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  replaces  v5.3.0
 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Thu Nov 22 22:42:55 2018 -0500

DragonFly 5.4.0rc1


Aaron LI (176):
      Makefile.usr: allow easier change of repo URL and cleanups
      rcorder(8): Multiple cleanups
      rc.subr: Add _rc_subr_loaded to avoid sourcing it again
      rc.d: Add ipfw3 rc script
      mkinitrd(8): determine the initrd size from the contents size
      mkinitrd(8): improve the man page and styles
      mkinitrd(8): Fix a wrong variable name, and more improvements
      cpdup(1): Fix a typo in the usage
      loader/menu: Fix 'vfs.root.real_root' to be 'vfs.root.realroot'
      Makefile.inc1: Add sbin and remove games from btools and ctools path
      lvm(8): Use relative path for symlinks and clean up Makefile
      hammer2: do not print error=0x0000 on bulkfree
      etc/Makefile: Do not install rc.firewall as executable
      README: Remove the secure entry; add the doc entry.
      README: Update descriptions to sys/config files
      etc/crontab: Do not set HOME; remove /etc from PATH
      periodic: return $rc instead of "$rc" for several scripts
      mk/crunchgen: Fix the ${MAKE} quotation and improve style
      initrd: Make etc/motd more informative
      initrd: symlink tmp to var/tmp to save a second tmpfs mount
      initrd/rc: mount initrd ro; set PATH, HOME, NEW_ROOT; cleanups
      initrd: Clean up the real root mount code
      mkinitrd(8): Use getopts instead of getopt(1) for command options
      Makefile{,.inc1}: Merge user-driven target descriptions and cleanups
      initrd: Detach from the world and build on the fly
      nrelease/Makefile: Fix to use GITURL_{SRC,DPORTS} and update help
      initrd: don't leave an empty /rescue after switching location
      dloader: Remove obsolete "linux_load" from config files
      mount(8): Use tab for indentation
      lsvfs(1): Remove an unused define; Avoid a type cast
      updatedb(8): Be simple and search from "/" by default
      rmuser(8): Use getopts for commandline options
      mk/crunchgen: Do not hard code the path to the source directories
      mk/crunchgen: Allow to use symlinks for crunched programs
      mk/prog: Support CRUNCH_CFLAGS for crunchgen's buildopts
      initrd: Tell make to use makefiles from the source tree
      mk/crunchgen: Remove the unused CRUNCH_BUILDTOOLS support/hack
      cryptsetup(8): Tidy up Makefile
      lvm(8): Do not build readline support for the rescue version
      initrd: Crunch lvm(8) with sbin.libcrypto
      initrd: Better check the created initrd before installing
      initrd: Add -lpthread for hammer2
      mk/crunchgen: Remove the unimplemented ${_+_}
      mk/crunchgen: Fix parallel builds by ordering targets
      initrd: Fix parallel build
      vi(1): Do not build iconv(3) support for the rescue version
      Makefile.inc1: Remove the obsolete crunch from bootstrap tools
      Add the initrd.7 man page
      <sys/gpt.h>: Fix a minor comment issue
      Do not auto build rescue tools when ${DESTDIR} != "/"
      openssh: Removed unused vis.[ch] from the vendor branch
      vis(3): Add VIS_ALL support
      vis(1): Add option -a to use VIS_ALL
      libssh: No need of compat vis.c as we support VIS_ALL
      libedit: No need of the bundled fgetln, vis and wcsdup
      initrd: Reorganize and crunch 70 more rescue tools
      initrd: Add real scp(1)
      crunchgen(1): Improve the skeleton program
      crunchgen(1): Add "linkopts" to specify linker options
      initrd: Handle ${DESTDIR} when building rescue tools
      crunchgen(1): Small updates and cleanups
      crunchgen(1): Support building and linking internal libraries
      mk/crunchgen: Support internal libraries
      initrd: Crunch grep/diff/telnet to rescue tools
      initrd: Refactor Makefile and introduce quick{rescue,initrd}
      libtelnet: Some small updates to sra.c from NetBSD
      libtelnet: Fix build with NOPAM
      telnet(1): Disable PAM for the rescue version
      libtelnet: Fix styles in sra.c
      Fix remaining references to mkinitrd.8 to initrd.7
      Disable cert verification for pkg-bootstrap when no cert.pem
      if_tap: Some small tweaks and cleanups
      if_tap: Remove global variable "taplastunit"
      if_tap: Add read-only sysctl
      if_tap: Destroy the autoclone device when unload module
      if_tap: Get rid of arpcom struct from tap_softc struct
      if_tap: Remove redundant unit from tapcreate() and tun_softc
      if_tap: Return error instead of system panic
      if_tap: Update tap.4 man page to match the code
      if_tap: Remove the broken vmnet support
      if_tap: Add TAPGIFNAME ioctl to get interface name
      if_tap: Disallow change network device type
      Revert "if_tap: Get rid of arpcom struct from tap_softc struct"
      if_tap: Restore SIOCGIFFLAGS, SIOC[GS]IFADDR ioctls for tapioctl()
      if_tun: Some small tweaks and cleanups
      if_tun: Update tun.4 man page to match the code
      if_tun: Use pointer to ifnet in tun_softc struct
      if_tun: Add "cdev_t tun_dev" to tun_softc struct
      if_tun: Support module load and unload
      if_tun: Add sysctl{refcnt,debug}
      if_tun: Better name interface-related functions
      if_tun: Implement interface clone support
      if_tun: Disallow change network device type
      if_tun: Raise maximum MTU to be 65535 bytes
      if_tun: Allow IP packets of length TUNMRU with TUNSIFHEAD set
      disklabel64.8: Fix several "disklabel" to be "disklabel32"
      sys/gpt.h: Add new entry types and CTASSERT
      disklabel64(8): Remove an obsolete comment
      kernel: Use nitems() from <sys/param.h> instead of custom define
      Move jail staffs from <net/if.h> and <netinet/in.h> to <sys/jail.h>
      if_tun: Clean up tunioctl()
      if_tun: Add TUNGIFNAME ioctl to get the interface name
      if_tap: Remove the unnecessary forward declaration in if_tap.h
      devfs: Minor style fixes
      tun.4: Do not mention tunoutput() anymore
      if_tap: Interface type should be IFT_ETHER
      if_tap: Interface type should be IFT_ETHER (2)
      <net/if.h>: Do not include <net/if_var.h> for _KERNEL
      <net/if_var.h>: Clean up unused forward declaration
      ifconfig(8): Use nitems() consistently
      ifconfig(8): Use strlcpy() instead of strncpy()
      ifconfig(8): Default to AF_LOCAL sockets for non-family-specific operations
      ifconfig(8): Sync with FreeBSD a bit and various cleanups
      ifconfig(8): Use atexit() to ensure printing interface name
      Makefile.inc1: Print more variables on error
      etc/login.conf: Fix COPYRIGHT file path
      if_clone: Fix if_clone_event invocation
      if_clone: Explicitly include <sys/eventhandler.h>
      if_clone: Refactor if_clone_create()
      if_clone: Move "struct if_clonereq" over from <net/if.h>
      if_clone: Remove unneeded "ifc_namelen" from "struct if_clone"
      if_clone: Refactor cloner lookup and unit extraction
      if_clone: Fix if_clone_destroy() with renamed cloned interface
      development.7: Update repo creation command
      if_clone: Remove useless code wrongly added in 84cb91c376f
      if_clone: Refactor out if_clone_{alloc,free}_unit() functions
      if_clone: Check cloner name to avoid duplicate in if_clone_attach()
      if_clone: Refactor out if_clone_createif() function
      net: Implement interface group support
      if_clone: Add cloned interface to the group of its device name
      ifconfig(8): Add group support
      if_pflog: Explicitly depend on "pf" and various cleanups
      if_pfsync: Depend on "pf" module and some cleanups
      pf: Update pfi_kif and pfi_kif_cmp structs
      pf: Fix and improve interface group support
      pf: Allow disappearing or not yet existing interfaces for ALTQ
      net: Tweak some styles and comments
      Move pf.conf.5 and pf.os.5 to share/man/man5
      pf.conf.5: Describe the use of interface group
      if_loop: Use ifc->ifc_name and minor cleanups
      eventhandler: Implement ifnet_event
      eventhandler: Implement ifnet_link_event
      bpf: Move bpf_track event declaration to <net/bpf.h>
      eventhandler.9: Update events list
      Revert "pf: Allow disappearing or not yet existing interfaces for ALTQ"
      if_tap: Disallow to destroy an opened device
      if_tun: Disallow to destroy an opened device
      dumpon(8): Add "dumpoff" variant to be "dumpon off"
      dumpon(8): Make error messages clearer
      rc.d/pflog - Be quiet when check if modules are loaded
      Bump __DragonFly_version for adding wait6() and waitid()
      Import openresolv 3.9.0
      openresolv: Add READMEs
      openresolv: Bind to system as resolvconf(8)
      arp(8): Add option -i to limit operations to one interface
      Sync /etc/pccard_ether with FreeBSD
      rc.conf.5: Remove the obsolete reference to named(8)
      net/if: Call if_ioctl() if the protocol didn't handle the ioctl
      Bring in ip6addrctl(8) from FreeBSD
      rc.d: Add ip6addrctl (enabled by default with policy AUTO)
      rc.subr: Add list_vars() function
      rc.conf.5: Document ip6addrctl_{policy,verbose} explicitly
      terminfo: Build and install tmux and tmux-256color
      Import dhcpcd 7.0.8
      dhcpcd: Add READMEs
      dhcpcd: Generate src/dhcpcd-embedded.[ch]
      dhcpcd: Apply local modifications
      dhcpcd: Bind to system
      dhcpcd: Add upgrade notes to README.DRAGONFLY
      network.subr: Support IPv6 in ifconfig_getargs()
      network.subr: Add ipv6if()
      network.subr: Support IPv6 in dhcpif()
      dhcpcd: Add rc script rc.d/dhcpcd
      rc.d: Introduce 'dhcp_client' to wrap over dhclient and dhcpcd
      rc.d/ip6addrctl: Fix REQUIRE and afexists()
      rc.d/dhcpcd: Fix passing of extra arguments

