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Sat Apr 20 19:31:01 PDT 2019

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  replaces  v5.4.1
 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Sat Apr 20 22:30:33 2019 -0400

DragonFly 5.4.2


Matthew Dillon (13):
      tmpfs - Fix periodic syncer cpu-bound stalls w/tmpfs on big-mem boxes
      kernel - Sync usb3.0 pci ids w/FreeBSD
      rtld-elf - Allow dynamic (late) relocations to relro section
      rtld-elf - Allow dynamic (late) relocations to relro section (2)
      psm - Fix panic in ps/2 mouse driver
      kernel - Fix info->si_code for waitid()
      kernel - Fix info->si_code for waitid() (2)
      hammer2 - Fix panic on corrupt root inode on mount
      pthreads - sleep() needs strong reference
      smbfs - Bring in some string safety and type-o corrections
      kernel - Add AC256 (sound) quirk
      hammer2 - Correct allocator race and related corruption
      kernel - Add /dev/part-by-label

Michael Neumann (1):
      Add work-around for bug #3167

Sascha Wildner (14):
      kernel/acpi: Bring in FreeBSD's r341632.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2018i from
      Remove some dead code.
      Revert "Remove some dead code."
      rc.subr: Fix breakage in the rcrun(8) scripts.
      kernel: Hide the sysctl.debug sysctl in the SYSCTL_DEBUG kernel option.
      install(1): Fix usage(), we don't have -T.
      libc: Remove old MLINKS for fpclassify.3.
      kernel/ena: Fix an uninitialized variable issue in an error path.
      kernel/ena: Fix another error path.
      sysctl(8): Add support for char and short sized values.
      dumpfs(8): Fix conversion of 32 bit ufs_time_t's with ctime().
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2019a from
      Fix a couple of NULL dereferences in error paths.

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