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  replaces  v5.1.0
 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Tue Mar 27 18:43:56 2018 -0400

DragonFly 5.3.0


Aaron LI (21):
      nologin(8): Sync with FreeBSD; Symlink as /usr/sbin/nologin
      disklabel64: Fix an error message
      pstat.8: Remove a duplicate option of swapinfo
      pf: use IN6_IS_SCOPE_EMBED to check kernel-internal form addresses
      pf: Always skip "urpf-failed" test for IPv6 link local addresses
      pf: Make pf_print_host() print IPv6 addresses correctly
      locate(1): Bring in some updates/fixes from FreeBSD
      initrd/oinit: chdir to the new root before chroot to it
      periodic(8): Sync with FreeBSD current
      periodic: Remove already disabled monthly statistics report
      periodic: Remove obsolete daily/status-named and weekly/clean-kvmdb
      rc.d/accounting: Sync with FreeBSD
      periodic: Sync with FreeBSD current
      mountd(8): Fix conversion of prefix length to a netmask
      mountd(8): Change default uid/gid to nobody/nogroup (65534/65533)
      mountd(8): Replace malloc+strcpy with strdup/strndup
      mountd(8): Fix a type mismatch and several compilation warnings
      exports.5: network prefixlength (CIDR) format is supported
      mountd(8): Fix several more warnings, raise WARNS to 3
      [test] Hi Fred :-)
      locate.updatedb(8): improve default search paths with small updates

Antonio Huete Jimenez (35):
      test/vkernel - Add hammer2 support
      newsyslog - Make code more friendly to the non-C99 compilers
      newsyslog - Sync manpage's SYNOPSIS with program's usage
      newsyslog - Fix an old bug in newsyslog
      newsyslog - Add new modifier - "R"
      newsyslog - Oversize checks.
      newsyslog - Signal result checking unneeded
      newsyslog - Add some missing 'static' keywords
      newsyslog - Dry-run option implies no root option.
      newsyslog - Update mtime after archiving.
      newsyslog - Initialize some fields
      newsyslog - Print correct message.
      newsyslog - Rename field.
      newsyslog - Fix interval-based rotations when the -t flag is used
      newsyslog - Fix for NFS.
      newsyslog - Specify the correct filename
      newsyslog - Fix -Wunsequenced
      newsyslog - Initialize the struct tm
      newsyslog - Enhance error mesage
      newsyslog - Fix typo
      newsyslog - Allow signal names for config
      newsyslog - treat 'c' flag in the config as 'C'
      newsyslog - Remove unneeded sleep
      newsyslog - Clean up basename/dirname calls
      newsyslog - More basename/dirname changes
      newsyslog - Fix typo
      newsyslog - Add a new Y flag to newsyslog.conf
      newsyslog - Allow writing RFC5424 compliant rotation message.
      newsyslog - Flexible compression program execution
      newsyslog - Fix typo
      newsyslog - Fix misc issues
      newsyslog - implement 'p' flag
      Import byacc-20170709
      Import libpcap-1.8.1.
      Update files for libpcap-1.8.1 import

Bill Yuan (2):
      ipfw3: move the headers into include folder
      ipfw3: use the headers in include folder

Christian Groessler (1):
      telnetd: print system information (OS and architecture) before login prompt.

Eitan Adler (41):
      bsd-family-tree: Sync with FreeBSD
      ascii.7: Sync with FreeBSD
      mailaddr(7): wave goodbye
      tools/commitsd - Remove it
      Add static to variables in pr(1)
      Remove advertising clause from pr(1)
      Add 'const' where appropriate in pr(1)
      Minor fixes to pr(1)
      Revert "Remove advertising clause from pr(1)"
      pf.os: Add OpenBSD:6.1
      ascii: Use standard name for ASCII control codes
      scsi_modes - bring up to date
      flowers: correct spelling of lily, Camellia
      Remove 'adding_user.8'
      Update bsd-family-tree
      bsd-family-tree: add NetBSD 7.0.2; Add recent DragonFly
      gettytab: Add 3wire and std as terminal types/classes.
      splitpatch: massage to function under python3
      Fix several speelling errors
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      bsd-family-tree: Update to latest
      skel: Quote default alias for pager
      morse(6): add static where appropriate
      morse(6): correct email for original author
      xtr(1)  clean up
      ldconfig(8): clean up manual page
      limit(1): fix always true condition
      Shifting into or out of an int's sign bit is undefined, and this loop
      Prefer https over http in commit template
      [fish] don't allow users to request cards they have made books for
      [fish] fix style
      select(2): mark as restrict in man page
      devd: only use correct argument in select(2)
      fish(6): fix several issues
      larn(6): remove HIDEBYLINK
      larn(6): fix open call
      correct prior commit...
      mille(6): minor nits
      Convert from __arysize to NELEM
      [bsd-family-tree]: announce NetBSD 7.1.2
      [pci_vendors] Update pci_vendors to 2018.03.21

François Tigeot (17):
      drm/linux: Remove debugging messages
      drm/linux: Add or improve various header files
      drm/linux: Add vmalloc_user() and vfree()
      drm/linux: Add system_unbound_wq
      drm/linux: Add i2c_get_adapdata and i2c_set_adapdata()
      drm/linux: Fix linux/dma-mapping.h compilation...
      drm/linux: Implement sort()
      drm/linux: Improve linux/pci.h
      drm/radeon: Prevent a crash on load with newer drm code
      drm/i915: Add Coffee Lake support
      drm/linux: Add linux/irqreturn.h
      drm/linux: Add some dma-buf stubs
      drm/linux: Update hlist_for_each_entry_safe() from FreeBSD
      kernel: Add missing atomic_fcmpset_*() variants
      drm/linux: Add a few functions (mostly stubs)
      drm/linux: Add cmpxchg_relaxed()
      drm/linux: Add signal_pending_state