Antonio Huete Jimenez (15):
      bpf - Add two new instructions
      <net/dlt.h> - Add a bunch of DLTs from libpcap
      contrib/libpcap - Local adjustments
      <net/dlt.h> - Add some more DLTs
      <net/dlt.h> - Remove a comment which is no longer applicable
      bpf - Add BIOC{S,G}FEEDBACK ioctls
      rc.d - Be quiet when check if modules are loaded
      vkernel - Do not re-initialize vcons
      nrelease/Makefile: Use net/isc-dhcp44-server
      examples: Fix build
      kernel: Move vnode_index to sys/vnode.h
      test: Remove no longer relevant ttyinfo.c
      test: Fix some debug programs
      sio: Correct how DDB option is checked
      test: Attempt to fix vnodeinfo.c (2)

Bill Yuan (36):
      ipfw3nat: cleanup
      ipfw3nat: delete the libalias 1
      ipfw3nat: delete the libalias 2
      ipfw3nat: delete the libalias 3
      ipfw3nat: cleanup 2
      ipfw3nat: RB_tree to keep the translation records
      ipfw3nat: cleanup 3
      ipfw3nat: remove the module dependency
      ipfw3nat: standardize the function names
      ipfw3nat: cleanup for LINT64 build
      ipfw3nat: move implimentation back to *.c file
      ipfw3nat: standardize the function names
      ipfw3nat: nat_config func in userland.
      ipfw3nat: add conf in kernel
      ipfw3nat: check_nat func
      ipfw3nat: nat func to replace the src or dst
      ipfw3nat: func to get new alias
      ipfw3nat: show config in userland
      ipfw3nat: show nat config in kernel
      ipfw3nat: when the nat config is already exists
      ipfw3nat: sysctl vars for nat state timeouts
      ipfw3nat: delete configuration
      ipfw3nat: flush all configurations
      ipfw3nat: release the nat context during fini
      ipfw3nat: show translations
      ipfw3nat: a cleanup callout to purge the expired translations
      ipfw3basic: fix `to me`
      ipfw3nat: kernel NAT without libalias
      ipfw3basic: misc
      ipfw3layer2: misc
      ipfw3nat: move the implementation back to *.c file
      ipfw3: list loaded modules
      ipfw3: format
      ipfw3: remove legacy macros
      ipfw3nat: remove the state from the proper tree
      ipfw3_nat: highspeed lockless in-kernel NAT

Brad Hoffman (2):
      rc: Bring in a simple mechanism to run rc scripts only once.
      kernel/ena: Port the ena(4) driver to DragonFly.

