/signal.h> in headers that just need sigset_t.
      Move <sys/fd_set.h> to <sys/_fd_set.h>.
      kernel/smbus: Remove an unneeded .PATH in a Makefile.
      kernel: Remove two more unneeded .PATHs.
      kernel/netmap: Move headers into <net/netmap/...>.
      dump(8): Remove some unneeded defines.
      route(8): Simplify the keywords handling.
      Remove expand(1) from the bootstrap tools.
      <sys/cdefs.h>: Remove the old unused __DF_VISIBLE.
      kernel/pmap: Clean up no longer used MALLOC_DEFINE.
      Clean up a few math related manualpages.
      <sys/syslimits.h>: Clean up inclusion check and warning.
      kernel/sysctl: Switch kern.osrevision to showing __DragonFly_version.
      <sys/sysctl.h>: Remove the unused CTL_HW_NAMES define.
      sysctl.8: Revert 39d69daecef529eb49d36fefa429c8ac08e7cbc1.
      crunchide(1): Remove a.out, elf32 and ECOFF traces.
      Remove symorder(1). It's no longer useful.
      gcore(1): Stop depending on <a.out.h>.
      ldd(1): Remove unneeded inclusion of <a.out.h>.
      resident(8): Remove a.out support.
      Correct some casts in printf arguments in various utilities.
      libm: Fix some -Wredundant-decls. signgam is in <math.h> already.
      Remove lint checks in system headers.
      /etc/group: Add 'input', so it is available right away on new systems.
      libc: Use quotation marks around {un-,}namespace.h (private header).

Sepherosa Ziehau (5):
      atomic: Alway use inline functions.
      netif/re: Sync with Realtek's re-1.95.
      ix: Sync with Intel ixgbe-3.3.6
      lapic: Don't do AMD C1E fixup on virtual machines by default.
      em/emx/igb: Merge Intel em-7.7.4 and igb-2.5.6

Tomohiro Kusumi (22):
      sbin/hammer2: Silence -Wformat-truncation= warning on Linux (gcc 7.3)
      sys/vfs/autofs: Don't calculate dirent reclen twice
      sys/vfs/autofs: Rename autofs_readdir_one() -> autofs_write_dirent()
      sys/vfs/autofs: Whitespace cleanups
      sys/vfs/autofs: Drop unused autofs_mount/autofs_softc fields
      sys/sys/mutex2: Fix mutex(9) man page
      sys/vfs/autofs: Drop <sys/bus.h>
      sys/vm: Fix debug message in generic VOP_GETPAGES() handler
      sys/vfs/autofs: Drop .vop_getpages/.vop_putpages
      sys/vm: Fix vnode_pager_haspage() description
      sys/kern: Add struct file* arg to VOP_{GETATTR,SETATTR,READ,WRITE,FSYNC,READDIR}
      sys/vfs/fuse: Add initial FUSE support
      sys/vfs/fuse: Cleanup (use TAILQ_FOREACH())
      sys/vfs/fuse: Add assertions
      sys/vfs/fuse: Add fuse_vop_{get,put}pages()
      sys/vfs: Remove .vop_mmap implementations
      sys/vfs/fuse: Drop PCATCH from tsleep on waiting IPC completion
      sys/vfs/fuse: Add a comment
      sys/vfs/fuse: Mark /dev/autofs with D_MPSAFE
      sys/vfs/autofs: Use VFS_STATFS()
      sys/vfs/fuse: Fix confusing vop_write_dirent() retval test
      sys/vfs/hammer: Rename hammer_flush_inode_done() -> hammer_sync_inode_done()