Imre Vadász (50):
      Revert "Update drm/radeon to Linux 4.7.10 as much as possible..."
      virtio_blk - Fix capacity calculation, when host sets large disk block size.
      if_vtnet - Disable rx csum offload due to unsupported ipv6 rx csum offload.
      if_vtnet - Handle missing IFCAP_VLAN_* flags nicer. Comment IFCAP_LOR stuff.
      syscons - Add 24bit pixel format support for EFI framebuffer.
      boot - Abort boot if EFI-framebuffer format is unsupported.
      syscons - Add minimal fbio support for "scfb" xorg driver with sc->fbi fb.
      kernel - Get rid of old KDSETRAD keyboard ioctl, and some __i386__ kbd code.
      syscons - Partly implement FBIO_BLANK ioctl, for display powersaving.
      syscons - Use COL and ROW #define constants.
      syscons - Skip drawing of the border, when switching to a graphics vty.
      led(4): Turn this into a module. Only used by acpi_thinkpad and acpi_asus.
      syscons - Untangle device attachement from isa?, attach to nexus? instead.
      acpi - Use KOBJ_GPRI_ACPI driver priorities for ig4 and gpio_intel.
      acpi - Implement a hack to recheck whether devices are present a few times.
      atkbdc - Do not attach PS2 controller via legacy ISA bus, if FADT says so.
      kern - Add D_MEM flag to /dev/mem and /dev/kmem character devices.
      libdevinfo - Fix enum devinfo_state.
      devinfo - Print info, whether a device is flagged as disabled.
      virtio - Remove explicit load of virtio.ko. Remove device virtio_pci line.
      syscons - No special minor device number is needed anymore for sysmouse.
      syscons - Detangle sysmouse from tty handling, implement a custom FIFO.
      sysmouse - Fix sigio handling after c2962d9da8200947ee394b190eea39d437fb1af7
      pc64 - Unmask some AMD Family 15h and 16h CPUs for TSC mpsync test.
      syscons - Wait for drm modesetting at appropriate places.
      syscons - Fix NULL pointer access in 0d7c8a4d1cafae68239
      iwm - Track firmware state better, and improve handling in iwm_newstate().
      iwm - Avoid Tx watchdog timeout, when dropping a connection.
      iwm - Improve firmware Time Event handling.
      pc64 - Allow for initializing other cputimers than i8254 in early boot.
      acpi_hpet - Implement early HPET initialization for TSC calibration.
      pc64 - Improve TSC and LAPIC timer calibration code.
      atkbdc - Add additional ACPI PNP IDs specified by Microsoft for Keyboards.
      virtio_pci - Remove int return value from interrupt handler functions.
      virtio_blk - Inline vtblk_complete into vtblk_vq_intr. Dedup sglist_reset.
      virtio - Refactor virtio bus API, to untangle virtuques from IRQ allocation.
      virtio - Specify handler and argument in bind_intr, instead of vq alloc.
      virtio - Get rid of config_change devmethod, treat like vq interrupts.
      virtio - Move virtqueue_pending() checks into the child driver.
      virtio - Explicitly teardown interrupts in driver detach methods.
      virtio - Get rid of unused flags option in virtio_alloc_virtqueues().
      if_vtnet - No need to use the taskqueue to run vtnet_update_link_status().
      if_vtnet - Remove unused vtnet_tick() code.
      if_vtnet - Pass the vtnet serializer in ether_ifattach().
      if_vtnet - Remove vtnet_tick_ch and vtnet_cfgchg_task from softc struct.
      if_vtnet - Don't drop vtnet_slz in some of the virtqueue_notify() calls.
      if_vtnet - Use ifsq_watchdog_* functions as the watchdog.
      if_vtnet - Fixup previous commit.
      if_vtnet - Get rid of separate vtnet_{rx,tx}_intr_task functions.
      if_vtnet - Cleanup ifalt_subque handling a bit.

Justin C. Sherrill (2):
      Add mount_hammer2 and newfs_hammer2 to initrd list.
      Changes for DragonFly 5.3.

Lubos Boucek (4):
      Improve kdump.1 and ktrace.1
      Fix seg-faults on crypt(3) failure
      kernel/mrsas: Simplify redundant conditions and remove never used variable
      Fix additional cases of seg-faults on crypt(3) failure

Markus Pfeiffer (9):
      Install vfs/tmpfs headers
      kernel: Rename tmpfs_args.h to tmpfs_mount.h
      kernel: Rename struct tmpfs_args to tmpfs_mount_info
      termcap: Add xterm-termite
      terminfo: Add xterm-termite to Makefile.entries
      Revert "terminfo: Add xterm-termite to Makefile.entries"
      kernel: port if_cdce
      kernel/u4b: Use CDCE_LOCK/CDCE_UNLOCK macros
      kernel/netgraph7: Fix panic