Diederik de Groot (2):
      Virtio_Balloon implementation for DragonFly
      installer: Add serial detection

Eitan Adler (10):
      [bsd-family-tree] add OpenBSD 6.3, DragonFly 5.2.0
      Remove rhosts from default template
      [skel] chase previous commit with file removal
      Announce DragonFly 5.2.1
      liby: build with WARNS=6; style
      various: remove incorrect comments
      bsd-family-tree: Add dfly 5.2.2; fbsd 11.2
      bsd-family-tree: announce NetBSD 8.0
      [zoneinfo] Add some missing zoneinfo files
      bsd-family-tree: add NetBSD 7.2

François Tigeot (68):
      sys/file.h: Expand struct file for drm/linux shim
      Update pwcache(3) support files from NetBSD
      libc: Replace vis(3) and unvis(3) files with NetBSD versions
      drm: Implement parts of the Linux irq subsystem
      drm: Sync include directives with Linux
      drm/linux: Add do_gettimeofday()
      drm/linux: Start using stop_machine.h
      drm/linux: Add or improve various *printf functions
      drm/linux: Add scnprintf()
      drm/i915: Start building i915_gpu_error.c
      drm/linux: Add cond_resched()
      kernel: Remove vm_zeroidle.c
      drm/linux/timer.h: No need to protect a callout struct from MP accesses
      drm/i915: Sync hpd_pulse return values with Linux
      drm: rman_get_start() returns u_longs, not ints
      drm: Define struct page and use it everywhere
      drm/i915: iic(4) is not used anymore
      drm/i915: Add a module_init() directive
      install(1): Add a -N option, improving NetBSD and FreeBSD compatibility
      drm/linux: add agp_backend.h
      drm: dev->dma_lock doesn't exist
      drm: Sync a few bits with Linux 4.7.10
      drm: Reduce drm_bufs.c differences with Linux 4.7.10
      drm: Partial sync with Linux 4.7.10
      install(1): Add a -l flag for creating hard or soft links
      drm: More Linux 4.7.10 synchronization
      drm: simplify authentication management
      drm: Sync drm_bufs.c with Linux 4.7.10
      drm: Sync drm_read() with Linux 4.7.10
      drm/linux: Add field devfn to struct pci_dev
      drm: Add CONFIG_PCI
      drm: Sync drm_pci.c with Linux 4.7.10
      drm/linux: Rewrite READ_ONCE() and WRITE_ONCE()
      drm: Use a dedicated .h file for configuration options
      drm: Add more Linux include files
      drm: Sync drm/drmP.h with Linux 4.7.10
      drm/linux: use pgprot_t
      drm/linux: Increase coverage of the page protection APIs
      drm/ttm: Use Linux memory management functions
      drm/linux: Implement more kobject parts
      drm/ttm: Use Linux kobjects
      drm/ttm: Use mutex_lock/mutex_unlock
      drm/ttm: Rename ttm_mem_global.spin to ttm_mem_global.lock
      drm/linux: Implement more reservation objects code
      drm/ttm: convert to the reservation api
      Revert "drm/ttm: convert to the reservation api"
      drm/linux: Implement lockdep_assert_held()
      drm/radeon: Pass dma-buf as argument to gem_prime_import_sg_table
      drm/radeon/dpm: drop clk/voltage dependency filters for SI
      drm/radeon: drop btc_get_max_clock_from_voltage_dependency_table
      drm/linux: Add rcu_dereference_protected()
      drm: Add linux/interval_tree.h
      drm/linux: Add a few headers
      drm/radeon: Reduce differences with Linux 3.18
      drm/radeon: Finish replacing task queues by Linux work queues
      drm/radeon: add missing ttm_eu_backoff_reservation to radeon_bo_list_validate
      drm/linux: Fix potential ww mutex induced panics
      drm: Add linux/rwlock.h
      drm/ttm: Remove ttm_bo_unreserve_core()
      drm/linux: Fix vmap()
      drm/linux: fix pgprot_xxx functions
      drm/ttm: Rework ttm_io_prot()
      drm/linux: Add send_sig()
      drm/ttm: Sync ttm_lock.c with Linux
      drm/ttm: Sync ttm_execbuf_util.c with Linux
      drm/linux: Add a few GFP_XXX values
      drm/ttm: Remove sf_buf usage
      Revert "drm/linux: Fix vmap()"

Imre Vadász (32):
      vtnet - Split up serializers, now has separate rx and tx serializers.
      iwm - Clear Time Event active state, when receiving End Notification.
      iwm - Always clear watchdog timer, when bringing down firmware state.
      if_vtnet - Fixup serialized assertion in vtnet_is_link_up().
      virtio_pci - Fix vtpci_reinit MSI-X vector reinitialization.
      if_vtnet - Factor out the virtio_bind_intr() calls into a separate function.
      if_vtnet - Add polling support.
      kbdmux - Simplify taskqueue handling, and get rid of the 1HZ callout.
      drm - No need to protect a callout struct from MP accesses.
      corepower - Add support for Platform Energy Counter.
      pc64 - If appropriate, determine TSC frequency via CPUID.
      ig4 - Use serializer instead of lockmgr lock.
      ig4 - Only enable interrupts when we want them. Otherwise keep mask at 0.
      ig4 - We actually need to set the Rx threshold register one smaller.
      ig4 - Stop I2C controller after checking that it's kind of functional.
      kernel - Avoid a race between dfly_schedulerclock and usched_dfly_cpu_init.
      nfs - Avoid memory leakage when unloading the nfs module.
      if_iwm - Stop iwm_watchdog callout when idle.
      iwm - Fix race during detach, where a callout is left after driver is gone.
      iwm - Update alive response handling, add v4 and remove old versions.
      iwm - Remove unused REPLY_MAX
      iwm - Remove unused TX_CMD_NEXT_FRAME_*
      nmalloc - Try bigcache in posix_memalign() for big PAGE_SIZE aligned allocs.
      ichsmb - Add additional PCI IDs to ichsmb.
      ichwd - Fix typo in TCO2_CNT register #define.
      sound - Fix mmap handling for /dev/dsp* devices.
      sound - Allow /dev/sndstat to be opened multiple times from one process.
      kernel - Fix build when neither INET nor INET6 options are set.
      kernel - Make the wdog.h and gpio.h includes conditional in kern_shutdown.c.
      crypto - Avoid including opensslconf.h when using openssl/md5.h in kernel.
      kernel - Fix typo from b227f3f50d5dc0f when filling in kpmap header.
      syscons - Increase static buffer size for ttyv0.