Your Name (1):
      ipfw3: insert the new rule in the beginning

zrj (156):
      Update libedit from version 2015-03-25 to 2017-03-29 on vendor branch
      Revert "kernel - Temporarily change WORLD_ALTCOMPILER default in master"
      gcc50: Mark as deprecated.
      GC: Remove old clang 3.8 that required extern sources.
      Makefile.inc1: Minor fixes for CTOOLS handling.
      upgrade: Clarify deprecated files message.
      dhcpcd(8): Set WARNS for sbin/dhcpcd. Fix WARNS=2 and 3 handling.
      top(1): Take out from the contrib.
      top(1): Cleanup no longer needed contrib contents.
      gcc50: Disconnect from buildworld.
      gcc50: Retire sources and makefiles.
      csu: Expand .note section manipulation.
      gcc80: Add local -save-temps=objects option.
      gcc47: Add local -save-temps=objects option.
      kernel/pc64: Remove leftover debug kprintf.
      <sys/callout.h>: Add missing <sys/spinlock.h> include.
      fstat(1): Convert to RB_FOREACH() for memory maps.
      vkernel64: Sync to recent API changes.
      rc.d/sysctl: Use buffer to print out the sysctl changes.
      libc/stdlib: Avoid calling destructors in a wrong order.
      libc/stdlib: Add __cxa_thread_atexit_impl() hook.
      Add <alloca.h> header.
      libc/stdlib: Refactor aligned_alloc().
      libc/dmalloc: Fix unused warning for non INVARIANTS.
      libc/dmalloc: Adjust for aligned_alloc() changes.
      Kernel: Minor whitespace cleanup in kern_kinfo.c.
      libkvm: Add include guards for kvm_private.h
      libkvm: Add missing prototype for dev2udev().
      libkvm: Cleanup kvm_util.c
      libkvm: Always use local kvm.h header.
      libkvm: Sort items in <kvm.h>
      libkvm: Fix -Wshadow warnings.
      libkvm: Fix -Wshadow warnings for gcc47.
      libkvm: Fix -Wunused-parameter warnings.
      libkvm: Silence -Wmissing-field-initializers warnings.
      libkvm: Silence -Wtype-limits warning.
      libkvm: Move kvm_notrans() to kvm.c
      libkvm: Remove not needed casts in vsnprintf() calls.
      libkvm: Suppress last -Wsign-compare warnings.
      libkvm: Raise WARNS.
      fstat(1): Move out vm_map traversal functions to libkvm.
      fstat(1): Mangle dev2udev() name.
      libkvm: Minor trailing whitespace cleanup.
      vmstat(8): Minor trailing whitespace cleanup.
      libkvm: Fix -flto warnings.
      telnetd(8): Rename fatal function.
      lib/libstand: Remove zipfs.c
      libstand/gzipfs: Minor trailing whitespace cleanup.
      libstand: Adjust zlib hadling.
      sys/boot/pc32: Fix -flto warnings in pxe.c
      routed(8): Fix MD5 prototypes.
      rtquery(8): Fix MD5 prototypes.
      sbin/hammer: Fix used include.
      crontab(1): Constify few things.
      crontab(1): Fix -flto warnings.
      tcpdump(1): Match struct hnamemem types.
      crunchgen(1): Disable LTO for main() stubs.
      sbin/hammer: Prefer to use installed private LibreSSL headers.
      libc/string: Add explicit_bzero() from OpenBSD.
      libc/stdlib: Add freezero() function.
      libc/stdlib: Add recallocarray() function.
      libc/string: Add timing_safe functions from OpenBSD.
      <string.h>: Remove legacy declaration of swab().
      factor(6): Convert to BN_is_prime_ex().
      PRIV: Add helper tool.
      PRIV: Add transitional handling in
      gcc80: Make LTO plugins installation consistent. Fix SHLIB_LINK handling.
      Update GCC80 to version 8.3
      Bring in branch-8 bugfixes into GCC80.
      Adjust makefiles for GCC80 update.
      gcc80: Update manpages.
      gcc80: Document -save-temps=objects addition.
      libc: Implement properly pthread_equal() stub.
      libutil: Prevent leaking slave fd on failed fork.
      cross-tools: Do not install manpages during this stage.
      kernel/tty: Use GID_TTY for non root users by default.
      Deprecate and remove OPIE from PAM.
      gcc47: Disconnect objc components from world.