Matthew Dillon (210):
      tmpfs - Conditionalize atomic adds on mount structure
      kernel - Fix rare lockmgr() state transition
      kernel - Improve tsleep/wakeup queue collisions (2)
      kernel - Improve tsleep/wakeup queue collisions (3)
      kernel - Fix rare lockmgr() state transition (2)
      kernel - Fix GCC reordering problem with td_critcount
      kernel - Change index fields from unsigned to signed
      tmpfs - Fix bug in call to vinitvmio()
      kernel - Refuse to swapoff under certain conditions
      libc - Bring in s_ceill.c v1.2 from OpenBSD
      libc - Bring in s_ceill.c v1.2 from OpenBSD (2)
      Import OpenSSH-7.6p1
      Import OpenSSH-7.6p1
      test - Cleanup pipe2
      kernel - Rearrange namecache globals a bit
      mkinitrd - Add missing /var/empty
      mkinitrd - Add missing /var/db
      hammer2 - Slightly reduce LZ4 output buffer limit
      sshd - Disable tunneled clear text passwords by default
      hammer2 - Handle error on rename in media out of space case
      libthread_xu - Wakeup all waiters
      Revert "libthread_xu - Wakeup all waiters"
      kernel - Remove B_MALLOC
      kernel - Remove repurposebuf
      kernel - Add pmap_qenter_noinval()
      kernel - Remove geteblk()
      kernel - Add KVABIO API (ability to avoid global TLB syncs)
      kernel - Add KVABIO support to NVMe, disk translation layer, and swap
      kernel - Implement KVABIO API in TMPFS
      kernel - Add wakeup() probe sysctl
      kernel - Adjust ipiq execution code a bit
      kernel - KVABIO stabilization
      kernel - KVABIO allocbuf() optimization
      kernel - Refactor smp collision statistics
      kernel - Optimize shared -> excl spinlock contention
      kernel - Refactor smp collision statistics (2)
      kernel - Refactor smp collision statistics (2)
      kernel - Improve mountlist_scan() performance, track vfs_getvfs()
      kernel - Refactor sys_pipe
      kernel - Reoptimize sys_pipe
      kernel - Increase ncmount_cache array
      kernel - Simplify umtx_sleep and umtx_wakeup support
      kernel - Increase pmap placemarks hash from 16 to 64 entries
      kernel - pmap->pm_spin now uses a shared spinlock
      kernel - Optimize struct uidinfo
      kernel - Partition large anon mappings, optimize vm_map_entry_reserve*()
      kernel - Add atomic_fcmpset_*()
      kernel - Use fcmpset in lockmgr and tokens
      kernel - Clean up ucred and plimit cache line locality
      world - World build for ucred changes
      kernel - Rewrite umtx_sleep() and umtx_wakeup()
      mkinitrd - Add missing /var/db (3)
      kernel - Remove 'Emergency Pager' debugging messages
      kernel - Cleanup vm_page_repurpose()
      kernel - refactor vm_page busy
      kernel - Add lock debugging
      kernel - Add more features to the RB tree
      kernel - Add D_QUICK device flag
      kernel - Use soft-busy in vop_helper_read_shortcut()
      kernel - Improve concurrency in devfs VOPs
      kernel - Improve pmap hinting, improve performance
      kernel - Refactor sysctl locking
      kernel - Make certain sysctl's unlocked
      kernel - Make certain sysctl's unlocked (2)
      kernel - Increase ACPI_SEMAPHORES_MAX_PENDING
      kernel - Adjust tsc_delay()
      kernel - Add p_ppid
      kernel - Cleanup token code, add simple exclusive priority
      initrd - Add 'fetch'
      kernel - Cleanup token code, add simple exclusive priority (2)
      swapon - Fix minor memory leak
      bc - Adjust bad syntax
      hdaa - Remove dead code
      kernel - Zero out syncache_percpu properly
      kernel - Use different cache_rover for emergency pager
      kernel - Use different queue iterator for emergency pager
      vmstat - Fix formatting
      kernel - Rewrite umtx_sleep() and umtx_wakeup() (2)
      kernel - Fix cluster_awrite() race
      kernel - Fix bugs and refactor namecache cleaning code
      hammer2 - Fix "hammer2_chain_getparent: no parent" assertion
      kernel - Fix boot issues with > 512GB of ram
      kernel - Increase MAGAZINE_CAPACITY_MAX
      kernel - Enhance vm_page_lookup_sbusy_try() API
      kernel - Refactor kern_sendfile()
      kernel - Fix userldt refcnt races
      kernel - Fix vm.max_proc_mmap
      kernel - Fix bug in machdep.pmap_mmu_optimize
      kernel - Add #define for atomic_add_64()
      kernel - Refactor lockmgr()
      kernel - Refactor lwkt_token shared lock release
      kernel - Refactor lockmgr() (2)
      test - Add lockmgr1, lockmgr2, lockmgr3 tests
      kernel - Remove vfs.cache.numfullpath* sysctl statistics
      devfs - propagate D_KVABIO to vnode
      kernel - Add KVABIO debugging, flesh out inlines
      hammer2 - Add KVABIO support for hammer2
      rtld - Add fork hooks for libthread_xu to install
      libthread_xu - Fix rtld and refactor locks
      kernel - Refactor vm_fault and vm_map a bit.
      kernel - Improve uidinfo
      libc - Add rtld stubs for pthreads
      kernel - Refactor vm_fault and vm_map a bit (2)
      kernel - Refactor vm_fault and vm_map a bit (3)
      pthreads - Fix rtld-elf and libthread_xu
      hammer2 - Add vfs.hammer2.supported_version
      hammer2 - Fix divide by 0 race
      kernel - Update umtx documentation
      libc and pthreads - Fix atfork issues with nmalloc, update dmalloc
      kernel - Try to fix 'busy buffer' panic.
      kernel - Enhance debugging wakeup sysctl
      kernel - Fix bug in vm_fault_page()
      kernel - Fix mtime for deferred writes from mmap R+W
      kernel - Fix vclean assertion due to short-cut taken by TMPFS
      vkernel - Sync to recent API changes
      vkernel - Sync to recent API changes (2)
      vkernel - Sync to recent API changes (3)
      libc - Use O_CLOEXEC in srandomdev()
      kernel - Fix CAM unit allocation race
      kernel - Increase syscons history buffer size
      hammer2 - Fix rename race
      hammer2 - optimize hammer2_pfs_memory_wakeup()
      hammer2 - Fix indefinite dirty chains due to rename
      kernel - Expand page count fields to 64 bits
      kernel - Remove DISABLE_PSE option and related code
      kernel - Expand physical memory support to 64TB
      debug - Adjust kmapinfo
      libc - Adjust comment
      kernel - Correct vm_map_entry_reserve() call depth issue w/vkernel
      rtld - Fix ifunc relocations
      efisetup - Correct bugs
      kernel - add 'i' command to ddb
      kernel - Fix ranging test in memory probe, adjust memory test
      kernel - Adjust vfs.nbuf, kern.maxvnodes, and debug.max_softdeps counts
      kernel - Fix hw.usermem, hw.physmem, hw.availpages
      kernel - Fix vmstats.v_dma_pages
      kernel - Fix ranging test in memory probe, adjust memory test (2)
      kernel - Improve contiguous DMA memory allocation
      tmpfs - Correct some timestamp update issues
      kernel - Revert part of the contig allocation work
      tmpfs - Fix arbitrary maximum file size limitation
      kernel - Relax requirements for sysctl operations on longs
      kernel - Intel user/kernel separation MMU bug fix part 1/3
      kernel - Intel user/kernel separation MMU bug fix part 2/3
      kernel - Intel user/kernel separation MMU bug fix part 3/3
      kernel - Intel user/kernel separation MMU bug fix part 4
      kernel - Intel user/kernel separation MMU bug fix part 5
      kernel - Intel user/kernel separation MMU bug fix part 6 (stabilization)
      kernel - Increase microcode size limit from 32KB to 4MB
      kernel - Rename machdep.isolated_user_pmap to meltdown_mitigation
      kernel - Implement spectre mitigations part 1
      kernel - Implement spectre mitigations part 2
      kernel - Implement spectre mitigations part 3 (stabilization)
      kernel - Implement spectre mitigations part 4 (cleanup)
      cpucontrol - Add amd10h support
      kernel - Handle ig4 controller startup errors
      kernel - Add a global priority hack for ACPI
      kernel - xhci cleanup, lock attach
      kernel - Fix busdma allocation bug
      corepower - Add kabylake support
      cpdup - Enhance -X operation
      hammer2 - Correct ip->cluster.nchains gap filler
      cpdup - Additional fixes for -X absolute_path
      kernel - Fix kernel minidumps
      ahci - Improve debug output
      kernel - Fix CAM peripheral error handling
      kernel - Do not panic on media size of zero in disk_probe()
      kernel - Fix two rare namecache bugs
      kernel - syntax
      tmpfs - Fix data loss issues
      hammer2 - Add missing bkvasync()
      kernel - Try to fix delayed mtime updates on SHARED+RW maps again
      kernel - Document bkvasync() requirements
      hammer2 - Add missing bkvasync() (2)
      kernel - Fix rare missed wakeup() in lockmgr
      kernel - Vet b_cmd in swap_pager_strategy().
      kernel - Fix syscons's visual bell
      gpt - Add a new directive called 'init'
      nrelease - Add missing headers to src-sys.tar.bz2
      world - Document extpread() and extpwrite()
      disklabel64 - Make disktype optional, fix alignment bug
      kernel - Remove minidump debugging
      test - Fix fsx build
      hammer2 - Flush asynchronization, bug fixes, stabilization
      hammer2 - Flush asynchronization, bug fixes, stabilization (2)
      hammer2 - Refactor LRU chain recycling
      hammer2 - More involved refactoring of chain_repparent, cleanup
      hammer - Fix bugs, fix serious snapshot bug, flush adjustments
      kernel - Fix rare race in mutex ownership transfer
      kernel - Clarify vsyncscan() operation
      kernel - Improve spinlock performance
      efisetup - Use hammer2
      hammer2 - Recover errornous lost flag
      hammer2 - Recover errornous lost flag (2)
      kernel - Fix udev devfs leak and possible panic
      devfs - Fix a few issues
      devfs - Fix a few more issues
      systat - Fix '?' suffix case for dirtybufspace reporting
      dm - synchronize disk info before returning
      devfs - Fix a few more issues (2)
      kernel - Fix deadlock during halt/reboot
      devfs - Fix a few more issues (3)
      kernel - Implement QUICKHALT shortcut for unmounting during shutdown
      periodic - Adjust daily 160 and 161 (hammer and hammer2 cleanup)
      kernel - Attempt to fix high vnlru cpu use
      kernel - Fix quickhalt panic-on-reboot
      kernel - Fix tapN creation >= 32 units, fix pty issues >= 32 ptys
      kernel - Fix tapN creation >= 32 units, fix pty issues >= 32 ptys (2)
      kernel - devfs cleanup
      kernel - Fix namecache leak / broken hysteresis

Peeter Must (9):
      drm - Add i915_sysctl_init callback.
      test - Test commit.
      kernel - Bring in definition of _IOWINT from FreeBSD.
      kernel - Fix crash when cdev is destroyed
      kernel - Bring in evdev from FreeBSD
      kernel - Add evdev support to kbdmux, ukbd and ums
      kernel/evdev: Expose headers to userland.
      kernel/evdev: Update input-event-codes.h
      kernel/evdev: Whitespace correction in input-event-codes.h

Pierre-Alain TORET (2):
      Add dports-download-check target
      Add test to dports-download-check target