Justin C. Sherrill (1):
      5.4 changes.

Markus Pfeiffer (1):
      kernel: unbreak buildkernel

Matthew Dillon (146):
      Import OpenSSH-7.6p1
      bridge - Fix arp issue
      bridge - Fix dereference race
      kernel - Fix UFS bug on filesystem full conditions
      hammer2 - Increase bulkfree buffer size request and cap
      kernel - Fix pageout / sbusy race
      kernel - Change AcpiOs*Lock() operation to reduce freezes
      kernel - Improve SPINLOCK, acpi_timer performance under qemu/kvm/VMs
      nvme - Improve likelihood of dump success
      kernel - Improve spinlock performance a bit
      kernel - Add dirty vnode management facility
      hammer2 - Add vfs.hammer2.limit_dirty_inodes
      kernel - Handle spinlock indefinite wait edge case
      kernel - Implement td_limit reflection of p_limit
      kernel - Increase vm_object hash table
      kernel - Fix duplicate da0 or da* and locked up boot
      kernel - per-thread fd cache, p_fd lock bypass
      kernel - Refactor lwkt_token pool hash
      kernel - Remove SMP bottlenecks on uidinfo, descriptors, and lockf
      libc - Remove incorrect sched_yield() stub
      kernel - Remove SMP bottlenecks on uidinfo, descriptors, and lockf (2)
      kernel - Minor rollup cleanup
      tmpfs - Move dnode lock to improve unlink performance
      kernel - Localize [in]activevnodes globals, improve allocvnode
      kernel - cleanup kern_descrip.c
      kernel - Remove performance pessimization with INVARIANTS
      kernel - Carefully refactor contended tokens and spinlocks
      kernel - Fix statistics accounting bug in kfree()
      kernel - Carefully refactor contended tokens and spinlocks (2)
      kernel - Improve kern_dup() performance
      kernel - Improve namecache performance
      libthread_xu - Improve contended mutex code
      kernel - Improve lockf performance
      kernel - More deterministic systat -pv lock name output
      kernel - Remove cache ping-pong on common scheduler operations
      kernel - Fix several usched nits
      kernel - Add two debug variables to struct globaldata
      kernel - Improve indefinite macros a bit
      kernel - Adjust the scheduler to fix nice +N glitches
      hammer - Add missing lock
      systat - Enhance -pv display
      kernel - Refactor machdep.cpu_idle_hlt
      kernel - Fix spinlock bug introduced with windowing
      kernel - Fix spinlock bug introduced with windowing (2)
      kernel - Remove kthread exit debug kprintf()s
      kernel - Fix CVE-2018-8897, debug register issue
      kernel - Flesh out Spectre mitigation support
      kernel - Adjust pv caching a little
      kernel - Optimize syscall path, remove old unused compat code
      kernel - Refactor bcmp, bcopy, bzero, memset
      kernel - Rearrange struct vm_zone slightly
      kernel - Refactor copyin, copyout
      vkernel - Adjust to fix buildkernel
      tmpfs - Fix tmpfs_fid, fix NFS exports
      kernel - pack struct fid
      kernel - Fix swapcache cleaning issue
      build - Change default /root directory perms
      kernel - Change closefrom() EINTR behavior
      hammer2 - Beef up bulkfree buffering
      hammer2 - Fix kmalloc pool blowout on low-memory machines
      hammer2 - remove hammer2_cluster_wdata()
      hammer2 - Fix focus vs modify race
      hammer2 - Be a be more verbose in the mount and getroot path
      hammer2 - Fix missing initialization (fix broken root mount)
      kernel - Fix rare pmap_scan_callback() panic
      kernel - Add support for MosChip PCIe serial com, and console support
      kernel - Add support for MosChip PCIe serial com, and console support (2)
      kernel - Add fuwordadd32(), fuwordadd64()
      kernel - Fix umtx (pthread_mutex etc) race in kernel
      cpdup - Fix NULL pointer indirection on lost socket
      kernel - Improve ACPI compatibility with older BIOSes
      Kernel - Additional cpu bug hardening part 1/2
      Kernel - Additional cpu bug hardening part 2/2
      Kernel - Enable NX for PROT_READ by default
      initrd - Add hammer2, fix obj dir
      Kernel - Fix getvfsstat()/getfsstat() count w/ NULL buffer
      hammer2 - Check duplicate H2 partitions during hammer2 cleanup
      misc - Allow /usr/dports to be a null-mount
      nvme - Do a better job backing out of probe errors
      test - Test after repository move to SSD
      libc - MFC resolver fix
      hammer2 - Do not assert when shifting around error'd BREFs
      hammer2 - Add destroy-inum directive
      fdisk, gpt - Support trim on recent kernels
      kernel - Clear bp->b_error prior to initiating write I/O
      hammer2 - Remote xop implementation part 1
      hammer2 - Shift inode xop functions into hammer2_xop.c
      Build - for /rescue transition must make upgrade
      kernel - Increase MAXCPUFIFO from 32 to 256
      kernel - Refactor the TSC MP synchronization test
      kernel - remove BUF_TIMELOCK use in fast flush pass
      hammer2 - Add the vfs.hammer2.cluster_write sysctl back in
      kernel - Update AMD topology detection, scheduler NUMA work (TR2)
      kernel - Update AMD topology detection, scheduler NUMA work (TR2) (2)
      kernel - Fix two missing wakeup()s in kern_lock.c
      docs - Update tuning.7
      tmpfs - Fix rare deadlock
      kernel - Fix startup race in usched_dfly
      vkernel64 - Fix build
      kernel - Fix a third missing wakeup() in kern_lock.c
      World - Change default compiler from gcc-5 to gcc-8
      kernel - Fix missing brelse() in error path
      build - Remove cvs tags from COPYRIGHT
      kernel - Fix sio lockup
      kernel - Introduce separate sysctls for seqpacket limits
      kernel - Bump sysctl default limits for unix domain sockets
      kernel - Fix early boot interrupt race
      kernel - Temporarily change WORLD_ALTCOMPILER default in master
      kernel - Refactor copyinstr and copystr
      kernel - Remove unnecessary cld's
      kernel - Fix serious bug in virtio
      kernel - Optimize bcopy, bzero, memset
      kernel - Optimize kmalloc() + bzero()
      kernel - Fix bug in mpt_scsi_tgt_status()
      kernel - Work around bogus gcc errors
      kernel - Remove lwkt_msg from sysunion in syscall code
      kernel - Macro additional builtin's
      kernel - Do not overwrite uap args in system calls
      kernel - Adjust vkernel build for builtin changes
      kernel - Macro additional builtin's (2)
      kernel - Macro additional builtin's (3)
      system - Add wait6(), waitid(), and si_pid/si_uid siginfo support
      pciconf - Enhance output
      nmalloc - Cache 4K and 8K allocations in posix_memalign()
      kernel - Remove duplicate TRIM, only trim with the 'trim' mount opt
      kernel - Change pool token hash
      kernel - Refactor tty_token, fix SMP performance issues
      kernel - Refactor tty clist code
      kernel - Fix missing tokens in killalllwps()
      kernel - Refactor tty clist code (2)
      kernel - Fix NUMA contention due to assymetric memory
      nrelease - Use built boot blocks instead of system boot blocks
      kernel - Remove two debug messages
      build - Fix buildworld from DFly releases prior to 5.0.
      libc - Add kpmap shortcut for gettimeofday()
      kernel - Refactor kbmux arrays
      build - refactor rescue and initrd handling
      kernel - Fix getsockname() on unnamed AF_LOCAL sockets
      tmpfs - Use atomic_fetchadd_long() to allocate inode numbers
      boot - Handle tftp block overflows
      vkernel - Fix tty panic
      boot - Slow down the nfs twiddle
      kernel - Fix SMP race in procfs
      kernel - Fix sack NULL pointer dereference
      kernel - Add uid, gid, and inum to stat data for pipes
      kernel - Refactor inum stat data for sockets

