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 tagged by  Justin C. Sherrill
        on  Sat Dec 22 17:10:58 2018 -0500

DragonFly 5.4.1


Aaron LI (13):
      rc: Use SYSCTL{,_N,_W} variables
      network.subr: Cleanups and minor improvements
      network.subr: Clean up list_net_interfaces()
      rc.d/netif: Rename network_* to netif_* for consistency
      network.subr: Add IPv6 support to ifalias_{up,down}()
      network.subr: Properly bring up/down interfaces
      rc.d/netif: Rework wlan interface configuration
      Allow optional "inet6" keyword in ipv6_ifconfig_<ifname>
      network.subr: Workaround race between wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd
      rc: Let dhcpcd(8) go to background immediately by default
      rc.d/mountcritlocal: Clean up
      rc.d/sysctl: Rewrite to be more robust and clean
      rc.d/varsym: Rewrite following rc.d/sysctl

François Tigeot (4):
      drm/i915: Add more Coffeelake PCI IDs
      drm/i915: Add Whiskey Lake PCI IDs
      drm/i915: Add Kaby Lake and Amber Lake PCI IDs
      drm: Add the DRM_IOCTL_GET_PCIINFO ioctl

Justin C. Sherrill (1):
      Fixed broken links.

Matthew Dillon (21):
      atkbdc - Change default to still attach PS2 controller even if FADT says don't
      hammer1 - Fix left-over /va/run/hammer.cleanup files
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 1/N
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 2/N
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 3/N
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 4/N
      hammer2 - Add 'snapshot-debug' directive
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 5/N
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 6/N
      kernel - Add trigger_syncer(), VFS_MODIFYING()
      hammer2 - refactor filesystem sync 7/N
      hammer2 - stabilization
      kernel - Improve umount operation
      hammer2 - Add HAMMER2_IO_DEBUG
      hammer2 - Cleanup
      hammer2 - stabilization, fix hammer2_inode_get()
      kernel - Fix rare vref() assertion
      HAMMER2 - Update DESIGN document
      hammer2 - stabilization, fix delete-on-reclaim
      hammer2 - stabilization, fix delete-on-reclaim (2)
      hammer2 - Cleanup 'info' command

Sascha Wildner (3):
      kernel/netinet6: Fix the kernel build without "options INET6".
      libc/sysvipc: Mark two functions as printf-like and fix resulting errors.
      rtadvctl(8): Add __printflike and fix warnings.

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