Sascha Wildner (351):
      rc.conf.5: Improve moused_type description a bit more.
      Update UPDATING a bit for the disabling of FFS_ROOT.
      <sys/param.h>: Fix __DragonFly_version.
      Use standard section name 'AUTHORS' in several manual pages.
      Fix some Xr punctuation issues in several manual pages.
      mandoc(1): Changed OSNAME to match 5.1.
      X86_64_GENERIC: Fix indent.
      Fix some minor issues in several manual pages.
      Bring in vmx(4) (VMware virtual network driver, aka vmxnet3).
      camcontrol(8): Check scsiserial()'s error, too.
      hammer2.8/pthread_attr_setaffinity_np.3: Fix mdoc issues.
      kernel: Simplify various redundant conditions.
      <vfs/hammer2/hammer2.h>: Fix parameter names in two prototypes.
      kernel/cam: Add some missing parameter names.
      kernel/atkbdc: Fix a prototype.
      libc/net: Add NI_NUMERICSCOPE flag for getnameinfo().
      <netdb.h>: Adjust comment a bit.
      ifconfig(8): Add 'lscan'. Like 'scan', but displays long SSIDs.
      rc.8: Clarify behavior.
      cpdup(1): Some improvements.
      LINT64: Sort vmx a bit better.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Remove "kernel ppp", i.e. if_ppp.ko and pppd(8).
      Stitch LINT64 build back together.
      <sys/indefinite2.h>: Add missing include for VKERNEL64.
      kernel: Remove <sys/sysref{,2}.h> inclusion from files that don't need it.
      kernel/acpi: Use ACPI_UUID_LENGTH in acpi_eval_osc().
      kernel/acpi: Ouch, add forgotten semicolon.
      pstat.8: Add markup.
      kernel/hptmv: Use __DragonFly__ instead of __DragonFly_version.
      Remove the ancient rdist(1) tool along with related periodic(8) scripts.
      Remove two no longer needed directories.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2017c from
      Install hammer2 periodic script.
      bc(1): Use FILES instead of SCRIPTS.
      efisetup(8): Remove unneeded SCRIPTSNAME variable.
      makewhatis.local(8): Remove unneeded SCRIPTSDIR variable.
      indxbib(1): Use FILES instead of beforeinstall target.
      dhclient(8): Use SCRIPTS instead of beforeinstall target.
      hammer2.8: Fix typo.
      Say 'hammer2' instead of 'hammer' in various places.
      /usr/share/examples/etc: Remove pam.conf from the README.
      arcmsr(4): Upgrade to Areca's Revision
      Clean up the namespace better in <netdb.h>, <spawn.h> and <sys/statvfs.h>.
      share/syscons/scrnmaps: Use FILES instead of 'all' target.
      rtld: Remove unneeded CSTD, our default is gnu99.
      libc: Remove unused string constant.
      libc: Move unused rcsid[] etc. constants into the
      libm: Fix misleading indent.
      kernel/wlan: Sync Makefile with FreeBSD a bit. Fix path.
      mtree: Fix owner for several directories in /usr/share.
      Remove various old openssl(1) related manual pages.
      libcrypto: Remove unused old version and date in
      Remove some more old openssl(1) related manual pages and MLINKS.
      kernel/hammer2: Fix compilation without INVARIANTS.
      Fix some typos in manual pages.
      newfs_hammer.8: Fix up the HISTORY section.
      Fix some trailing whitespace in sys/conf and sys/config.
      kernel: Remove two final \ in macro definitions.
      kernel: Remove some unnecessary semicolons.
      kernel: Remove some semicolons at the end of macro definitions.
      <sys/indefinite2.h>: Fix header name.
      Remove the NO_CRYPT build option.
      libc/citrus: Catch a NULL pointer earlier, check for empty string later.
      Remove unused <{cpu,machine}/coredump.h> header.
      kprintf.9: Remove unneeded header.
      Revert "kprintf.9: Remove unneeded header."
      kmalloc.9: Remove some obsolete information.
      kernel: Remove old SHOW_BUSYBUFS kernel configuration option.
      Remove various former kernel config options for good.
      reboot.2: Remove obsolete BUGS section.
      mount_{smbfs,std,udf}: Use MOPT_NULL.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      hier.7: Adjust for recent changes.
      Remove some duplicated includes.
      lock.9: lockcount() and lockcountnb() were removed in 3b6a19b26fb9c0e7918.
      Remove faith(4) and faithd(8) from the tree.
      tcpdump(8): Reconfigure a bit after NO_CRYPT removal.
      libc/nls: Use current locale (set by thread).
      libarchive: Revert commit that was not meant to be pushed.
      libpthread: Sort a few things in the Makefile.
      libpthread: Add pthread_mutex_timedlock() reference to some manual pages.
      libpthread: Document some more functions.
      pthread_mutex_*.3: Add {get,set}prioceiling to SEE ALSO.
      pthread_join.3: Document pthread_timedjoin_np() (taken from FreeBSD).
      <sys/systm.h>: Remove bcopyb() prototype.
      Fix mdoc issues in various manual pages.
      Remove some orphaned externs.
      libcrypt: Remove some __STDC__ checks.
      libcrypt: K&R cleanup.
      libcipher: Minimal K&R cleanup.
      kernel/ipfw3: Minimal K&R cleanup.
      kernel/evdev: Fix Makefile permission.
      pwd(1): Staticize, remove void cast.
      rcp(1): Staticize.
      Add __attribute__((__noreturn__)) to various function prototypes in bin/.
      rlogind(8): Staticize and remove unused declarations.
      libc/termios: Add cfmakesane(). Add adding_user.8 to the end of the list.
      libc: Forgotten adjustment in Versions.def
      boot/efi: Remove an unused header.
      boot/efi: Bring in two more TianoCore EDK II headers.
      boot/efi: Sync IndustryStandard/Bluetooth.h with UDK2017 branch of EDK II.
      Remove <sys/ioccom.h> inclusion from a number of files.
      Sync our gcc5 manual pages with gcc-5.4.0
      Remove /boot/efiboot.img via 'make upgrade'.
      devfsctl(8): syntax_error() never returns, so change it to 'void'.
      dmesg(8): Staticize
      dumpfs(8): Staticize
      mount_udf(8): Staticize
      boot/efi: Bring in a bunch of additional TianoCore EDK II headers.
      boot/efi: Port most of our efi boot code to the EDK II headers.
      boot/efi: Remove our old efi include files.
      libc/sysconf: Add _SC_LEVEL1_DCACHE_LINESIZE.
      Add __attribute__((__noreturn__)) to various function prototypes in sbin/.
      routed(8): Clean up a bit.
      fsck_msdosfs(8): Use __printflike.
      libkern/stack_protector: Add comment that it is used in dloader (i386 code).
      <sys/disklabel32.h>: Add comment that it is used in sys/boot (i386 code).
      kernel/de: Use I/O mapped access on x86_64 too.
      i386 removal, part 66/x: Remove SND_PCM_64 as an explicit kernel option.
      kernel/sis: Fix some missed x86_64 porting.
      i386 removal, part 67/x: Remove last traces of I386_BUS_SPACE_* macros.
      Remove obsolete comment from libexec's Makefile.
      Cleanup usr.sbin's Makefile a bit.
      Makefile.inc1: Adjust an obsolete comment and fix trailing whitespace.
      passwd.1/security.7: Some kerberos removal cleanup.
      iso639: Add Montenegrin.
      arithmetic(6): Staticize.
      hangman(6): Move __dead2 to the prototype.
      number(6): Staticize and remove a wrong prototype.
      pig(6): Staticize.
      sail(6): pl_main() never returns, so don't pretend it does.
      worm(6): Staticize and remove some "return" (crash() never returns).
      worms(6): Staticize.
      wump(6): Staticize.
      Add __attribute__((__noreturn__)) to various function prototypes in games/.
      basename(1): Staticize.
      btpin(1): Staticize.
      c99(1): Staticize.
      cap_mkdb(1): Staticize and remove an unused variable.
      chat(8): Staticize.
      compress(1): Staticize.
      crunchgen(1)/crunchide(1): Staticize.
      csplit(1): Staticize.
      shutdown(8): Fix building with -DDEBUG.
      gencat(1): Staticize and remove a wrong prototype.
      leave(1): Staticize.
      locale(1): Staticize and remove an unused variable.
      localedef(1): Add some __printflike.
      locate(1): Staticize.
      m4(1): Add some __printflike.
      mkstr(1): Staticize.
      mt(1): Staticize.
      Remove various 'r' commands and daemons.
      telnetd(8): Remove duplicate prototypes.
      tftpd(8): Staticize.
      rpc.sprayd(8): Staticize.
      Add __attribute__((__noreturn__)) to various function prototypes in libexec/.
      ftpd(8): Revert a Makefile change that was not meant to be pushed.
      Bump the copyrights.
      Clean up a bit for symlinked headers.
      libthread_xu: Fix a typo in a comment.
      kernel/vmxnet3: Fix wrong check (no functional change).
      nfsstat(1): Staticize and remove an unused variable.
      ruptime(1): Staticize and remove a wrong prototype.
      stat(1): Staticize.
      symorder(1): Staticize.
      tcopy(1): Staticize.
      uname(1): Staticize.
      usbhidaction(1): Staticize.
      whereis(1): Staticize.
      xstr(1): Staticize.
      Add __attribute__((__noreturn__)) to various function prototypes in usr.bin/.
      kernel/lagg: Normalize various #if XXX and #ifdef XXX to #if 0.
      ac(8): Staticize and raise WARNS to 6.
      arp(8): Staticize.
      boot/efi: Bring in an additional TianoCore EDK II header.
      boot/efi: Include just Uefi.h instead of Uefi{BaseType,Spec}.h
      btconfig(8): Staticize.
      burncd(8): Staticize.
      cdcontrol(8): Staticize and remove a wrong prototype.