Peeter Must (1):
      kernel/apple_gmux: Unbreak loading i915.

Sascha Wildner (277):
      kernel/vkernel: Add __printflike() to two internal functions, for -Wformat.
      Fix -Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess better.
      man(1): Make -a default.
      re_format.7: Make regex.7 an MLINK.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2018d from
      kernel/vtnet: Add opt_ifpoll.h to the Makefile.
      libcompat: Remove the old and unused insque() and remque() functions.
      ioctl.9: Document that 'C' is used by some cam(4) ioctls as well.
      <sys/ioctl_compat.h>: Add a reminder comment about IOCTLTRIM.
      rmt(8): Remove unneeded include of <sgtty.h>.
      libc/pwcache: Some further work on the pwcache import.
      pax(8): Switch to using libc's pwcache instead of a local implementation.
      zone.9: Include <vm/vm_object.h> for struct vm_object.
      pax(8): Remove old prototypes.
      zone.9: Update a bit better.
      ioctl.9: Remove ioctl() from SYNOPSIS, it's described in ioctl.2.
      ypclnt.3: Adjust yp_first() and yp_next() protos to follow the code.
      sdp.3: Adjust protos to follow the code.
      Remove usage of syslog(3)'s LOG_ODELAY because it is the default.
      getty(8): Sync with FreeBSD.
      ufs: Rename a number of UFS constants throughout the tree.
      Remove libalias headers and kernel module via 'make upgrade'.
      mtree/BSD.include.dist: Sort a bit.
      bootpd/wpa_supplicant: Fix some warnings.
      Remove a number of duplicated includes in userland.
      libc: Fix up MLINKS for the recent upgrade of vis.3 and unvis.3.
      libc: Sort unvis.3 MLINKS alphabetically, too.
      libc: Move to a format for specifying MLINKS that's less hard on the eyes.
      <vis.h>: Bring back namespace pollution reduction.
      libutil: Specify MLINKS a bit more readable.
      Move the IOCTLTRIM ioctl to a better header and rename it to DAIOCTRIM.
      vis.3: Use .Er for errno values.
      <bus/cam/scsi/scsi_daio.h>: Include <sys/types.h> for off_t.
      Sync unvis(1) and vis(1) with NetBSD.
      libssh: Remove local vis.c from the build.
      Revert "libssh: Remove local vis.c from the build."
      ipfw3.8: Some minor adjustments.
      <sys/elf_common.h>: Add an Elf_Nhdr definition.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      diff: s/.o/.c/ in the Makefile.
      kernel/acpica: Remove ${.OBJDIR}/include from
      kernel: Add -Wmissing-include-dirs to our kernel build.
      Remove some old tty related code, such as <sgtty.h>, old ioctls etc.
      kernel/LINT64: Fix comment.
      <sys/mbuf.h>: Fix packet tag comments.
      kernel: Disable TCP_SIGNATURE in preparation for removing IPSEC.
      Remove IPsec and related code from the system.
      Fix up UPGRADING.
      LINT64: Fix typo.
      evtranalyze.1: Fix typo.
      <sys/proc.h>: Fix unused macro name (number == bit number) and comment.
      Add FreeBSD's mpr(4) driver for LSI Fusion-MPT 3/3.5 SAS controllers.
      Remove <sys/ioctl_compat.h>.
      kernel/mpr: Remove unused malloc type.
      mpsutil(8): Add missing braces.
      termios.4: Improve markup.
      Avoid absolute SYMLINKS in cpio(1), tar(1) and mailwrapper(8). Move dot.rhosts to the right place.
      Fix a few typos across the tree.
      libc/{un,}vis: Remove some useless junk. _DIAGASSERT() is defined.
      libc: Add strsuftoll{,x}()
      libc/termios: Sync a bit with FreeBSD.
      Add NetBSD's orders(7) manual page.
      <libgen.h>: Add comments about POSIX diffs for {base,dir}name().
      <unistd.h>: Remove 'restrict' from symlink().
      ppp(8): Don't go via <sys/tty.h> for bringing in <termios.h>.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2018e from
      mrsas(4): Remove wrong extra arg from MR_LdBlockSizeGet().
      kernel/nfs: Use the correct prototype for sys_nfssvc().
      config.8: Mention NO_KERNEL_OLD_STRIP.
      Raise WARNS to 1 in gnu/usr.bin/cvs.
      ckdist(1): Sync with FreeBSD.
      mount{,_ufs}(8): Remove unnecessary code to prevent warnings.
      tcp_wrappers: Remove mystdarg.h and simplify code.
      rpc.yppasswdd(8): Fix ok_shell() prototype.
      mtree(8): Fix crc() prototype.
      Fix LINT64 for the recent ipfw3 changes.
      ipfw3: Fix kernel building without DEBUG in the config as well.
      hammer2(8)/svc(8): Include <sys/ttycom.h> for ioctls.
      kernel: Include <sys/ttydefaults.h> where appropriate.
      libc/termios: #undef TTYDEFCHARS after including <termios.h>.
      Remove some headers via 'make upgrade'.
      kernel/ipfw3: Remove unused malloc type.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Bring in an errno.9 manual page (based on NetBSD's).
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20180508 (from previously 20170831).
      tcsh: Remove MINIX specific file.
      tcsh: Remove MINIX specific file from the build.
      top(1): Remove an unused file on the vendor branch.
      top(1): Remove an unused file from the Makefile. We do pass HAVE_GETOPT.
      errno.9: Fix reference.
      rtld-elf: -e is an ld(1) option.
      examples/rconfig: Fix typos.
      hammer(8): Add inline keywords in two prototypes of inline functions.
      kernel: Declare the enum for the guest type before using it.
      kgdb(1): Add missing "
      /usr/include/netinet6: Remove three unused IPsec related headers.
      mtree/BSD.root.dist: Use spaces.
      ip6.4: Clean up a bit.
      vm_page_alloc.9: Adjust for the removal of PG_BUSY.
      {un,}vis.3: Bring back some small fixes we had earlier.
      i386 removal, part 68/x: Remove a number of obsolete Makefiles from gnu/.
      acpi: Add SUBDIR_ORDERED for the ACPICA tools for better parallelism.
      hammer2(8): Clean up the Makefile a bit.
      bsd-family-tree: Fix SVN tag.
      Remove some duplicated includes.
      Makefile.inc1: Do not continue the build upon an error in various cases.
      libipfw3: Clean up the Makefiles a bit.
      Define ioctl names that are used in *_ioctl(), not alternative spellings.
      Fix some it's -> its typos in our manual pages.
      ieee80211_crypto.9: Ouch, removed too much in a42bad2dd166ad.
      sh(1): Exclude a file that is only needed for debugging.
      Remove some old, now obsolete, examples.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20180531.
      acpica: Allow designated initialization by defining ACPI_STRUCT_INIT().
      init/oinit: Remove some old, unused/obsolete paths and comments.
      Resolve some kernel option / .Cd mismatches.
      mtree: Remove a no longer used directory.
      rcs: Clean up the Makefiles.
      libc/xdr: Use standard types.
      libc/xdr: Add xdr_uint16_t() (it's just like xdr_u_int16_t()).
      mount_msdos.8: Fix typo
      bge.4: Fix a typo.
      kernel/bktr: Fix variable types.
      kernel/radeon: Check the right variable in an if ().
      diffutils: Reconfigure and revert some obsolete local changes.
      diffutils: Remove some unneeded files from the vendor branch.
      diffutils: Update README.DELETED.
      kernel: Remove some old 4.3BSD era ioctls.
      kernel: Remove the definition of the unimplemented FD_DEBUG ioctl.
      kernel: Remove various definitions related to unimplemented ioctls. Sort initrd stuff a bit and add a forgotten file.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Remove the old 'most' and 'installmost' targets (they are broken too).
      Remove old mkinitrd config.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20180629.
      condvar.9: Add MLINKS for recently added functions.
      openpam: Revert a useless local comment change for better merging.
      openpam: Since there is no pam(8) manual page, refer to pam(3).