      libc: Fix few typos in vsyslog().
      libc: Move out locking from vsyslog() core.
      hammer2(8): Document dependency on thread library.
      Import libarchive-3.3.3
      Upgrade xz from 5.2.2 to 5.2.4 on the vendor branch.
      ldns: Update vendor branch from 1.6.16 to 1.7.0
      Import OpenSSH-8.0p1
      ldns: Add OPENSSL_NO_ENGINE checks.
      libssh: Disable use of openssl engine.
      wpa_supplicant(8): Add LibreSSL v2.9.0 compat fixes.
      Revert "security/libressl: Fix ECDSA P-256 timing attack vulnerability"
      Revert "libressl: Few local modifications for netcat."
      Add local patches to LibreSSL.
      libressl: Add missing timespecsub().
      Update LibreSSL makefiles.
      Revert "libarchive: Use memcpy() when constructing buffers."
      libarchive: Revert local changes.
      libarchive: Revert manpage fixes.
      Adjust files for libarchive-3.3.3 import.
      xz: Adjust makefiles for xz-5.2.4 update.
      Makefile.inc1: Update library interdeps.
      unzip(1): Add missing dependencies.
      Revert "drill(1): Use strdup() for known strings."
      ldns: Adjust makefiles for ldns-1.7.0 update.
      OpenSSH: Revert few local modifications.
      OpenSSH: Add local patches.
      OpenSSH: Update READMEs.
      libssh: Add sanitized OpenBSD layer.
      Adjust makefiles for OpenSSH 8.0p1 update.
      sshd(8): Remove not needed dependencies.
      Inline Makefile.ssh.common
      sshd(8): Add back custom auth passwd routine.
      sshd(8): Add USE_PAM handling defaults.
      ssh(1): Restore default behaviour.
      OpenSSH: Document contrib local changes.
      libssh: Bump shlib version for api change.
      share/examples: Install missing defaults for ssl and ssh.
      Remove libcipher.
      lib/libcrypt: Minor WARNS cleanup.
      lib/libcrypt: Add missing functions.
      lib/omd: Add very restrictive subset from libmd.
      lib/libcrypt: Use md5 internally from omd.
      libtacplus: Fix single -Wshadow warning.
      libtacplus: Decouple from libmd.
      ftpd(8): Add OPIE checks to conditionally disable it.
      ftpd(8): Decouple from libmd.
      telnet(1): Disable use of OPIE.
      pw(8): Conditionalize OPIE handling.
      cpdup(1): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 hash API.
      authpf(8): Remove not needed dependency on libmd.
      chkdist(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 hash API.
      mtree(8): Convert to LibreSSL hash API.
      pfctl(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 hash API.
      ppp(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD4 and MD5 hash API.
      sort(1): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 hash API.
      routed(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 hash API.
      iscontrol(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 and SHA1 hash API.
      ping6(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 hash API.
      dhcpcd(8): Convert to LibreSSL MD5 and SHA2 hash API.
      md5(1): Convert to LibreSSL all hash API.
      hammer(8): Convert to LibreSSL SHA2 hash API.
      tools/dumpvfscache: Remove not needed dependency on libmd.
      initrd: Adjust for dependencies removal.
      Bump __DragonFly_version for recent updates.
      libssh: Do not create obj dir for Makefile.etc.
      LIBPRIV: Remove leftover deps from wpa_cli(8).
      libedit: Privatize the last public header.
      libedit: Start tracking minimal symbol map.
      sh(1): Exclude <histedit.h> better for BOOTSTRAPPING.
      Complete upgrade of libedit from 2015-03-25 to 2017-03-29
      Update libedit from version 2017-03-29 to 2019-03-24 on vendor branch Fix tyoo.
      Complete upgrade of libedit from 2017-03-29 to 2019-03-24
      PRIV: Handle histedit.h in
      librecrypto: Rename unused header.

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