      clog: Use standard MAN variable.
      clog(8): Staticize.
      fdcontrol(8): Staticize and bump WARNS to 6.
      bsd-family-tree: Sync yet again with FreeBSD.
      gifconfig(8): Staticize and remove some unused variables.
      mld6query(8): Rename mld6.c -> mld6query.c
      mld6query(8): Staticize and raise WARNS to 6.
      route6d(8): Staticize and remove unused variables/functions.
      rwhod(8): Staticize.
      sensorsd(8): Staticize.
      timed(8): master() never returns, so don't pretend it does.
      timed(8): slave() never returns, so don't pretend it does.
      traceroute(8): Staticize.
      traceroute6(8): Staticize and remove unused variables/functions.
      watchdogd(8): Staticize.
      autofs: main_auto{,un}mountd() never return, so do not pretend they do.
      dntpd(8): client_main() never returns, so do not pretend it does.
      ftp-proxy(8): exit_daemon() never returns, do do not pretend it does.
      Add __attribute__((__noreturn__)) to various function prototypes in usr.sbin/.
      kernel: Fix some -Wundef warnings in oce(4) and mps(4).
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      Remove test/dsched*. This doesn't build anymore after 3573cf7bf66147.
      Simplify some Makefiles.
      s/NO_MAN/NOMAN/ in various Makefiles.
      kernel/my: Fix -Wundef.
      kernel/ath_hal: Add missing header to fix build with -Wundef.
      kernel: Add acpi and a number of related drivers to our default config.
      etc/remote: Fix ucom[234].
      Revert " support -Wunused-local-typedef"
      mfiutil(8): Use MAN instead of MAN8.
      libthread_xu: Fix issues detected by gcc80.
      pfctl(8): Fix two wrong conditions.
      ed(1): Add three __attribute__((__noreturn__)).
      Add __attribute__((__noreturn__)) to a number of usage() like functions.
      bsd.{sys,kern}.mk: Apply warning restrictions for future GCCs. Set -Werror only for compilers that have the warnings fixed.
      Provide __{printf,scanf,strfmon,strftime}like() for builtin functions too.
      mfiutil(8): Remove -fno-builtin-strftime from CFLAGS.
      umount(8): Add missing braces.
      fsdb(8): Fix some -Wformat warnings and raise WARNS to 2.
      pam_exec(8): Raise WARNS to 3.
      gzip(1): Add some __attribute__((__noreturn__)).
      ktrdump(8): Fix wrongly placed 'break' for floating point unpacking.
      limits(1): Add missing 'break'.
      kernel/pf: Remove an unused variable.
      {bs,quiz}(6): Compare pointers with NULL, not '\0'.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2018b from
      rcs: Fix gcc80 warnings (-Wdangling-else and -Wmisleading-indentation).
      lib/i18n_module: Add a missing break.
      Fix gcc80 -Wnonnull-compare.
      Fix one last -Wnonnull-compare in m4(1).
      dconschat(8): Fix -Wmisleading-indentation.
      dconschat(8): Put the fflush() under 'verbose' too.
      Fix some -Wunused-const-variable warnings and a -Wmisleading-indentation.
      gcc50/libgcov: Fix whitespace in Makefile.
      gnu/sbin: Raise WARNS generally to 1 via
      gcc50/ Add newline at EOF.
      Fix gcc80 -Wmultistatement-macros.
      Oops, fix up my previous commit properly.
      gnu/lib: Raise WARNS generally to 1 via
      Fix a number of gcc80 -Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess warnings.
      Fix gcc80 -Wbool-operation warnings in fortune(6) and hack(6).
      Fix two more gcc80 -Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess warnings.
      lvm(8): Add line editing support (libedit is already linked).
      <sys/cdefs.h>: Make __nonnull variadic.
      <sys/cdefs.h>: Add __alloc_size2() for functions taking number and size.
      bus_dma.9: Add a few lines about bus_dmamap_load_ccb().
      Remove an unused variable in various's.
      newsyslog(8): Further reduce differences with FreeBSD.
      etc/newsyslog.conf: Pull in the confs that are installed by various ports.
      Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2018c from
      newsyslog.8: Comment out /etc/newsyslog.conf.d for now.
      newsyslog(8): Comment out zstd support for now.
      boot/efi: Sync our TianoCore EDK II headers with the UDK2018 branch.
      LINT64: Add some nata(4) options (they remove code, so commented out).
      LINT64: Add a missing '#'.
      Normalize libcrypto and libssl DPADD variable names and adjust Makefiles.
      callout.9: Remove some obsolete MLINKS.
      newsyslog.8: Comment out another zstd reference (and fix a typo).
      Fix a few mdoc issues.
      pthread_join.3: Add a missing header in the SYNOPSIS.
      gdb/lvm: Fix two -Wformat-extra-args warnings. Don't exclude -Wformat-extra-args in FORMAT_AUDIT builds.
      Use 'null' and 'NULL' instead of 'nil' in some manual pages.
      syscall.9: Explain better how errno and return value are set in userland.
      <fcntl.h>: Add #if 0'd prototypes for posix_fa{dvise,llocate}().
      <unistd.h>: Remove commented out ctermid() prototype. It's not needed here.
      hammer(8): Remove include guards in a .c file.
      Change __restrict -> restrict in two manual pages.
      <signal.h>: Adjust #if 0'd prototype.
      pthread.3: Add missing functions.
      ddb: Some minor adjustments.
      <sys/cdefs.h>: Add __restrict_arr to declare arrays as non-overlapping.
      Add missing restrict qualifiers in POSIX function definitions/declarations.
      <pthread.h>: Note that we are missing some functions in #if 0'd protos.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      /usr/Makefile: Fix typo.
      Add vfs(7) manpage.
      Add nfs(5) manpage.
      ffs.5: Document more sysctls.
      devfs.5: Document sysctl.
      nfs.5: Remove unneeded .Pp
      nfs.5: Adjust (c) year.
      Replace local array size calculations with NELEM().
      Fix two double assignments in the kernel and the boot code.
      tools/w00t: Fix double assignment.
      kernel/urtw: Fix double assignments.
      rtadvd(8): Fix double assignment.
      kernel/i915: Fix double assignment (Linux' 52eb92c6fe8f89c30).
      kernel/i915: Fix double assignment (Linux' ed58570f55e2c5755).
      kernel/ncr: Fix double assignment.
      libc/libc_rtld: Fix up some comments in the Makefiles.
      UPGRADING: Mention the recent removal of 'device virtio_pci'.
      kernel/acpi: Remove the old APM emulation code.
      kernel/u4b: Some additional work for the recent cdce(4) addition.
      Add missing restrict qualifiers to various manual pages.
      select.2: timeout is restrict too.
      string.3: Fix types of strlcat() and strlcpy() prototypes.
      libc: Fix a comment in
      <vfs/hammer2/hammer2.h>: Expose VTOI() with _KERNEL_STRUCTURES.
      fstat(1): Add hammer2 support.
      {read,write}.2: A bit more cleanup. Also add ext*() MLINKS.
      nfs.5: Clarify vfs.nfs.nfsv3_commit_on_close description a bit.
      nfs.5: Add missing markup.
      Sort SEE ALSO in two manual pages.
      <pthread.h>: Add missing 'const' to four functions.
      <arpa/inet.h>: Some cleanups.
      Remove some really old portability hacks that should no longer be needed.
      Remove some sendsys()/waitsys() remains.
      Fix typo in MLINK name.
      flopen.3: Use .Fa where appropriate.
      kernel/extp{read,write}v: Change ioccnt from u_int to int.
      sysmouse.4: Fix some typos.
      psm.4: Remove useless BUGS section.
      des_crypt.3: Fix typo.
      locate.updatedb(8): Add hammer2 support.
      nvmectl(8): Add missing DPADD in the Makefile.
      lsvfs.1: Explain why lsvfs(1) shows 2 references to UFS on encrypted root.
      lsvfs(1): Sync a bit with FreeBSD, as applicable.
      lsvfs(1): Tabify the rest of lsvfs.c.
      lsvfs(1): Return simply 1 on failure.
      boot/efi: Sync our TianoCore EDK II headers with the UDK2018 branch.
      cryptsetup(8): Revert part of 0482a033108. We got mlockall().
      periodic.conf.5: Document two more variables.
      periodic/security/800.loginfail: Add xz(1) and zstd(1) support.
      etc/periodic: Add more xz(1)/zstd(1) support.
      mtree: Remove BSD.local.dist.
      ps.1: Update FILES section a bit.
      Add references to mount_hammer2.8 in a few manual pages.
      export.5: Bump .Dd
      dialog(1): Use ${} uniformly.
      Update the pciconf(8) database.
      kernel/usb4bsd: Sync the quirks with FreeBSD.
      libipsec: Using snprintf() to append to a buffer is not valid in C99.
      objformat(1): Fix comment in the Makefile.
      <sys/mutex2.h>: Fix build without INVARIANTS.
      A little mdoc cleanup in 3 manual pages.
      <net/if_poll.h>: Add license. It was based on sys/net/if_poll.c.
      boot/common/fs.h: Add a common definition of CTASSERT().
      mmap.2: Remove reference to no longer existing BUGS section.
      BSD.include.dist: Use spaces to indent (see etc/mtree/README).
      idr.9: Improve this manual page a bit.
      Remove obsolete stabs.7 manual page.
      kernel/devfs: Use 1UL << ... in bitmap bit operations.
      vfs_unmountall.9: Document the new halting argument.
      kernel/machdep: Remove unused and #if 0'd finishidentcpu() prototype.
      groff/tmac: Revert doc-common back to vendor state.
      kernel/{ext2,u}fs: Remove unused 'in_exists' from struct indir.