      build.7: Fold CAVEATS into EXAMPLES. No need for an extra section.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync yet again with FreeBSD.
      wcscoll.3: Remove leading '+' from copy/paste from a patch.
      Import OpenPAM Resedacea.
      openpam: Local adjustments for the Resedacea upgrade.
      hier.7: Mention /rescue.
      diffutils: Remove another unneeded file from the vendor branch.
      diffutils: Update README.DELETED.
      hostname(1): Add a compat option -f to print the FQDN (our default).
      ioctl.9: Remove some obsolete commented out info.
      kernel/sysctl: Add handling of uint32_t.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      kernel/lockmgr: Add lockmgr_try().
      kernel/drm: Use more straightforward lockmgr_try().
      kernel: Fix some wrong porting of *_TRYLOCK() macros.
      kernel: Port some remaining, yet unused, *_TRYLOCK() functions.
      sysctl_add_oid.9: Improve a bit.
      kernel/icu: Fix a typo.
      kernel: Bring in FreeBSD's ena(4) driver unchanged and unhooked.
      kernel/ena: Hook the ena(4) driver into the build.
      mtree(8): Replace our mtree(8) with NetBSD's version.
      boot/efi: Sync our TianoCore EDK II headers with the UDK2018 branch.
      Revert "mtree(8): Replace our mtree(8) with NetBSD's version."
      openpam: Sync OpenPAM modules a bit with FreeBSD.
      Clean up the OpenSSH vendor branch a tiny bit.
      openssh: Fix some merging mistakes I made.
      ena.4: Add a missing space.
      mtree(8): Replace our mtree(8) with NetBSD's version.
      install(1): Fix building on release and older systems.
      Fix up more files for the <net/if.h> / <net/if_var.h> split (fixes LINT64).
      Remove some documentation of the i386 specific fpresetsticky().
      Remove two references (one commented) to a non-existant manpage.
      fpgetround.3: Replace references to the former fenv.3 manual page.
      Add back a signbit.3 manpage that was killed w/o providing a substitute.
      Move fpclassify.3 from libc to libm where it belongs.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20180810:
      kernel/drm: Remove CONFIG_PCI as a kernel option.
      bsd-family-tree: Small sync with FreeBSD.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Revert "[zoneinfo] Add some missing zoneinfo files"
      Set autorehash in root's .cshrc.
      dfregress(8): Use mkostemp() instead of mktemp() to fix some warnings.
      gcc80: Enable -Werror for gcc80. Temporarily lower libpam's WARNS to 2.
      More gcc80 adjustments.
      gcc80: Clean up two Makefiles a bit (no functional change).
      gcc80: Fix manual page links for the primary compiler.
      kernel/gcc80: Add -Werror to the kernel and module builds.
      kernel: Fix some -Wint-in-bool-context warnings.
      kernel: More adjustments to fix -Wint-in-bool-context warnings.
      kernel: Add some missing __printflike()s.
      newsyslog.conf: Fix an age old typo that caused weekly.log to rotate wrongly.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      <sys/semaphore.h>: Move the include guard check below the copyright.
      <fnmatch.h>: FNM_NOSYS was removed from Issue 7 of the standard.
      <sys/endian.h>: Use basic integer types. Handle some recently added files better.
      <glob.h>: GLOB_NOSYS was removed from Issue 7 of the standard.
      In several standard headers, harmonize checks for legacy defines etc.
      kernel: Remove some obsolete commented out code.
      kernel/drm: Actually enable -Werror.
      kernel: Remove orphaned externs.
      libc/stdtime: Remove some #ifdef checks for TM_{GMTOFF,ZONE}.
      kernel/assym: Remove V_FORWARDED_{HITS,INTS,MISSES}.
      kernel/acpi: Some improvements in acpi_eval_osc().
      kernel/pflog: Fix a recently introduced regression.
      kernel/pfsync: Use the correct macros when checking for bpf or CARP.
      kernel/hpt27xx: Enable some code that should work for us (fixes -Wundef).
      kernel/vmxnet3: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/dcons: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/vinum: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/vga: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/if_mos: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/ntfs: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/drm: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/ext2fs: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/mpr: Fix -Wundef.
      vkernel: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/ufs: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/dcons: Fix  two more -Wundef issues.
      kernel/pf: Add missing use_bpf.h to the Makefile.
      libkvm: Remove some inactive code.
      kernel/pf: Provide an NBPF default if the module is built alone.
      Change '#if notyet' to '#if 0 /* not yet */' which fixes -Wundef.
      Change '#if NOT_YET' to '#if 0 /* not yet */' which fixes -Wundef.
      liblzma: Fix a typo in config.h (fixes -Wundef).
      getty(8): Remove some inactive code (fixes -Wundef).
      kernel/vinum: One more -Wundef fix.
      libstand/hammer1: Fix -Wundef.
      evtranalyze(1): Fix -Wundef.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20180927:
      kernel/netgraph7: Fix some build issues.
      calendar(1): Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/i915: Fix Makefile (.o -> .c).
      kernel/ppc: Fix -Wundef.
      <sys/random.h>: Clean up some unused prototypes.
      <sys/random.h>: Further cleanup.
      Fix the __BSD_VISIBLE check in a few headers.
      libcrypt: Fix -Wundef (no functional change).
      libstand/hammer1: One more -Wundef fix.
      kernel: Bring in a port of FreeBSD's virtio_random(4) driver.
      kernel/virtio: Remove some last traces of virtio_if.m.
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20181003:
      kernel/lwkt_token: Fix indent.
      kernel: Remove some old serial drivers.
      ioctl.9: nwfs(4) is no longer in our tree.
      Remove <sys/clist.h> via 'make upgrade'.
      kernel: Add further support for fixed-width integer type sysctls.
      kernel/libc: Remove sigstack() remains.
      syscalls.master: Remove a leftover semicolon.
      <vm/vm_extern.h>: Remove some dead code.
      kernel: Clean up syscalls.master a bit more.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2018f from
      <sys/stdint.h>: Move the includes inside the guard.
      <sys/eventhandler.h>: Move the include inside the guard.
      <sys/signal.h>: Discard old non-POSIX union members.
      LINT64: Add comments to the virtio devices.
      sys/conf/files: Move vmx a bit up.
      <sys/wait.h>: Put the enum name under __BSD_VISIBLE.
      <sys/sysproto.h>: Fix excessive newlines.
      <sys/sysproto.h>: Add back one needed newline and regenerate header.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD (OpenBSD 6.4).
      kernel/{hammer2,tmpfs}: Fix ENOTDIR/EISDIR logic.
      Just note that the previous commit was to hammer2 only.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2018g from
      Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20181031.
      libc/vis: Use thread-safe mbrtoc() and wcrtomb().
      dmesg(8): Allow seeing backslashes in dmesg output.
      rc.d/Makefile: Break some long lines, sort dntpd.
      Add "device uether" to various manual pages' synopses.
      sshlockout.8: Use a display instead of .Cd in the SYNOPSIS.
      resolvconf.conf.5: Fix some mandoc warnings.
      dhcpcd.8: Comment out some info on /dev management.
      fetch.9: Document fuwordadd{32,64}().
      kernel: Clean up the warning flags a bit.
      kernel: Add -Wundef to our default kernel warning options.
      mtree(8): Bring in a fix from NetBSD.
      kernel: Fix some -Wundef corner cases.