Sepherosa Ziehau (36):
      socket: Limit the number of accepted sockets that kevent reports.
      ipfw: Implement state based "redirect", i.e. without using libalias.
      mpls: Use netisr_ncpus
      kern: Remove ncpus2 and friends.
      ipfw: Factor out ipfw_defrag_redispatch.
      ipfw: Flush the rules before unload the module.
      ipfw: Factor out ipfw_init_args()
      inet6: Make non-prefix and directly reachable inet6 routes work.
      x86_64: Allow TSC MP synchronization test be disabled.
      ix: Free tx mbufs proactively.
      x86_64: Add pauses in the TSC mpsync testing loop.
      igb: Free tx mbufs proactively.
      ix: Fix possible TX desc GC missing.
      emx: Free tx mbufs proactively.
      em: Free tx mbufs proactively.
      bus: Properly implement bus_space_{map,unmap}()
      re: Sync with Realtek's re-1.94
      ix: Sync with Intel's ix-3.2.17.
      syscons: Unbreak compile w/o splash
      igb: Sync with Intel's igb 2.5.3
      ix.4: Sort chip names.
      igb.4: Sort chip names.
      tcp: Stringent assertion for pru_connect.
      inpcb: Change how TCP local ephemeral port is selected.
      net: Increase max stage packet count to 16.
      ip: Set ip_porthash_trycount based on the # of netisrs.
      socket: Use fast close if SO_LINGER and linger==0.
      em/emx: Sync with Intel's em 7.6.2
      ipfw.8: Fix 'not [iface]' and 'not [iface:net]' support
      ipfw: Define instruction size max.
      ipfw.8: Reset do_pipe and do_table.
      ipfw: Support all possible ICMP types.
      ipfw: ICMP_MAXTYPE could be any value; don't assume it's < 32
      ipfw: Add icmpcodes support.
      if: Remove ifq maxlen fixup in ifinit.
      if: Allow user to override software queue length.

Thomas Nikolajsen (6):
      mount_hammer2(8): Add man page.
      periodic.conf: Fix typo in comment
      etc/periodic/daily/161.clean-hammer2: Fix typo
      periodic.conf.5: Add hammer2 variables.
      disklabel64.8: Add HAMMER2 fstype info.
      systat.1: Update man page: sync to current program & improve markup a bit

Tomohiro Kusumi (38):
      sbin/hammer: Minor cleanup
      sbin/hammer: Add UUID string on error and blockmap,show
      sys/vfs/hammer: Check root voume# is 0 on mount(2)
      sbin/mount_hammer: Remove redundant test_volumes() on mount(2) failure
      sbin/hammer: Fix compile-time warning by some Linux distros
      sbin/newfs_hammer2: Check S_ISREG()
      sbin/newfs_hammer2: Fix compile-time warning on Linux distros (gcc6)
      sbin/newfs_hammer2: Add missing free() for uuid_to_string'd strings
      usr.sbin/fstyp: Update fstyp(8) for HAMMER2
      kqueue: Fix kqueue(2) EVFILT_FS section
      autofs: Import FreeBSD at GitHub 7e6cabd06e
      autofs: Add etc/autofs/include_nis
      autofs: Add "noatime" to auto_master
      usr.sbin/fstyp: Remove local MIN() definition
      etc/autofs: Cleanup trailing whitespaces
      etc/autofs: Sync with FreeBSD commits
      sys/vfs/autofs: Cleanups
      sys/vfs/autofs: Drop AUTOFSDONE101
      sys/vfs/autofs: Cleanup autofs_mount()
      usr.sbin/autofs: Make automount(8) call chdir("/") before create_directory()
      sys/vfs/autofs: prevent assert on unmount.
      sbin/mount_autofs: Port mount_autofs(8) from NetBSD
      sbin/mount_autofs: Change include path from fs/ to vfs/
      usr.sbin/autofs: Drop unneeded header include
      sbin/mount_autofs: Add description
      usr.sbin/fstyp: Bring in exFAT support from FreeBSD
      etc/autofs: Sync special_media with FreeBSD
      etc/autofs: Cleanup trailing whitespaces
      sys/vfs/autofs: Cleanups
      sys/vfs/autofs: Remove #if0'd export related code
      sys/vfs/autofs: Change autofs_node::an_vnode_lock to use mutex(9)
      sys/vfs/autofs: Change autofs_mount::am_lock to use mutex(9)
      sys/vfs/autofs: Remove AUTOFS_ASSERT_*LOCKED()
      sbin/hammer: Fix compile error on Linux
      sbin/hammer: Fix compile warning on Linux
      sys/vfs/autofs: Cleanups
      sys/vfs/autofs: Revert 1bfb99b1b1("prevent assert on unmount")
      sys/vfs/autofs: Cleanups (sync with NetBSD and OpenBSD)