Sepherosa Ziehau (26):
      kern: Unbreak compilation w/o INVARIANTS
      inet6/pim: Return IPPROTO_DONE if the mbuf is freed.
      x86_64/ioapic: Make sure that legacy IRQ only appears on one CPU.
      netgraph7: Protect so_rcv properly
      igb: Bring in WOL configuration from FreeBSD.
      igb: Dump registers.
      x86_64/lapic: Use function pointer for EOI.
      acpi: Use X2APIC entries, if there are only X2APIC entries in MADT.
      x86_64: Prepare for x2apic support.
      x86_64: Implement x2apic support.
      re: MACFG50 requires defragmentation in software, but no padding for runt.
      x86_64: Eanble X2APIC if it is available.
      objcache: Constify object cache name.
      objcache: Fix comment style
      objcache: Use __predict for predictable conditions.
      objcache: Fix comment indentation.
      objcache: Use u_long for stats.
      objcache: Move rarely used but useful bits into their own structure.
      objcache: Add stat counting # of exhaustion.
      objcache: Add sysctl to expose objcache statistics.
      mbuf: Reduce objcache name verbosity.
      vmstat: Add -o option to report objcache usage.
      inet6: Make non-prefix and directly reachable inet6 routes work (2).
      inet6: Set net.inet6.icmp6.nd6_onlink_ns_rfc4861 to 1 by default.
      stf/gre: Make sure the input packet's hash is recalculated.
      inet: Recalculate the packet hash for IP encapsulation.