zrj (284):
      kldload.8: Mention /boot/modules.local purpose. Add some dir debug for SYMLINKS.
      bootstrap: Remove inherited helpers.
      bootstrap: Remove helpers for upgrading directly from pre 4.0
      bootstrap: Remove helpers for upgrading directly from pre 4.4
      sys: Remove a.out from comments.
      world: Honour the NO_SHARE in make.conf
      cal(1): Fix locales handling. Add support for internal dependencies. Allow to skip implicit dependencies.
      lib/csu: Fix longstanding quickworld issue. Document MKDEPINTDEPS addition.
      libcrypt: Fix symbol conflict with LIBRECRYPTO.
      tcpdchk,tcpdmatch: Allow the NOSHARED build.
      file: Allow NOSHARED build, bring back -lz.
      libpam: Update Makefile. Activate LIBDMSG.
      telnet(1): Whitespace cleanup.
      telnetd: Remove old DragonFly tags.
      telnet(1): Do not use debug as global symbol.
      telnetd: Hide global debug symbol.
      sys/linker_set.h: Allow to declare empty data sets.
      libpam: Reorganize libpam build structure.
      libpam: Play some 4D chess for static pam modules support.
      buildworld: Mark few special PROG cases.
      world: Enforce non static linkage for a few PROG cases.
      fstat(1): Attempt to fix a symbol conflict with libkvm.a
      unzip(1): Add missing dependencies.
      xz(1): Add missing dependency.
      LIBPRIV: Add few missing ${LIBRECRYPTO} dependencies.
      world: Attempt to fix NOSHARED MINUSLPAM handling.
      Adjust path after libpam changes.
      Clean up a bit after the recent changes.
      musycc: Tidy up a bit.
      buildworld: Really support static toolchain.
      upgrade: Avoid confussion.
      PRIV: Remove OpenSSL entries from mtree.
      Jailbreak games from Dungeon Master.
      games: Mark utilities that write to /var/games/ directory.
      dm(8): Retire the Dungeon Master.
      battlestar(6): Add few patches.
      hack(6): Update gethdate().
      rogue(6): Fix potion mixing.
      Cleanup leftover libs.
      cvs: Fix perl shebangs in contrib scripts.
      games: Move out non (6) utilities from /usr/games/.
      strfile(8): Convert to use big endian format.
      banner(6): Move to games/ where it belongs.
      intro.6: Remove reference to dm(8).
      Bring in OpenBSD's banner(1).
      banner.1: Adjust for 80 columns terminals.
      Revert "Hack-fix buildworld after the ncurses upgrade."
      Revert "bootstrap: Expand BOOTSTRAPPING case to avoid warning."
      ncurses: Do not use LIB_SUFFIX.
      ncurses: Separate generators and sources list.
      ncurses: Move in panel handling to Makefile.sources.
      ncurses: Add hostprog variant of tic.
      ncurses: Hook in fully bootstrapped tic_next.
      btools: Do not link with LIBEDIT for bin/sh.
      btools: Remove /bin/csh from the list.
      ncurses: Privatize the last public header.
      btools: Remove usr.bin/bzip2 from the list.
      btools: Strip libpthread dep for usr.bin/sort.
      btools: Strip libmd dep for usr.bin/sort.
      btools: Strip host lib deps for bin/cpdup.
      cpdup(1): Whitespace cleanup.
      Bring in OpenBSD's boggle(6).
      Bring in OpenBSD's tetris(6).
      fortune(6): Add few fortunes.
      games: Remove (void) casts.
      banner(1): Remove (void) casts.
      backgammon(6): Avoid symbol issue with ncurses lib.
      ftp(1): Avoid symbol conflict with ncurses.
      tftp(1): Avoid symbol conflict with ncurses.
      gcc47: Backport static initialization acceptance.
      LTO: Pass CFLAGS to compiler for kernel module linking too.
      LTO: Disable safety feature.
      inet6: Remove few unneeded <net/zlib.h> headers.
      kernel: Remove <sys/inflate.h> inclusion from files that don't need it.
      ix: Add missing source to conf/files.
      kernel: Make floppies work again.
      fortune(6): Pre-emptive CENSORSHIP.
      games: Make benefits for the glorious curses lib.
      kernel/vfs: Avoid diagnostic line breaks.
      hammer2(8): Document cleanup command.
      systat(1): Print VNODE PAGER.
      top(1): Avoid segfaults on systems with more cores.
      vmstat(8): Change few printf formats for -s.
      fdc(4): Check return error from isa_dma_init().
      ddb.4: Document i command addition.
      md5(1): Minor cleanup.
      md5(1): Add support for sha512.
      libc/nmalloc: Whistespace cleanup.
      libc/nmalloc: Handle size_t overflows in posix_memalign().
      apply(1): Add const attributes.
      kernel/pc64: Rename i386_protection_init().
      kernel/pc64: Adjust some references to already removed i386.
      i386 removal, part 63/x: Remove some leftovers in segments.h
      kernel/pc64: Mark cpu_type as hardcoded.
      i386 removal, part 64/x: Remove some leftovers in asr(4).
      i386 removal, part 65/x: Remove some leftovers in kernel.
      kernel: Remove some references to i386.
      morse(6): Add decoding functionality for dot-dash code.
      morse(6): Avoid -Wshadow warning with gcc47.
      <sys/types.h>: Remove <machine/stdarg.h> and adjust some headers.
      fflush(3): Return success on a read-only stream.
      boot: Remove unused loader.rc
      fstyp(8): Remove direct dep on sys/boot/ headers.
      .gitattributes: Use C language rules in git diff driver.
      fstyp(8): Don't hardcode UFS1 magic.
      libc/stdtime: Use style(9) comments in strftime.c
      ls(1): Minor cleanup.
      ls(1): Sort flags by order in usage() and manpage.
      ls(1): Add -D option to set date-time format in ls -l.
      ls(1): Add -_ option to include nanotime in ls -l.
      kernel: Remove 3 no longer used sysctls in vfs_bio.c
      kerne: Move vfs.pbuf_{kva,mem,raw}_count sysctls to vm node.
      libc/nmalloc: Handle size_t overflows in malloc().
      libc/locale: Misc cleanup.
      mbtowc(3): Set EILSEQ on incomplete character case.
      libc/locale: Prevent bad builds on partial XLC_ enum changes.
      newlocale(3): Add compat support for c++ runtime libs.
      newlocale(3): Add support for native complex locale.
      libc/locale: Fix leading space issue in wcstof().
      libc: Remove 'table' argument from call to collate_range_cmp() in __sccl().
      lib/libc_rtld: Fix 'make install'.
      sys: Avoid extended ASCII.
      world: Avoid extended ASCII.
      tools: Do not hardcode path to perl.
      kernel/nata: Split out huge ata-chipsets.c
      kernel/nata: Remove common ata_via_family_setmode().
      kernel/nata: Use cfg1 on AMD and NVIDIA chipsets.
      kernel/nata: Use reg == 0x63 for NVIDIA chipsets.
      kernel/nata: Move-out public chipset setup related defines.
      kernel/nata: Allow disabling complicated chipset drivers.
      kernel/nata: Separate sata bits.
      kernel/nata: Constification.
      kernel/nata: Pass interrupt function to ata_setup_interrupt().
      kernel/nata: Return more data for natacontrol(8).
      kernel/nata: Misc cleanup in non chipset codes.
      kernel/nata: Extract reset functions in chipset drivers.
      kernel/nata: Add Adaptec 1420 support.
      kernel/nata: Extract ad_get_geometry().
      kernel/nata: Extract ata_tf_read() and ata_tf_write().
      kernel/nata: Fix HT1000 DMA engine 64k transfer issue.
      kernel/nata: Deal with ATA_DEV() and atadev->unit.
      kernel/nata: Handle soft resets in ahci better.
      kernel/nata: Add bunch of chipset IDs.
      kernel/nata: Add more INTEL chipset IDs.
      kernel/nata: Add loader hint to disable nata attach.
      cldr2def: Fix few typos in tools.
      locales: Add "is_IS.ISO8859-1" locale.
      cal(1): Rename to use de_AT.ISO8859-15 calendar.
      Simplify legacy share/nls handling.
      Remove src/share/nls.
      libc/nls: Sync with FreeBSD.
      drm/radeon: Fix -Wundef warnings.
      kernel/sysv: Fix wrong assignment.
      gcc47: Move out manpage version handling.
      gcc50: Move out manpage version handling.
      Fix few typos.
      drm/linux: Improve linux/log2.h
      <sys/ktr.h>: Use empty macros for non KTR case.
      kernel/isp: Minor cleanup.
      kernel/ncr: Remove unused variable.
      kernel/mpt: Fix evaluation of args in macro.
      sound/hda: Disable hdac_pcie_snoop struct.
      LINT64: Cleanup for -Wunused-const-variable.
      drm/radeon: Disable few unused const arrays.
      drm/i915: Backport fix for a bad bitmask.
      netgraph: Disable unused structs.
      kernel: Disable attributes that take no effect.
      ipfw3_nat: Reindent switch cases.
      ig_hal: Reindent e1000_ich8lan.c a bit.
      kernel/ipsec: Fix useless m_pkthdr.len check.
      kernel/ipsec: Avoid -Warray-bounds warning.
      kernel/bus: Avoid panic on NULL passed to kfree().
      kernel: Disable few nonnull attributes.
      hammer2: Remove duplicate initialialization of fields.
      Revert "kernel: Disable attributes that take no effect."
      gdb: Fix wrong comparison of pointer against char.
      binutils225: Fix comparison of pointer against char.
      binutils227: Fix comparison of pointer against char.
      games: Fix -Wint-in-bool-context warnings.
      ipfw: Avoid left-shifting negative integers.
      libm: Avoid left-shifting negative integers.
      cvs(1): Avoid -Wstringop-overflow warning.
      vinum(8): Allow for terminating NULL.
      ktrdump(8): Fix bzero() argument on error.
      pf: Fix bzero() argument.
      mille(6): General cleanup.
      dd(1): Use a local swapbytes() function.
      pax(1): Honour the restrict in sigaction().
      telnet(1): Avoid overlapping strncpy() copies.
      pppctl(8): Avoid overlapping strcpy() copies.
      libedit: Check dereferenced pointer for NULL.
      libfetch: Suppress fallthrough warning.
      games: Do not override default CFLAGS.
      hack(6): Suppress warnings.
      phantasia(6): General cleanup.
      rogue(6): General cleanup.
      tetris(6): Fix -Wformat-truncation warning.
      games: Add FALLTHROUGH where missing. Implement WARNS_AUDIT option.
      catman(1): Suppress few warnings.
      crunchgen(1): Allow for appending extensions.
      config(8): Allow for appending path elements.
      vidcontrol(8): Avoid -Wformat-truncation warning.
      drm/linux: Improve linux/lockdep.h
      drm/linux: Improve linux/bug.h
      drm/ttm: Avoid empty macros.
      ix: Avoid empty macros.
      ath_hal: Avoid empty macros.
      kernel/netif: Avoid empty if/else bodies.
      kernel/twa: Avoid empty macros.
      kernel/hpt*: Avoid empty macros.
      kernel/acpi: Add braces around empty if body.
      kernel/ntfs: Avoid empty macros.
      kernel: Avoid empty macros.
      kernel/wlan: Avoid empty macros.
      kernel: Avoid empty macros when not INVARIANTS.
      kernel: Avoid long inactivity pauses on very early boot.
      init(8): Convert to use sig_atomic_t.
      cpucontrol(8): Unbreak WORLD_CCOPTLEVEL=2.
      libutil: Use local wrapper for exit(3).
      md5(1): Untangle MD5 symbols.
      yp*: Staticise.
      rpc: Fix xdr_* macros and limit buffer sizes.
      libcompat: Use %hu for unsigned shorts.
      libtcplay: Add some format safety.
      libusb: Use more common "vendor product" order.
      boot/common: Add missing fallthrough.
      chat(8): Add missing fallthrough.
      cron(8): Add some format safety.
      edquota(8): Use uintmax_t in cvtstoa().
      dfregress(8): Suppress -Wformat-oveflow warnings.
      ifconfig(8): Use strlcpy() to set the ifr_name field.
      ipfw3(8): Increase stack storage for linename.
      ipfw(8): Add missing fallthrough.
      ppp(8): Add few fallthrough.
      pflogd(8): Add few fallthrough.
      restore(8): Add missing fallthrough.
      route(8): Add some __attribute__((__noreturn__)).
      sicontrol(8): Add few fallthrough.
      sliplogin(8): Add some formats safety.
      systat(8): Add some formats safety.
      tzsetup(8): Suppress -Wformat-overflow warning.
      sort(1): Use asprintf(3) when fixing legacy options.
      netstat(1): Add some formats safety.
      window(1): Add some format safety.
      kgdb(1): Avoid -Wformat-truncation warning.
      at(1): Add missing fallthrough.
      colcrt(1): Add missing fallthrough.
      ctags(1): Add missing fallthrough.
      ident(1): Use NULL instead of 0.
      jot(1): General cleanup.
      rs(1): Staticize.
      tput(1): Constify.
      truncate(1): Add support for T.
      ee(1): Fix ispell_op().
      libarchive: Use memcpy() when constructing buffers.
      drill(1): Use strdup() for known strings.
      newsyslog(8): Add missing fallthrough.
      cpucontrol(8): Fix -e handling.
      binutils227: Add support for DWARF-4 line number tables.
      ddb(4): Remove use of deprecated "%r" radix format.
      kernel: Implement makedev_unit_b32()
      kernel: Remove use of deprecated "%r" radix format.
      kernel: Nuke legacy FreeBSD "%r" format support.
      kernel: Implement "%pb%i" as args safe "%b" replacement.
      kernel: Remove use of "%b" format in main kernel code.
      kernel/net: Remove use of "%b" format.
      kernel/disk: Remove use of "%b" format.
      kernel: Remove last use cases of "%b" format.
      world: Remove references to %r and %b.
      Update porting_drivers.txt
      kernel: Add security.ptr_restrict sysctl.
      Bump __DragonFly_version after %b and %r formats removal.
      fish(6): Suppress -Wdiscarded-qualifiers warning.
      gcc50: Switch backends to use internal lib framework.
      sh(1): Add and use pregenerated headers.
      LIBPRIV: Make sure sh(1) only depends on
      ncurses: Make sure to pass NXCFLAGS to NXCC.
      syscons: Remove unused variable.

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