Simon Arlott (1):
      libc/mktemp: Pass flags to open()

Tobias Heilig (1):
      add subdevice id 0x5260 for iwn 6035 series

Tomohiro Kusumi (27):
      Sync err(3) message with 4be4de019f
      sys/vfs/autofs: Use d_xxx_t typedefs for /dev/autofs
      sys/vfs/autofs: Fix a comment
      sys/vfs/autofs: Use ksnprintf() (sync with NetBSD)
      sbin/hammer: Drop _X macro for hammer show
      sbin/mount_autofs: Use __DECONST() instead of local __UNCONST()
      sys/vfs/autofs: Drop unneeded bzero on node/request ctor
      sys/vfs/autofs: Drop VFCF_NETWORK
      sys/vfs/autofs: Add VFCF_MPSAFE
      sys/vfs/autofs: #if0 unsupported vfs.autofs.mount_on_stat
      sys/vfs/autofs: Add Copyright
      sys/vfs/autofs: Change autofs_softc::sc_lock to use mutex(9)
      usr.bin/undo: Explicitly include <sys/ioctl.h>
      sbin/hammer: Explicitly include <sys/ioctl.h>
      sbin/newfs_hammer2: Explicitly include <sys/ioctl.h>
      sys/vfs/autofs: Simplify vfs_root()
      sys/vfs/autofs: Don't dereference vnode pointer if allocation failed
      sys/vfs/autofs: Install vnops after root dir is initialized
      sys/kern: Make condvar(9) support mutex(9)
      lib/libdmsg: Fix compile-time warning on Linux
      sys/vfs/hammer: Cleanup CRC functions
      sbin/hammer2: Drop unused header includes in icrc.c
      sbin/hammer2: Explicitly include <sys/stat.h> for stat(2)
      sys/vfs/autofs: Cleanups
      sys/vfs/autofs: Cleanup
      sys/vfs/autofs: Make {test,nlookup}_fs_root() return bool
      sys/vfs/autofs: Change u_xxx -> unsigned xxx

zrj (84):
      kernel/usb4bsd: Add missing descriptions for C610/X99 controllers.
      gcc50: Deal with -Wnarrowing when compiled by gcc80.
      ncurses: Allow for easier bootstrap of libtic.
      gcc50: Backport c++11 literal fixes from gcc80. Handle gcc80 better in buildkernel.
      world: Mark utilities that use out of bounds copies.
      rpc: Add support for NO_WCAST_FUNCTION_TYPE make variables.
      adventure(6): Separate hostprog.
      hack(6): Separate hostprog.
      phantasia(6): Separate hostprog.
      libmagic(3): Separate hostprog.
      awk(1): Separate hostprog.
      csh(1): Separate hostprog.
      world: Mark all build-tools. Implement WARNS framework for HOST_CCVER.
      gcc47: Fix false positive for -Walloc-size-large-than.
      gcc50: Fix false positive for -Walloc-size-large-than.
      tip(1): Mark as breaking strict aliasing.
      gcore(1): Mark as breaking strict aliasing.
      lib/i18n_module: Fix out of bounds bug.
      mount_smbfs(8): Mark usage() as dead.
      dma(8): Use FALLTHROUGH consistently.
      sed(1): Suppress implicit-fallthrough.
      ps(1): Add fallthrough.
      ident(1): Suppress implicit-fallthrough warnings.
      limits(1): Add fallthrough.
      tset(1): Suppress implicit-fallthrough.
      rtadvd(8): Suppress implicit-fallthrough.
      watch(8): Add fallthrough.
      calloc - Work around gcc-8 bug (2).
      libstand/quad.h: Rename __qdivrem() to __udivmoddi4().
      boot/pc32: Avoid issues at -O2.
      libc/stdtime: Avoid signed overflow in mktime.
      Import GCC-8 to a new vendor branch
      Add READMEs for new vendor/GCC80 branch.
      gcc80: Document changes in contrib sources.
      gcc80: Adjust default dynamic linker search location.
      gcc80: Adjust search paths for base compiler layout.
      gcc80: Add alternative variant of pthread presence checking.
      gcc80: Include <stdlib.h> for alloca() prototype.
      gcc80: Remove throw() from protos in libstdc++ headers.
      gcc80: Handle TZ specific "%+" format in strftime.
      gcc80: Bring in makefiles but leave them unhooked.
      gcc80: Add pregenerated headers.
      gcc80: Add pregenerated manpages.
      gcc80: Hook into the buildworld as optional compiler.
      gcc80: Activate workaround for libgcc_pic.a.
      gcc80: Mark few sources as special for narrowing.
      world: Lower WARNS for bmake/tcsh contrib. Add handling for gcc80.
      LTO: Few workarounds for gcc80 -flto.
      as(1): Trim sources that create empty objects.
      collect2(1): Trim sources that create empty objects.
      gcc80: Partially implement TOOLCHAIN_CHECKING.
      gcc80: Add missing atomic variants in libgcov.
      boot/pc32: Filter out global LDFLAGS.
      gcc80: Create headers before depend in libbacktrace.
      gcc50: Plug in WARNS framework for tools. Split logic for CC and CXX handling.
      boot/pc32: Fix typo in mbr.
      boot/pc32: Separate hostprog.
      share/syscons: Separate hostprog and remove it from btools.
      kbdcontrol(1): Remove not needed defines.
      btools: Obsolete pre hostprog era cc_tools.
      btxld(8): Convert to hostprog.
      drm/i915: Disable few unused const structs and functions. Remove gcc80 workaround.
      tools/ Update directory list.
      tools/ Adjust invocation.
      tools/ Add needed mangling rules.
      tools/ Use from src/.
      Makefile.inc1: Add libelf to _prebuilt_libs.
      gcc80: Shorten build time in libraries target.
      buildworld: Add support to skip toolchain if requested.
      strip(1): Perform safe install.
      Makefile.inc1: Reduce strict ordering for libc.
      Makefile.inc1: Update _prebuild_libs dependencies.
      Makefile.inc1: Reduce strict ordering where not needed.
      ncurses: Add few missing dependencies.
      Fix missing make depend for quickkernel.
      kernel: Normalize conf/files rules.
      build: Remove use of unsupported flag.
      kernel/hpt*: Mangle names of foreign binary objects.
      kernel: Add simpler make depend variant for kernel.

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